Steam Power Belt Steam Power Belt
Rank: Variable Type: Equipment - Armor
This swarthy belt is a fusion of metallurgy and steam dynamics. They are covered with a variety of fine metal parts; after you put them on, the internal steam power device is activated and tens of thousands of gears and pistons start running, generating endless kinetic energy.
No stats by default
Erathia Upgrade: Metallurgy Knowledge (Centrifugal Governor) provides: HP +40/?/?

Metallurgy Knowledge (Dashboard Structure Principle[notes 1]) provides: Recover HP +2/4/6% every time you enter the next floor
Metallurgy Knowledge (Ilyich Torsional Spring) provides: Suit effect +20/40/60/80/100%

Suit: Steam Power
Source(s): Crafted in Avalon Fortress and Erathia using Metallurgy Components and Ancient Components


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