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When clearing an island or defeating a Monster Island encounter in Sky you may uncover an event, the chance to encounter an event is increased by:

Mazes Edit

Maze events are clearly different from other events as they allow you to explore the inside, or raid after completing it once. Sky Mazes may have significant rewards

Choice EncountersEdit

These encounters give you two or more choices that have different effects.

Also see:

Great StatueEdit


You may rarely find speaking statues. They ask the same question and offer the same answers, but the outcome can be very different.

See Great Statue (Sky) for answers.

Quiz GumballsEdit

You can occasionally find an island with World Tree, Archaeologist, Pharmacist, Magic Boy, or Machinist Gumballs on them. They will ask you a question and offer you three answers. Celestial Titles exist to aid you in these choices, or even fully automate them.

See Sky Event Quiz to see the questions and answers if you are just starting out.

Remains Edit

Brock's Corpse
Search or bury someone's remains. Burying them always gives a runestone. Each corpse has a specific set of search items and a specific rune when buried and will always provide the same results for both search and bury. Check Sky Remains to see which remains will drop which rune.

Sundries locationsEdit

These islands have one option to search. The quality of the reward depends on if you have the required gumball. Receiving the boost only requires that the listed gumball has been unlocked - it and its faction do not need to be active.

See Sky Sundries for details.

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