Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball.png Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball
Type: Throwable
This dark blue crystal ball is sending out a very special energy wave. When you approach it, you can feel the air around you becoming thicker and "very sticky". This energy is not deadly, but it pretty much repulse every other kind of energy (including electromagnetic fields, magic elements, souls, dark matter ward, powers of faith, etc.)
Use: Deals 30 points of damage to the enemy, adding Magic Forbidden Field effect (chess piece becomes real after being killed)
Source(s): Gods' Chessboard

Formerly God's Chessboard and Black & White Queen (event) event mazes as "Magicproof Crystal Ball"


  • Contrary to the items description, the Magic Forbidden Field effect is not applied. To be transformed into an item, the desired chess piece must be killed by the damage of the crystal ball in the same fashion as Little Mermaid's Dagger.
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