Access to Sector M16 is unlocked through the Universe Beacon found in sector Space/M15 , as such you'll need around ?M+ energy on at least one fleet to be able to reach this sector

Also see: Space Analysis/M16 for details on the Space Analysis for this sector.


Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Name Type Sector Position Specials
Alpegi Home Planet E3 x13y07
Beta Planet From M01
Gamma Planet From M05
Sigma Planet
Epsom Planet
Delta Planet
Kapa Planet
Universe Divine Dragon Special Unlocks Dragon Palace
E Planet-E72 Resource Planet


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1,800 Laht Coin and 8,100 Electricity

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

E Planet-G66 Resource Planet


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1,800 Laht Coin and 8,100 Gas

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

E Planet-U33 Resource Planet


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1,800 Laht Coin and 8,100 Uranium Ore

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

Eco Planet-X51 Resource Planet Battle Access: F? A? S? L? /E?M


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1,500 Laht Coin, 20×Eden Accelerator (1m), 20×Cultivation Accelerator (1m), 20×Maintenance Accelerator (1m)

Note: This is enough coins to buy 100 Competent Cells or 0.833 Rare wonder material

High-space Projection Special x21y07 Note: Found after exploring the Huge Satellite in sector
Eldar's Site Easter Egg x24y02 Aoluwei Fleet, Angel Deity: 2x Eden Accelerator (3h), 2x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 2x Maintenance Accelerator (3h)
Old Statue Fragment Easter Egg x16y22 Abyss Fleet, Sculptor: 20 gems, 100k relics
Land of the Undead Easter Egg x04y22 Abyss Fleet, Psychic: 10000 Laht Coin, 1200 Competent Cells

Sector Completion rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion % Item
5% 3000× Laht Coin
10% Eden Accelerator (8h)
20% Volcanic III ×1
40% Eden Accelerator (24h)
60% Divine Pivot IV ×1
80% Space Transitioner ×3
100% Saint Scepter ×1 (Oracle's trial item)

Check Space/Completion for a summary sector by sector of the most difficult last items to reach 100%.

Homeworld and Planets[edit | edit source]

Alpegi[edit | edit source]

Trade[edit | edit source]

Req. Requested Total Gain
F0 1000 Fantasy Fruit 10,000 Laht Coin
F0 500 Mithril 10,000 Laht Coin
F10 300 Magic Relics 12,000 Laht Coin
F20 10 Dark Dragon Pearl 15,000 Laht Coin
F30 3.0M Relics Fragment Relics 24,000 Laht Coin
F40 200 Gumball Pot 25,000 Laht Coin
F50 200x Voyager Airship Chip 25,000 Laht Coin
F60 6M Coins 30,000 Laht Coin
F70 250 Universe Alloy MAC 30,000 Laht Coin
F80 750 Holy Blood
F90 5 Dragonblood Warrior Pearl
F0 Gems 150 Laht Coin each

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Mall's Core
  • Temple of Sky
    • Lord of Shadow - fight F4502 A4408 S4016 L4286 /E56.0M - Opens after Moan of Wilderness
  • City of Twilight
  • Forest Mart
  • Oracle Guild
  • Silent Manor
  • Windy Fortress
  • Moan of Wilderness - Search and do fights to get Chi-Kung Master.
  • Yenille's Dojo
  • EverNight Cave
    • Unlocks maze

Beta[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M01

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Altar of Earth - Hand over Zack's Soul to revive General Zack.
  • Forest Town
  • Forest of Flowers

Gamma[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M02

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Tree of Star
  • Highland of Cloud
  • Fren River

Epsom[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M05

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Sea House
    • Made Snowman's Eyes (Quest from Kapa):
      • Color pebble: Red / Yellow / Blue
      • Size: Small / Normal / Oversize
      • Shape: Square / Triangle / Circle
  • Eras' Lair
  • Sea Temple

Sigma[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M08

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Silver Pyramid
    • Mysterious Mech Depot - Need Ancient Machinery Analysis. This event will make Planet E to 100%
  • Village Underground
    • Exchange Supplies
  • Arvada Desert

Delta[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M12

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • City of West
    • Hire Robber - 5000 Laht Coin to open door in Underground Plant
    • Prism Device - After rescuing Liya's dad, get Sacred Amber (transferred).
  • Pulte's Old House
  • Flatland of Koll
    • Investigate gives 30x Everblooming Flower I, 1x Eden Accelerator (8h)
    • Underground Plant
      • Rescue - Hire Robber in City of West to rescue Liya's father to get 3x Divine Pivot I, 5x Electricity Storage Device

Kapa[edit | edit source]

Moved from Space/M15

Explore:[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Town
  • Hood Tower
    • I brought back Sacred Amber - Find Prism Device on Delta
    • I transformed Sacred Amber - opens quest line to take Dragon Ball's Core back at EverNight Cave (Alpegi)
  • Land of Snow
    • Gives Snowman Eyes Quest (Epsom)
    • "I bring back suitable eyes" - get Sacred Amber (go back to Hood Tower)
  • Icewind Island

Resource Worlds[edit | edit source]

Special[edit | edit source]

High-space Projection[edit | edit source]

Visiting this High-space Projection will modify all existing projections. Each projection will contain all four factions. In addition, each faction has a Lvl 17 battle now, and the battle will not cause any Battle Damage. Does not require the fleet to be sent here either.

  • Aoluwei Blade - F3062 A2694 S2878 L2780 /E40.2m
  • Canas' Enlightenment - F2921 A2762 S2700 L3069 /E40.4m
  • Ranger's Song - F2913 A2741 S3036 L2802 /E40.7m
  • Abyss' Roar - F2897 A3032 S2848 L2750 /E41.0m
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