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Space combat occurs when one of your Space teams engages an enemy.

Sources of Space Combat[]

Space Combat occurs in a variety of situations.

In the Order fields:

In the Chaos field:

The Stats[]


The stats in (very) short
Stat Effect
Energy Both your Life points and the defining factor of your attacks
Fire and Armor The higher your Fire is compared to your enemy's Armor, the more damage you do and vice-versa.
Speed: Determines who goes first each round (Attacker wins ties)
Luck: The side with the highest luck can perform a critical attack

The stats are the same as for Sky Combat but Luck works differently in combat and the way your stats are computed is different.

The Energy of each fleet is the sum of different factors:

  • A fraction of the energy of all the gumballs of the corresponding faction. This fraction starts at 10% but can be raised up to 100% through Research.
  • Energy given by Robots assigned to the team
  • Energy given by Clones assigned to the team
  • Various energy buffs from Wonders, Talents, Space Analysis, ...

The other stats are the sum of these factors:


See Clones#Clones in Space


See Robots#Robots in Space

Energy Damage per Attack[]

Overall Energy Damage Formula[]

Energy Damage = Base_Damage * Percentage Buffs * Percentage Debuffs * Scaling * Defense * Percentage Damage reduction + Flat Increases - Flat Decreases * Critical (?) + Flat Critical (if applicable) 

Base Damage[]

Base Damage is a direct function of your Current Energy (Ecur) and your starting energy (EStart). The in-game term for you starting energy is "Total Energy".
It is not clear if the current energy can go above the "Total Energy" during Space Combat like it can during Sky Combat. For the reminder of this article, we will assume that it is possible and is handled like in Sky Combats. When your energy goes above "Total Energy", the "Total Energy" is not modified.

If Ecur <= EStart then
 Base_Damage = 20% EStart + 5% ECur
If Ecur >= EStart then
 Base_Damage = 25% Ecur


  • The Base damage at the start of combat (hereby called "EStart Base Damage") is directly proportional to your starting Energy.
  • If your current energy is barely above 0, your Base Damage will be 80% of your EStart Base Damage.
  • If your current energy is n% above EStart, your base damage will be n% above your EStart Base Damage

Percentage Buffs[]

There are currently no known percentage buffs for Space Combats. Assuming some are found, they would likely work in the manned explained below.

Expressed a multiplier, we would have:

Buffs_Multiplier = 1 + buff1_percentage + buff2_percentage + buff3_percentage ...

Percentage Debuffs[]

Debuffs acts as multipliers, they can be beneficial (when applied on an enemy) or detrimental (when applied on you).

We have in this category :

  • If attacker is Paralyzed: *(1 - p%) where p is the Paralyze's strength
  • If defender is Weakened: *(1 +w%) where w is the Weaken's Strength

I don't know if the Weaken and Paralyze effects of Clones are working in Space. And if they are, I don't know whether effects of the same type are cumulative or not nor whether an effect of a different type would replace already present effects or apply concurrently.

To be tested, by someone, somewhere...


This regroups the modifiers that are core to each type of attack.

There are no known scaling effect for Space Combat.


Defense factor is based on the absolute difference between the attacker's Fire and the defender's Armor.

If attacker's Fire >= defender's Armor
 Defense = 1 + ( Fire - Armor ) / ( 100 + Fire - Armor )
If attacker's Fire <= defender's Armor
 Defense = 1 - ( Armor - Fire) / ( 100 + 2x (Armor - Fire ) )

As a results, Defense ranges between 0.5 and 2.0

A few values at specific point for Fire - Armor = :

  • +300: 1.75; +200: 1.67; +100: 1.50; +50: 1.33
  • 0: 1
  • -50: 0.75; -100: 0.67; -200: 0.60 ; -300: 0.57

Note: For armor piercing attacks, the Armor is simply replaced by 0.

Percentage Damage Reduction[]

This regroups percentage based damage reductions on the defender's ship.

Damage Reduction = 1 - Reduction1 - Reduction2 - ...
(Cannot go below 0)

There are currently no such reductions known to be applicable in Space Combats.

Flat Increases and Decreases[]

Flat Increases come from:

Flat Decreases come from:


Exact mechanism is not yet clear to me.

Some people say:

  • Attacking team always do crit damage its Luck is higher than the opponent's Luck
  • Critical Hit multiplies the damage by a factor that follows some unspecified formula for up to *2 damage
  • Flat Critical Increase is added at the end (not multiplied by the Crit multiplier).

I have no information as to whether the Flat Increases and Flat Decreases described above are multiplied or not by the critical hits but I would guess that they are not multiplied if the Flat Critical Increase itself indeed isn't as as it would otherwise make them much more powerful than the Flat Critical Increase.

Flat Critical Increase comes from

To be tested by someone, somewhere...

Extra Attacks[]

Some effects will grant you special extra attacks that follow special rules. Typically, they will apply a buff or debuff or flat amount of damage and they are all additional.

For further details, see Space Combat/Extra Attacks

Flat Reflection Damage[]

Flat Reflection damage is the sum of:

Clone Combat Damage[]

In Order Fields[]

If you suffered some energy damage, some of your clones can be destroyed. This effect can be reduced through Space Analysis that is available (so far) in all sectors.

Whenever a clone is destroyed, you will recover some of its cost and get some Green Accelerators in compensation. This compensation can be increased via specific Space Analysis available in some sectors (M01, M11,...)

For details, see Clones#Clones in Space.

In Chaos field[]

In Chaos, clones are incapacitated rather than destroyed. They will recover over time but the recovery rate is so slow that it is almost useless. You can however use green or red accelerators to speed up the process.

See Chaos for details.


  1. 1.0 1.1 "Attacking Team" and "Defending Team" are here referring respectively to the team that is currently trying to do damage and to the one trying to resist it. Each team will change roles multiple times during combat. There is, to be clear, no notion here of who initiated the combat