Aoluwei Space Rift

Space Rifts is one of the main types of Sky encounters along with Relics Islands, Monster Islands, Colossus, Player's Airhsips and Sky Mazes.

Space Rifts randomly show up on any exploration level above 80 that is not multiple of 30.


Space Rift combats are a little bit different than other Sky Combats in multiple ways:

  • You are forced to play with a specific team.(Unless you have Behemoth)
  • You cannot use a Runestone
  • You fight a few waves of opponents: once one set of opponents is destroyed, a new set arrives.

Unsurprisingly, the rewards for Space Rifts are also more consequential than the rewards for say Monster Islands


Besides the usual Relics, coins and Airship Materials, you can find:

Aoluwei's Space Rifts, blue:

Canas' Space Rifts, cyan:

Ranger's Space Rifts, yellow:

Abyss Roar Space Rifts, red:

Related Halos Edit

Airships with halos that specifically improve rewards from Space Rifts:

Airships with Halos that specifically help combat Space Rifts:

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