Statue of Black Panther Statue of Black Panther
Type: Summons
This vivid statue was made by Vosebarker. the greatest artisan in Canas' history. Actually it was an extemporaneous creation when the old craftsman was on a whim. It is one piece of an imperial animal chess, along with 30 other statues. Sadly other chess pieces have long gone.
Use: Summon Black Panther (Valid in the maze)
Source(s): Upgrade Elven Ranger title

Black Panther

  • Black Panther's Attack and HP are not imported from your gumball but depend instead on the floor it was invoked. Exact formula is unknown.
  • It has dodge at 50%.
  • It attacks every 3 turns
  • You cannot invoke a Black Panther if there is already one following you.
  • The panther stats are impacted by all the usual effects and talents impacting allies.
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