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These islands have only one option: "Search".

The quality of the reward depends on whether or not you own the listed gumball. Receiving the boost only requires that the listed gumball has been unlocked - it and its faction do not need to be active. Depending on the sundry, the extra gain can either be an extra 50% of the base reward or a specific Runestone.

With Celestial Title Junkman, you'll also have a 10% chance of finding an extra G.

Sundry Location Lv. Gumball(s) Loot Without Gumball Loot With Gumball
Abandoned Broiler Sorcerer
Abandoned Device 201+ Machinist 10x Synkaryon Battery EX /
5x Super-particle Battery M /
2x Energy Furnace Shard
15x Synkaryon Battery EX /
7x Super-particle Battery M /
3x Energy Furnace Shard
Abandoned Truck 311+ Merchant 1500 Relics /

7 Mithril + 3 Eternal Gold /
7 Arcane Crystal + 3 Holy Crystal

Airdropped Goods 802+ Commando Battery Pack + Airship Materials (2x Rank4 or 4x Rank3)
Ancient Bookshelf 105+ Sage

Magic Boy

1x Rainbow Contract 1x Rainbow Contract + 1x Star Contract /

2x Rainbow Contract

Ancient Chessboard 619+ Checkers 20 Statue 20 Statue + Winner's Chess Game Plunder3 120px
Ancient Stone Chest 308+ Time Wizard Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px + either:

- 20 Statue
- 3000 Relics

Ancient Storage Chest 901+ Archaeologist (not displayed) 3 to 4 Gumball Fragment[notes 1] and/or

1x Ancient Ritual Offering

Bloody Toilet 17+ Ripper Klein's Blood Plunder1 120px + 2000 Coins
Blue Mineral Vein 58+ Slave 30x Magic Iron + 4x Mithril
Broken Chessboard 201+ Black & White Queen, White Chess Bishop 10 Statue 10 Statue + Isaac's Manuscript Plunder2 120px
Broken Culture Dish 203+ Zerg Queen, Modificator 20 Competent Cells + Nether Embryo Revenge3 120px
Broken Machine 235+ Autobots, Machinist

Airship Materials

10x Rank1 or 5x Rank3 or 2x Rank4

Random Robot ( TS-260, RS-500 ) + Random Airship Materials (2x Rank3 or 5x Rank2 or 10x Rank1 )
Broken Puppet 425+ Magic Golem Puppet Core Explore3 120px + either:
Broken Terminal 703+ Terminator 4x Rank3 Airship Materials

+ Ishtar ProgramExplore3 120px

Caisson 171+ Kraken Captain 1x Battery Pack + Unlimited FirepowerExplore2 120px
Cell Culture Instrument 1001+ Cyborg 200 or 300 Competent Cells 300 or 450 Competent Cells
Charging Device 1115+ Dwarf King Lightning Mark Revenge3 120px + 2-4x Battery Pack
Crashed Airship 711+ Commander 3 or 4 Airships chips total from 1 or 2 Airships.[notes 2]
Crashed Satellite 314+ Captain Explorer Explore2 120px + one of:
Crystal Ball 804+ High Priest 25 or 50 Statue + Hawkeye Explore4 120px
Deserted Deedbox 1038+ Rune Master (Gumball) Ancient Amulet Explore4 120px + 2x Moon Contract
Eden Device 912+ Machinist 200 Competent Cells + Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px
Giant Rock 1101+ Architect 6x Wonder Materials (Granite I or similar) or 60 Statue
Goblin Blasting Device 514+ Goblin Nuclear Bomb Plunder4 120px + one of :
Land of Bones 110+ Death Knight 2x Artifact Fragments + Bone Cross Plunder2 120px
Metal Storage Rack 251+ Spy 10 or 25 Statue 15 or 37 Statue
Military Steel Safe 101+ Spy Information Revenge2 120px + Airship Materials, one of:
  • 10x Rank1
  • 5x Rank2
  • 2x Rank3
Monster's Iron Wok 31+ Sorcerer / Chef 20x Vanilla Flour + 1x Holy Blood Magic Bean Explore1 120px + 20x Vanilla Flour + either:
Old Anvil 101+ Blacksmith 2x Artifact Fragments + Sawtooth Sword Plunder1 120px
Old Stone Table 702+ Archaeologist 20 or 40 Statue + Victory Revenge4 120px
Oriental Lampholder 504+ Geisha 15 or 30 Statue + Flame Force Revenge3 120px
Police Equipment Box 402+ Blue Shark EMP Revenge4 120px + Airship Materials : 1 one of:
  • 10x Rank1
  • 5x Rank2
  • 2x Rank3
Rotten Wooden Table 290+ Lich King Star Contract Harvan's Manuscript Plunder4 120px + one of:
Scattered Parcels 95+ Merchant 5,000 Coins one of:
Ship Wreckage 254+ Ghost Captain 800 Relics Demon Slayer's Crossbow Revenge2 120px + 800 or 2500 Relics
Strange Billiards Table 506+ Gang Cadre 30k or 75k Coins
Steel Cabinet of the Refuge 615+ Blue Shark 5 Rank3 Ingredient or 2 Rank4 Ingredient Refuge Explore4 120px + one of:
Thorny Plants 201+ Sunflower, World Tree

Parasite Plunder3 120px and one of:

and one of:

Trash Can 53+ Junkman 300 or 600 Relics 300 Relics + Rubbish Revenge1 120px
Weird Fruit Tree Not present anymore ? World Tree, Sunflower One of:
Yellow Mineral Vein 248+ Slave 1x Holy Crystal + 30x Soul Crystal /

30x Crystal + 4x Arcane Crystal /


  1. Ancient Storage Chest: 1 to 3 fragments for 1 to 2 gumballs each. Possible fragments confirmed for: Blue Shark, Commander, Crusader, Demon, Dimension Walker, Dwarf King, Faerie Dragon, Geisha, Pigsy, ...
  2. Crashed Airship, confirmed chips include chips for: Behemoth's Claw, Arcane Snail, Chimera's Wings, Void Stingray, Behemoth's Horn, Lucifer's Sword, Overlord, Hovering, Gumball, UFO, Universal Falcon, Shadow Dragon
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