Spartan Spartan Gold Statue
Trial requirement Spartan evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Spartan's pearl x3, Gem x5, Melee Relics x5

Pearl Cost

10x Spartan Pearl
1x Prince Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel
2x Dionie (Lv. 150)
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
1x Iapetos (Lv. 330)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Regardless of which method used, remember to put on the spartan helmet!

Method 1:

  • Max the first melee title and upgrade knight path twice.
  • Kill Guardian first.
  • Use item to get throw shield skill.
  • Kill Heavenly King with the throw shield skill.
  • Then use his item and kill Monkey King.
  • Use monkey king skill to stun boss when he's on 1 turn.

Method 2:

  • Kill Heavenly King first.
  • Use pagoda to kill Monkey King.
  • Use his item, then the elixir.
  • Use Monkey King's skill (boss will be on 1 turn).
  • Kill Guardian.

Method 3: (Best Method)

  • Titles 2 points in Novice Warrior, and 2 points in fighter(%dmg), then rest on Novice Warrior.
  • Kill Monkey King first.
  • Collect and use Monkey King's (Green) Memory Crystaline.
  • Use the Monkey skill to kill Guardian.
  • Use Guardian's (Blue) Memory Crystaline then ability to kill Armour.
  • Collect and use Armour's (Yellow) Memory Crystaline.
  • When Spartan has a 1 counter, use shield skill on him to stun, then hit until stun wears off.
  • Use armour ability until the skill is drained.
  • Finish off Spartan.

Method 4:

  • max first title (maybe throw extra ep on knight)
  • take out Guardian and use its skill on Monkey King
  • use havoc to stun Spartan and melee remaining health off the king
  • drop pagoda on Spartan and finish it

Enemy Skill Other info
Spartan's Projection
Spartan's Roar: Launch an attack every 4 rounds to deal double damage to the enemy

Gladiator: Attack increased by 100% when you are the only Gumball present

Attack 39

HP 1700

Dodge 0%

Accuracy 100%

Drops key to leave

Monkey King's Projection
Monkey King
Havoc in Heaven

When countering, inflicts 1.5 times damages to the enemy

Attack 34

HP 400

Dodge 0%

Accuracy 100%

Drops a Green Memory Crystaline

Guardian's Projection
Shield Defense

Decrease the damage sustained by 15%

Attack 44

HP 300

Dodge 0%

Accuracy 100%

Drops a Blue Memory Crystaline

Heavenly king's Projection
Heavenly King
Godly Battle Armor

Damage suffered from active skills is reduced by 50%

Attack 39

HP 400

Dodge 0%

Accuracy 100%

Drops a Yellow Memory Crystaline

Armor's Projection
Impact Beam

when countering, adds disruption effect (50% damages suffered, lasts 3 rounds)

Attack 34

HP 450

Dodge 0%

Accuracy 100%

Drops a Red Memory Crystaline

For more information about Memory crystaline read here.

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