Order Edit

Sector Home planet Home planet rare pearl Analysis Link Currency
Space/M01 Sabnock Zerg Queen Space Analysis/M01 Sabnock Coin
Space/M02 Birthigin Hella Space Analysis/M02 Birthigin Coin
Space/M03 Elula Pharaoh Space Analysis/M03 Elula Coin
Space/M04 Lamour Frost Queen Space Analysis/M04 Lamour Coin
Space/M05 Fanlu Exorcist Space Analysis/M05 Fanlu Coin
Space/M06 Chom Armor Space Analysis/M06 Chom Coin
Space/M07 Sallin Cactus Space Analysis/M07 Sallin Coin
Space/M08 Ryan Orc Space Analysis/M08 Ryan Coin
Space/M09 Starry Red Hood Space Analysis/M09 Starry Coin
Space/M10 Joseph Cytus Space Analysis/M10 Joseph Coin
Space/M11 Hazel Puppeteer Space Analysis/M11 Hazel Coin
Space/M12  ???  ??? Space Analysis/M12  ???

Chaos Edit

See Chaos

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This page is meant to act as a shortcut to various Space sectors and sector related informations as there are now too many sectors to fit in the top navigation menu. This page is not intended for detailed information.

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