Jade Archive is the 5-floor maze of M06 accessed from the Jade Archives location in Chom.  The goal is to collect B12 Documents hidden in the last floor.

Restrictions Edit

  • Soul-links are not allowed.
  • Explorer's Compass doesn't work (not that you would want to use it here)

Contents Edit

One enemy type is in the maze:

Mutant Ape

Normal version - Attack 45, HP 500, Dodge 0%, Accuracy 100%

Burrow version - Attack 55, HP 600, Dodge 0%, Accuracy 100%

  • Assault - Launch an attack every round
  • Timid - Run away when HP is lower than 30% (Only normal version)

On every floor there are six enemies under the tiles, the key (not on a monster), and a Weapon box (contains Gatling Gun(4 uses)(300dmg), Laser Launcher(1 use)(600dmg), or Fragment Grenade(1 use)(200dmg, range 2))

On Floor 5, you will also find a Steel Cabinet that contains 3000 Chom Coin and a Burrow (jagged hole) you can enter.

Entering the Burrow you will encounter 4 special versions of the Ape guarding a Dilapidated File Box

Dilapidated File Box contains B12 Document (quest item you came for) and Drawing of Key to Door A

Maze rewards from collecting everything: 3000 Chom Coin, B12 Document, Drawing of Key to Door A

Tips Edit

  • Level 3 Treasure Seeker is especially useful here since you don't need to kill any monster to find the key
  • Condottiere is nice here as he makes it possible to kill the apes with one use of a Gatling Gun.
  • Peter is also very useful here.
  • S/L is most useful here, if you find an enemy or have a single path blocked by an enemy, S/L (S/L 30 not needed) :-D
  • Pick up any items immediately - if you spawn an enemy, he attacks every turn.
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