Lists of all Gumball Categories, which have certain titles or advantages in certain Dungeons.

Special TitlesEdit

The following gumballs can utilize up to the third rank (out of 5 ranks) for their listed secondary Titles. Parasite gumballs are an exception as they utilize these as their primary titles and so can learn all 5 ranks.

Dragon GumballsEdit

Dragon Title A list of all Gumballs, which can use Dragon Titles:

Also see Category:Dragon Type.

Demon GumballsEdit

Demon Title A list of all Gumballs, which can use Demon Titles:

Also see Category:Demon Type as it should be more up-to-date.

Machine GumballsEdit

Machinery Title A list of all Gumballs, which can use Machinery Titles when used as Main:

Also see Category:Machinery Type.

Many of the machinery gumballs above (but not all) also come with a bonus knowledge in one or more of the robot themed mazes with science (such as Avalon, City of Steam and Erathia). Some non-mechanical gumballs like Alchemist also do. See the Maze pages for more info on that.

Other categories of GumballsEdit

Warning: Some of the categories below can be subjective.

Summoning GumballsEdit

Gumballs that can summon one or more allies to help in the maze either as floor only allies or as maze persistent allies.

Raid boosting GumballsEdit

Gumballs with a talent pertaining to Bandit's Raid.

Blacksmith titles enhancersEdit

These are gumballs that have a direct boost on in-maze blacksmithing.

Plant GumballsEdit

A few special interactions in mazes are reserved for plant gumballs

Active Skills EnhancersEdit

These gumballs enhance the active skills of other gumballs in team.

Synergetic GumballsEdit

These are gumballs with specific interactions that make it more interesting to use them together

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