Space Door

By using Space Door, Space Wizard can open a special door much like Future Cat's Dimension Door. Unlike Dimension Door, Space Door has multiple possible results per use.  It seems that after using Space Door for too many times, the remaining Space Door will only result in 'enemy cave' encounter.

Jumps Edit

Immediately move forward or backward 5 floors. This result can occur multiple times per run.

Note: Traveling Backward seems to be much more likely. I gotten 5 backward travel and 0 forward travel in 1 run. Additionally, there seems to be a limit on 'Jump Floor' event of 5-6 per run.

Special RoomsEdit

These teleport you into a room with some special interaction. Unless otherwise noted, they are assumed to be available only once per run.

Astana ProjectionEdit

Speak to the projection of Astana for one of the following bonuses for the run (values of each bonus vary between runs):

  • Perseus: +Attack, Decrease long-range damage by %
  • The Little Bear: +Defense, Healing spells +%
  • Temple of Heaven: +HP, +MP
  • Monoceros: +Power, spell damage +%

This result can occur multiple times per run; the same bonus may be repeated, or another bonus may be selected, and all encounters stack.

Code MonkeysEdit

You appear in the same room as when wishing for unlimited gems. The monkeys will recognize you and refuse to give you anything, but you can search the tent for the following rewards:

Devil Dragon CaveEdit

  • spells

Dragon's HoardEdit

Enter a floor with five treasure chests (two silver, two gold, and one boss), a platform covered in coins, and a sign warning about a devil dragon. The chests contain random scrolls and equipment. The devil dragon is already dead - you killed it during Legend of the Dragon.

Fairy GardenEdit

Enter a floor with a large tree and four fairies. The fairies drop various food ingredients. Once all the fairies are dead, the tree can be picked for 50 Fruit of World Tree and a lot of consumable fruits (e.g 3 Coconut + 1 Strange Fruit (Attack/Power) + 1 Strange Fruit (HP/MP) + 2 Rotten Fruit )


You enter a library, with eight bookshelves surrounding a crystal and a sign in the corner warning not to touch the crystal. Touching the crystal causes 50 damage and gives +1 Power. Each bookshelf drops 2-5 random scrolls.

Treasury (bank)Edit

Upon entering this room, there will be a security guard sitting at a computer and three locked safes. To open the safes, you must:

  1. Wait three turns (cast bless, use items, etc.) and three gumballs will appear.
  2. Use any AoE damage effect (Death Ripple, etc.) to turn the guard and gumballs hostile.
  3. Kill the gumballs before they run away; they're weak, so another Death Ripple will be sufficient.
  4. Kill the guard (if he's not dead already).
  5. Pick up the safe keys dropped by the gumballs. Six more guards will spawn.
  6. Kill the guards and loot the safes for your rewards.

This result can be encountered multiple times. However, after the first time the rewards change drastically. Possible rewards include:

Trader's HutEdit

Spend 300 EP to open 5 chests. After opening the first 5, you can spend 100 EP per chest until you have opened all 9. Buying all chests in a single run does not give any additional rewards beyond the contents of the chests. Possible rewards:

Reward Limit
Gem 3x ever
Golden Pot 2x ever
Gumball Pot 2x ever
20x Eternal Gold 3x ever
5,000 Coins 3x/run
2x Broken Arrow 1x/run
2x Stool with Grasses 1x/run
2x Hive 1x/run
1x Bandit Claw 1x/run
2x Undigested Wild Fruit 1x/run
1x Shadow Badge 1x/run
1x Magic Broom 1x/run
2x Black Ball No.8 1x/run
2x Flick Knife 1x/run
1x Burned Parchment 1x/run
1x Gray Dwarf Explosive Mine M32 1x/run
1x Gray Dwarf Explosive Mine M48 1x/run
2x Demon Thorns 1x/run
1x Air Cannon 1x/run
1x Beast's Teeth 1x/run
1x Corpse Flower's Saliva 1x/run
1x Molten Core 1x/run
2x Cigarette Butt 1x/run
1x Repeating Shotgun M1887 1x/run
1x Grenade Launcher MM1 1x/run

Wardrobe Edit

Requires Space Wizard with statue built to be used as main.

Enter a floor with a wardrobe, six plants, and four tree stumps. One of the stumps gives a pair of scissors when you interact with it. The scissors have five durability and can be used to gather the plants. The yellow plants give 30 Tower Flower each and the red plants give 15 Heart of Ancient Tree each. The Wardrobe gives Space Cloak, which gives the Doctor dress in settlement.

Boss Caves Edit

Lord of Elemental CaveEdit

Face a random Lord of Elemental, similar to opening an elemental altar in the Lost Temple. Rewards are similar, being pieces of the elemental suit and spells of that element, though there will be no elemental crystals to collect and the boss will not drop its heart.

Lord of MushroomsEdit

Mushroom Lord

Encounter a boss named Lord of Mushrooms from Adventurer's Forest. Battle is straightforward, as its only bonus is 500% extra damage to boars. Upon defeat, it drops 3 of one type of mushroom. The following mushrooms are possible:

Other Caves Edit

These are caves that looks mostly like the various caves of each of the main mazes of the game. It must be noted however that God of Thieves doesn't do anything here (nor any of the similar effects like Eyeball).

Blood Lord CaveEdit

Enter a Blood Lord's Cave similar to those found in Dracula's Castle. After defeating the Blood Lord, you may select one of the following rewards:

Enemy CaveEdit

Functions like caves in most mazes, with enemies surrounding a reward in the middle. Can award spells, items unique to that maze (for example, Taiyaki from a Cloud Island cave), or stat buffs like regular maze caves. These caves can come from any normal maze. This result can occur multiple times per run.

In the case of caves based on Erathia, the rewards can include items from satellites. Confirmed encounters include:

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