Access to Sector M11 is unlocked through the Universe Beacon found in sector Space/M10, as such you'll need around ?M+ energy on at least one fleet to be able to reach this sector

Also see: Space Analysis/M11 for details on the Space Analysis for this sector.

Space M11a

Space M11b

Points of Interest Edit

Name Type Sector Specials
Hazel Main Planet
Horchi Planet
Filit Planet
Uha Planet
Tinvaer Planet
Planet Eater Space boss C3 100 Builder Frags, 5x Gem Gear I, 5x Gas/Uranium/Electricity Storage Devices
E Resource Planet
G Resource Planet
U Resource Planet
X Resource Planet
High-space Projection High-space Projection

Sector Completion rewards Edit

Homeworld and Named Asteroids: Edit


Explore Edit

  • Special Place
    • Eonian Corridor
    • Dawn (Diplomacy and Defend for friendship)
    • Gem's Chamber of Commerce (Shop)
    • Grand Pyrocannon (needed for attacking tentacles and Planet Eater)
      • Astrosteel Container (Charging cooldown -4 hours) Defeat 1 Tentacle
      • Aurora Ball (Weaken the enemy) Defeat 2 Tentacles
      • Neurotoxin (Fleet battle rounds +2) Defeat 3 Tentacles
    • Crystal Gallery (Hire Osedax, Hire Sap Beast and get their gene for coin)
    • Stargaze Observatory
    • Glowing Starport (After giving Mirage item in Uha, Enhance Mirage shop opens. Get Mirage Chip and Blueprint, 10x 3h Accel, 5x 24h Accel of each colour)
    • Armament Factory (Hire Sparkling Wrym and get their gene for coin)

Trade Edit

  • 200x Melee Relic
  • 150x Dark Matter Core
  • 2.5M Coin
  • 10x Wondrous Cube's Pearl
  • 600x Mithril
  • 2M Relic
  • 200x Airship chip
  • 750x Bone of Moonlight
  • 600x Holy Crystal
  • 300x Dimensional Space Module
  • 5x Puppeteer's Pearl

Resources Edit

Explore for 235x Enchanted Metal I, 315x Circuit Crystal I, 205x Imaginary Ore I, 75x Gem Gear I, 44.5k Hazel Coin

Mine for 1.03M Gas, Electricity, Uranium and Wonder build materials.

Tech Edit

  • Builder Enchantment (Attack +3, Hp +30, Fire +2)
  • Magic Golem Enchantment (Attack +3, Hp +30, Armor +2)
  • Imaginary Golem Enchantment (Max Assignment +6)
  • Osedax Enchantment (Max Assignment +6)
  • Sap Beast Enchantment (Max Assignment +6)
  • Crystal Warrioress Enchantment (Max Assignment +3)
  • Sparkling Wyrm Enchantment (Max Assignment +3)
  • Aurora Enchancement (Luck +5)
  • Mirage Enchancement (Speed +5)

Horchi Edit

  • Explore for 305x Enchanted Metal I, 335x Circuit Crystal I, 240x Imaginary Ore I, 32k Hazel Coin
  • 10% - Time Jumper
    • Investigate - 5x Electricity Storage Device, 5x Eden Accelerator (60m)
  • 50% - Futurego Institute
    • Pay a visit - Gain Futurego Medal (quest item)
    • I found Laptop (req Laptop) - Gain Futuristic Prop (Use: In Space, planet collection efficiency +3%
    • (Future) Investigate - Gain 3x Eden Accelerator (3h), 3x Battery
  • 100% - Moolin Shinto Shrine
    • Investigate - 3000 Hazel Coin, 3x Gem Gear I
    • Communicate - Priestess Gumball Attack and Power +2
    • About Laptop (req Futurego Medal) - Gain Laptop (quest item)

Filit Edit

  • Explore for 30.5k Hazel Coin, 3500 Competent Cells, 60 Gem, 720xCultivation Accelerator (5m)
  • 10% - Fight to Death
  • 50% - Frontline Camp
    • Care About Him
      • Here is the Rum (Req Rum) - Gain 2000 Hazel Coin, 2x Advanced Propellant
    • (Future) Investigate - Gain 6x Gas Storage Device, 6x Electricity Storage Device
  • 100% - Glass Pyramid
    • Investigate - Fight F1327 A1404 S1216 L1268 /E11.1m - Gain ???
    • Burn Eggs - Fight F87 A12 S56 L25 /E29k
    • Let it go - ?
    • (Future) Investigate - Fight F2018 A2304 S1972 L2106 /E21.5m - Gain 10 Gem, Space Transitioner, Red7d
      • Note: Must win this fight before Light Beam Tower (Uha) will unlock

Uha Edit

  • Explore for 45x Gem Gear I, 28k Hazel Coin, 3k Coins, 120x Gumball Pots
  • 10% - Amusement Park
    • Investigate - Gain 1000 Hazel Coin, 30x Imaginary Ore I
    • (Future) The Thieves - Fight F1389 A1335 S1250 L1188 /E10.9m - Gain Enila's Mask (Quest Item)
  • 40% - Enina's Shop
    •  ?
    • 1500 - 5x Maintenance Accelerator (60m) (Limit 10)
    • 1500 - 5x Cultivation Accelerator (60m) (Limit 10)
    • 1500 - 5x Eden Accelerator (60m) (Limit 10)
    • 900 - 3x Gas Storage Device (Limit 10)
    • 900 - 3x Uranium Ore Storage Device (Limit 10)
    • 900 - 3x Electricity Storage Device (Limit 10)
    • 4500 - Giant Shield Generator (Limit 10)
    • $17.99 - Enila's Safe
      • 200 Gem, 18k Hazel Coin, 80x Gem Gear I, 80x Imaginary Ore I, 80x Circuit Crystal I, 80x Enchanted Metal I
    • (Future) About the Scars - Go to Amusement Park
      • I fetched your mask - Gain Exterminator Smart Core (Clone), 3x Large Energy Storage Device
  • 70% - Floral Field
    • Investigate - Gain 30x Circuit Crystal I, 30x Dark Matter Core
    • Refine Floral Bead (requires Refinery Analysis maxed) - Gain Floral Bead (Hazel Quest Item)
    • (Future) Take Away - Gain Flowing Light (Exterminator clone enhancement - Fire +2, Extra Damage +1000, Damage +30k when chasing)
  • 100% - Light Beam Tower
    • Investigate - Gain 30x Enchanted Metal I, 3x Eden Accelerator (3h)

Tinvaer Edit

  • Explore for 325x Enchanted Metal I, 280x Circuit Crystal I, 355x Imaginary Ore I, 27k Hazel Coin
  • 10% - Special Roadster
    • Greet - Need Service Kit
    • (Future) Investigate - Gain Shabby Service Kit (Obtain 30k Electricity)
  • 50% - Cowboy Tavern
    • Shop-Owner's Trouble
      • Punish Scoundrels F1302 A1167 S1242 L1219 /E10m - Gain 2500 Hazel Coin, 30x Crystal Egg, 10x Rainbow Shell
    • Buy Rum - Pay 1500 Hazel Coin to gain Rum (Quest Item)
  • 100% - Clock Tower
    • Join the Party - Gain 5x Gas Storage Device, 5x Gem Gear I
    • (Future) Visit - Gain 6x Volcanic I

Resource Worlds: Edit

E-Planet-E__ Edit

  • Mine for ? Electricity, ?x Volcanic I, Limestone I, Marble I

E-Planet-G__ Edit

  • Mine for ? Gas, Sandstone I, Limestone I, Granite I

E-Planet-U__ Edit

  • Mine for ? Uranium Ore, ?x Volcanic I, Sandstone I, Granite I

Eco Planet-X__ Edit

Encounters Edit

Sector Type Reward

Combat Edit

Sector Type Level Power Reward

High-space Projection Edit

Visiting this High-space Projection will modify all existing projections. Each projection will contain all four factions. In addition, each faction has a Lvl 11 battle now, and the battle will not cause any Battle Damage. Does not require the fleet to be sent here either.

  • Aoluwei Blade - F? A? S? L? /E?m
  • Canas' Enlightenment - F? A? S? L? /E?m
  • Ranger's Song - F? A? S? L? /E?m
  • Abyss' Roar - F? A? S? L? /E?m

Notable items Edit

Notable items, and where to find them:

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