Spells may be cast by your Gumballs while in a Maze.

Types of Spells Edit

Spell Distribution Edit

Loots and items or effects that give a random spell of any rank will often (not always) follow the following pattern:

  • Rank 1: 56%
  • Rank 2: 24%
  • Rank 3: 14%
  • Rank 4: 4%
  • Rank 5: 2%

It is assumed that most effects that generates spell scrolls specifically between rank A and rank B will take the same percentages as above and prorata them to get to 100%. So for instance, an effect generating scrolls between rank 1 and rank 2 would have 70% chance to give a scroll of rank 1 since 56 / ( 56+24) = 70%

A Silver chest appear on every floor ending by a 5, they have the following distribution:

  • Rank 4: 60%
  • Rank 5: 40%

The chance of getting a rank 5 in a Silver Chest can be increased by Qilin and/or Rune Artisan Suit.

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