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The Space analysis tab is found in your Satellite screen. Simply tap on

Space Analysis Order Field M01

the Space Analysis button to open the Space Analysis Order Field tree.

Each space analysis Order Field tree is unique to the space field that you are in. Space/M01 will have a different tree than Space/M02, etc. Choices made in the Order Field tree will be saved until it is reset. Time Fields S01 to S08 do not have Space Analysis options available.

If you make a mistake or like to try something different from the Order Field tree, you can reset it for free every 48 hours, or pay up to 50 Gem to reset immediately. To reset the tree, send all your Factions fleets home to Eden and then select the reset button. The tree will be cleared and all the analysis points you spent will be returned for you to re-distribute in the tree. Any clones created in the map,  percentages of completion in exploration, and colonization or mining will not be impacted during reset.

When entering a new space field, do not have to worry about the 48 hour limit the first time you reset.

NOTE: A separate 48-hour timer works for each sector. Moving to another sector and returning immediately back to the sector you came from does not reset the timer. To reset for free, wait at least 48 hours between resets in each sector. Tap on reset button, and a timer displays how long before it can be reset for free.

For Asteroid Exploration Analysis, asteroids are the same as planets (excluding home planet or main planet).

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