Stimulant Stimulant
Type: Consumable
This blue needle tube is filled with a compound mixture of amphetamine and other substances. It can stimulate adrenaline and excite the potential of creatures promptly. But the side effect is strong enough to cause severe damage to the user.
Use: Loses 5% HP (Won't get killed) and receives special effects according to Commando Gumball's skill (Only valid on floor target floor and can't be accumulated).

"Stimulant Lv. 1" Attack+50
"Stimulant Lv. 2" Reduce the damage sustained by 20%
"Stimulant Lv. 3" Attack+50
"Stimulant Lv. 4" Reduce the damage sustained by 30%
"Stimulant Lv. 5? Attack+100

Loot version without Commando:

  • Use: Attack +5 (valid on floor), Loses 5% HP (cannot cause death).
Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Chemistry Knowledge (Anabolic Steroids) provides: Attack +1 (valid to Maze this time)

Chemistry Knowledge (Epinephrine) provides: Attack +15% (only valid in the target floor)

Source(s): Carried by Commando
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