Access to Sector M10 is unlocked through the Universe Beacon found in sector Space/M09, as such you'll need around ?M+ energy on at least one fleet to be able to reach this sector

Also see: Space Analysis/M10 for details on the Space Analysis for this sector.

Space M10

Points of Interest

Name Type Sector Specials
Joseph Main Planet
Donald Planet
Marcus Planet
Kara Planet
Clark Planet
Mechanical Fortress Space boss
E Resource Planet
G Resource Planet
U Resource Planet
X Resource Planet
High-space Projection High-space Projection

Sector Completion rewards

Homeworld and Named Asteroids:


  • Sapient - War at the Base - mini dungeon walk-through.
  • First floor, turn number:
    1. Use Origin Bullet item to load it in M25 Sniper.
    2. Use M25 Sniper item on center robot, Smart Protector. This removes it's -30% damage buff from all robots.
    3. Use one Grenade Launcher MM1 item on upper right robot, Smart Helper.
    4. Use one Frag Grenade M67 item on upper right robot, Smart Helper, to destroy it - which removes it's +100% HP buff from all robots - and the splash damage from the grenade then will also destroy the Smart Destroyer robot below.
    5. Use one Frag Grenade M67 item on lower left robot, Smart Destroyer, to kill it and damage remaining robots.
    6. - 8. Use Grenade Launcher MM1 item three times to destroy the remaining two robots.
You should finish the floor with two uses left on the Grenade Launcher MM1 item, one EMP Bullet item, and the M25 Sniper item.
  • Second floor, turn number:
    1. Use the EMP Bullet item to load it in the M25 Sniper.
    2. Use the M25 Sniper on the boss, stunning it.
    3. - 4. Use Grenade Launcher MM1 item two times on boss to defeat it.


  • Explore for
  • 10% -


  • Explore for
  • 10% -


  • Explore for 450x Wave Antenna I, 345x Vacuum Triode, 255x Master Alloy, 48,000 Joseph Coin, 353x Cultivation Accelerator (10m)
  • 10% -


  • Explore for
  • 10% -

Resource Worlds:


  • Mine for ? Electricity,


  • Mine for ? Gas,


  • Mine for ? Uranium Ore,

Eco Planet-X__


Sector Type Reward


Sector Type Level Power Reward

High-space Projection

Visiting this High-space Projection will modify all existing projections. Each projection will contain all four factions. In addition, each faction has a Lvl 11 battle now, and the battle will not cause any Battle Damage. Does not require the fleet to be sent here either.

  • Aoluwei Blade -
  • Canas' Enlightenment -
  • Ranger's Song -
  • Abyss' Roar -

Notable items

Notable items, and where to find them:

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