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Access to Sector M12 is unlocked through the Universe Beacon found in sector Space/M11 , as such you'll need around 12M+ energy on at least one fleet to be able to reach this sector

Also see: Space Analysis/M12  for details on the Space Analysis for this sector.

Map of M12

Points of Interest[]

Name Type Sector Specials
Aura Homeworld D3
Abedah Homeworld F3
Harambe Planet H4
Mosconi Planet H7 Expedition against Flame Incinerator - Fight Another Super Boss
Loki Planet C6
Sonia Planet B8
E Resource Planet B2


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1800 Ledak Coin and 7900 Electricity

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

G Resource Planet D8


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1800 Ledak Coin and 7900 Gas

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

U Resource Planet G5


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1800 Ledak Coin and 7900 Uranium Ore

Note: This is enough coins to buy 120 Competent Cells or 1 Rare wonder material

X Resource Planet G9


  • 24h at 100% efficiency= 1500 Ledak Coin and 20 of each 1min accelerators.

Note: This is enough coins to buy 100 Competent Cells or 0.833 Rare wonder material

Blaze Flish Space Boss
Samsara Shrine Summoning Gate E2
Small Black Hole Easter Egg A9 Discovery with the help of Lord of Ender : 2 x 3h accel of each color
Giant ship in the midst Easter Egg B4 Discovery with the help of Ghost Captain : 10000 Ledak Coin, 200k coins
Giant Worm's Remains Easter Egg H2

Discovery with the help of Zerg Queen: 20 Gems, 5 Source Dust I

Sector Completion rewards[]

Completion % Item
5% 3000 Ledak Coin
10% Eden Accelerator (8h) x1
20% Volcanic III x1
40% Eden Accelerator (24h) x1
60% Source Dust IV x1
80% Space Transitioner x3
100% Future Technology x 1 (Mechanical Apostle's Trial Item)

Check Space/Completion for a summary sector by sector of the most difficult last items to reach 100%.






  • Wood Elf Enhancement Lv.1 (Power+3, MP +30, Fire +2) - 22.5k Ledak Coin
  • Starmoon Scholar Enhancement Lv.1 (Power+3, MP +30, Luck +2) - 22.5k Ledak Coin
  • Coulon Enhancement Lv.1 (Max Assignment +6) - 30k Ledak Coin
  • Lizard Warrior Enhancement Lv.1 (Max Assignment +6) - 30k Ledak Coin
  • Gun Fighter Enhancement Lv.1 (Max Assignment +3) - 30k Ledak Coin
  • Grace of God Enhancement Lv.1 (Luck +5) - 37.5k Ledak Coin


  • Grand Hall
    • Accept: 10k Ledak Coin, 5x Volcanic I, 150k Coins
    • Guide Statue: Opens up Fox Man Tree House
  • Sacred Vine
    • Before the Battle: Donate 300x Dark Steel to repair walls
    • Fight: Darkmoon Legion F1306 A1195 S1247 L1162 /E? -> Return to Grand Hall -> Repelled the Raid Troop -> Thank You. Receive 6k Ledak Coin, 8 Cultivation Accelerator (30m), 8 Eden Accelerator (30m), 8 Maintenance Accelerator (30m)
    • Defend - Each level increases friendliness:
      • Level 1 - F? A? S? L? /E? - 8k Ledak Coin, 84k Ore, 84k Electricity, 10 Eden Accelerator (60m)
      • Level 2 - F1364 A1323 S1289 L1241 /E11.2M - 10k Ledak Coin, 84k Gas, 12x Cultivation Accelerator (60m), 12x Maintenance Accelerator (60m)
      • Level 3 - F1439 A1317 S1374 L1281 /E12M - 12k Ledak Coin, 140k Ore, 140k Electricty, 5x Eden Accelerator (3h)
      • Level 4 - F1407 A1458 S1371 L1327 /E12.7M - 15k Ledak Coin, 140k Gas, 6x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 6x Maintenance Accelerator (3h)
      • Level 5 - F1477 A1515 S1363 L1401 /E13.6M - 18k Ledak Coin, 3x Eden Accelerator (8h), Eden Accelerator (24h), Ledak Wonder Blueprint
  • Fox Man Tree House
    • Exchange Supplies (See Shops)
    • Request for Statue Building
      • Confirm -> Go to Greeny Woods -> Look for clover -> Deal (Consume 5k Ledak coins); obtain Clover -> Fox Man Tree House -> I brought back clover -> Thank you so much (wait 6 hours to build)
  • Shooting Star Plain
  • Greeny Woods
    • Hire Gun Fighter (Requires Defending Level 5 of Sacred Vine):
    • I want Gun Fighter Gene (Required Friendliness of 60):
  • Staghorn Mountain
  • Lakeside College
  • Misty Marsh
  • Fairydell
    • (After defeat of "Evil Thoughts of Lizafa") Attack: Fight Lizard Man Army F1502 A1581 S1439 L1415 /E14.6M. Leads to reward at Lake Side College: Grace of God airhsip.



  • Moon Town Palace
    • Accept: 10k Ledak Coin, 50k Relics, 3 Large Energy Storage Device
    • Bogie King's Entrust ->..->Rescruitement Completed -> Attack F1201 A1306 S1149 L1240 /E9.9M on #Aura --> Atack Completed : 6k Ledak Coin, 8x Eden Accelerator (30m), 8x Cultivation Accelerator (30m), 8x Maintenance Accelerator (30m) --> Guide Statue -> ... -> Here is the Sacred Flame (req. Sacred Flame -> wait 6 hours ->
  • Blackcliff Fort
    • Recruitement Ceremony (req Bogie King's Entrust, cost 300 Dark Steel)
  • Gloomy Market
    • Ask about building materials (after "Guide Statue")
  • Death Goby
  • Nether Light Altar
    • Hire Winged Guard (Required 50 Friendliness)
    • I want Winged Guard Gene (Required 60 Friendliness)
    • Ask about Sacred Flame (after "Ask about building materials", cost 5k Ledak Coin): Sacred Flame
  • Deep Mine
  • Smelter Workshop
  • Mushar
  • Desperate Neve
    • ...
    • (After defeat of "Evil Thoughts of Lizafa") Attack: Fight Darkmoon Rebels F1456 A1600 S1432 L1504 /E14.4M. Leads to reward at Smelter Workshop: 10k Ledak Coin, 1200 Competent Cells, 3x Source Dust I



Harambe (Asteroid)[]


  • 10% - Demondell
    • Investigate - 25x Bonrick I and 50x Tear of Yarsa
  • 50% - Tower of Other World
  • 100% - Breezy Port
    • Investigate - 6x Electricity Storage Device, 3x Primary Propellant, 2x Advanced Propellant
    • Elder Angler - Gain Icy Coral (Sonia Quest Item)

Mosconi (Asteroid)[]


  • 10% - Children Welfare
    • Communicate - Philanthropist Gumball Attack and Power +2
    • Donate - Consume 2000 Ledak Coin to donate - Doll (Can be used to sacrifice Divine Dragon statue. Please keep it safe)
  • 50% - Greeny Manor
    • Investigate - 5x Gas Storage Device, 5xCultivation Accelerator (60m), 5xMaintenance Accelerator (60m) 
    • Cough from the room - vapour lamp from Loki
      • Here is the Fragrance Lamp - 6x Eden/Cultivation/Maintenance Accelerators (60m)
  • 100% - Eternal Volcano

Loki (Asteroid)[]


  • 10% - Bigtown Tree
    • Exchange supplies (Shop)
      • 3000 - Fragrance Lamp (Mosconi Quest Item)
      • 3000 - 20x Wood Elf Gumball Fragment (Limit 30)
      • 3000 - Nature Mark (Combo Skill)
      • 3750 - 5x Eden Accelerator (60m) (Limit 20)
      • 3750 - 5x Cultivation Accelerator (60m) (Limit 20)
      • 3750 - 5x Maintenance Accelerator (60m) (Limit 20)
      • 3750 - Small Shield Generator (Limit 10)
      • 6000 - Super Propellant (Limit 5)
      • $8.99 - Wood Elf's Vine Chest
        • 100x Gem, 22500 Ledak Coin, 1500 Competent Cells, 30x Gas/Uranium/Electricity Storage Device,
    • Hill's Entrust - Collect water from Temple Ruins
      • I brought back elvish spring - 3000x Ledak Coin, 25x Colored Clay I, 3x Cultivation Accelerator (3h)
      • Injured Coulon - Fight in Dawn Forest
        • I Killed Coulon Leader - Gain Wood Elf Gumball
  • 50% - Temple Ruins
    • Expel Fierce Beast F1369 A1274 S1333 L1392 /E11.8
      • Investigate - 30k Relics, 5x Cultivation Accelerator (3h)
      • Collect Spring - Quest Item
  • 100% - Dawn Forest
    • Investigate - 60x Tears of Yersa, 30x Bonrick I, 1000 Competent Cells
      • Secret cave - F1430 A1393 S1356 L1490 /E13.2m - Coulon Gene
    • Mushroom Ring (Req Lvl 3 Illusion Perception Analysis) - Gain Hero Shield (Sonia Quest Item), 5x Source Dust I

Sonia (Asteroid)[]


  • 10% - Dragon Ball Fragments
    • Study - All Fleet, the max number of robots in group +1
  • 50% - Dragon's Lair
  • 100 % - Divine Dragon Statue

Resource Worlds[]

E Planet-G48[]

  • Total mining: 52 days at 100% efficiency

E Planet-E25[]

  • Total mining: 52 days at 100% efficiency

E Planet-U67[]

  • Total mining: 52 days at 100% efficiency

Eco Planet-X56[]

  • Battle F1240 A1271 S1190 L1338 /E10.5m
  • Total colonization: 50 days at 100% efficiency
  • 100% Colonial Station: 100k Electricity+100k Uranium Ore+100k Gas for +8 clone capacity (and +75 Analysis points)


Eye of Lizafa[]

  • some quests -> Stop High Priest F1332 A1382 S1296 L1440 /E14.4M -> win -> scripted defeat in a second fight (no losses) and the Statue on your chosen home planet is disabled; reconstruction requires among other things to have fully explored both home planets.
  • ... -> "Attack": fight Evil Thoughts of Lizafa F1517 A1563 S1483 L1617 /E23.5M with help.


Sector Type Reward
x02y25 Small Black Hole 2x Eden Accelerator (3h), 2x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 2x Maintenance Accelerator (3h) (Canas' Enlightenment with Lord of Ender)
x03y11 Giant ship in the mist 200k Coins, 10k Ledak Coin (Ranger's Song with Ghost Captain)
x21y04 Giant Worm's Remains 20 Gem, 5x Source Dust I (Aoluwei's Blade with Zerg Queen)


Sector Type Level Power Reward

High-space Projection[]

Visiting this High-space Projection will modify all existing projections. Each projection will contain all four factions. In addition, each faction has a Lvl 13 battle now, and the battle will not cause any Battle Damage. Does not require the fleet to be sent here either.

  • Aoluwei Blade - F1892 A1665 S1763 L1710 /E19.2m
  • Canas' Enlightenment - F1822 A1692 S1888 L1725 /E19.7m
  • Ranger's Song - F1791 A1707 S1666 L1912 /E19.4m
  • Abyss' Roar - F1773 A1921 S1800 L1676 /E19.9m

Notable items[]

Notable items, and where to find them:

Special Mechanisms[]