Statue of the Queen (Checkers) Statue of the Queen
Type: Summons
This black chess piece is the Queen. It looks like an elegant queen's crown and is usually placed next to the king. It can move horizontally. vertically and diagonally in a straight line.
Use: Summon the Queen (Only valid in the target floor)

The Queen receives bonus based on Checkers Gumball's skill:
"Checkers Troop Lv. 1" Inherit Checkers' 50% attributes
"Checkers Troop Lv. 2" Learns the feature of Death Blessing
"Checkers Troop Lv. 3" Inherit Checkers' 100% HP
"Checkers Troop Lv. 4" Inherit Checkers' 60% attack
"Checkers Troop Lv. 5" Learns the feature of Protection Halo.

Source(s): Spawned by Checkers


  • Death Blessing: Enhances gumballs Attack by 1 upon death
  • Protection Halo: When entering a battle, decreases damage suffered by Gumball by 50%
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