Throughout mazes you will encounter many different Status effects.  Most are good (buffs), some are bad (debuffs).

With a few exceptions, every buff overwrites the previous buff and only last the current floor.

Positive EffectsEdit

Status Effect Main source Unique Slot
Blade of Ruin Increase Attack by X and the enemy can't counter attack. Spell
Ice Shield Absorbs X damage Spell HP Shield
Aurora Barrier Absorbs X damage Spell HP Shield
Stoneskin Reduces damage by X% Spell
Electrostatic Field Increases Power by X Spell
Bless Increase Attack and +100% Accuracy Spell
Holy Rebirth Revive with X health.  Lasts until used. Spell Revive
Energy Drain Blood Leech (absorbs X% damage as healing) Spell
Demon's Soul Enhances all spell effects by 15% Soul
Million Horse Power Attack increased by 150%, damage dusffered reduced by 75% Soul
Immune Immune to Poisoned Soul Yes
Hiding All monsters no longer guard slates Equip Yes
Machamp Increases 50% chance to deal double damages when attacking Equip Yes
Fly Dodge +30%, Max Dodge +10% Equip Yes
Divine Move Increases next damage spell. Persists until used.



Negative EffectsEdit

Status Effect Main Source


"water freeze" Stops target from taking any action Spell Enemy
"fire blind" Decrease accuracy and don't guard slates Spell Enemy
"earth stun" Stops enemy from counterattacking Spell Enemy
"air disrupt" Increase damage suffered Spell
"dark curse" Decrease target's attack Spell
"dark hex" Decrease target's attack and HP, remove all features Spell
Corruption Decrease attack to 1 Demon Title
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