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These islands have one option to search. The quality of the reward depends on if you have the required gumball. Receiving the boost only requires that the listed gumball has been unlocked - it and its faction do not need to be active.

With Celestial Title Junkman, you'll also have a 10% chance of finding an extra G.

Sundry Location Lv. Gumball(s) Loot Without Gumball Loot With Gumball
Abandoned Broiler Sorcerer
Abandoned Device 415+ Machinist 15x Synkaryon Battery EX / 7x Super-particle Battery M / 3x Energy Furnace Shard
Abandoned Truck 311+ Merchant 1500 Relics /

7 Mithril + 3 Eternal Gold /
7 Arcane Crystal + 3 Holy Crystal

Airdropped Goods 802+ Commando 4x Rank3 Airship Materials + Battery Pack
Ancient Bookshelf 105+ Sage

Magic Boy

1x Rainbow Contract 1x Rainbow Contract + 1x Star Contract
Ancient Chessboard 619+ Checkers 20 Statue + Winner's Chess Game Plunder3 120px
Ancient Stone Chest 340+ Time Wizard Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px + either:

- 20 Statue
- 3000 Relics

Ancient Storage Chest 915+ unknown 3 to 4 Gumball Fragment[notes 1]

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