There is a sentence carved under the statue, which says:

Question Choices Answer
It is near your right foot but your left foot can't kick it, what is it?
  • Socks
  • Right Foot
  • Shoes
  • Left Foot
Left Foot
It has four legs but it can't walk, what is it?
  • Stray Dog
  • Frog
  • Elephant
  • Desk
Only the seller and the buyer know about it but the user doesn't know it, what is it?
  • Poison
  • Clothes
  • Bread
  • Coffin
What is long at the beginning, then becomes short and gets long again?
  • Elephant turnk
  • Shadow
  • Tree
  • Flea
What is broken once you say it out?
  • Mirror
  • Pottery
  • Silence
  • Promise
When it is broken, everyone becomes happy, what is it?
  • Silence
  • Promise
  • Record
  • Pottery
What has four legs in the morning, two at noon and three at night?
  • Snake
  • Frog
  • Sheep
  • Human
The more you wash it, the dirtier it becomes, what is it?
  • Soap
  • Cheek
  • Coin
  • Clear Water
Clear Water
It's black when it's clean but white when it's dirty, what is it?
  • Writing Brush
  • Clothes
  • Blackboard
  • Coin
What is too much for two people but perfect for one?
  • Secret
  • Bread
  • Slave
  • Coin
What is yours but more frequently used by others?
  • Name
  • Friend
  • Coin
  • Lover
If you smile to it, it smiles back at you. What is it?
  • Lover
  • Clown
  • Mirror
  • Slave

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