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Space Transitioner.png Space Transitioner
Type: Eden Goods
This small and practical transitioner comes from the mysterious Childe Alliance and is an essential consumable in the space travel. It contains a great deal of energy. Just enter the cosmic coordinates of the target location, a stable transition path will be opened.
Can be used for Space transition, please keep it safe
Source(s): Various in Space:
  • Alliance Shop (Space tab) for 6000 Alliance Coins
  • When you run out of Space Transitioner, you can travel across Starfield by purchasing one for 30 Gem
  • Completion Reward in Space/M01
  • Special places interactions in Aini and Beta
  • 80% completion of each Starfield (3 per Starfield)
  • Certain tiers of Research Package
  • 5 for purchase for 3000 Joseph Coin each on Marcus in Space/M10
  • ...

More specifically from Kars Camp:

  • Mech Smelter, lv.1: Smelting Device (10% chance)
  • Technology research center, lv.3: Exchange for space technology
  • Ancient Shrine, lv.6: Pray to God of Space
  • Sleeping Mixture, lv.9: Any option (20% chance)
  • Moving Magical Store, lv.14: pick "Assault"


  • The Universe Beacon needs to be found in each starfield before you can transition to the next higher starfield.
  • The Space Transitioner can also be used in Chaos to change your starting point.