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This pages lists all the small mazes that you can find on a regular basis when exploring the sky. Mazes related to time-limited events are found through their respective event pages, see Event Instances.

Once unlocked, you can also find special Mazes in Eden. Which are limited to a single completion, but later unlock Eden's Land which may be raided.

This page was formerly a part of Sky Instances, you can refer to that page if you want to see the old comments that were made there. The remainder of that page has been put into Sky Exploration Events (Sky Exploration Events is also accessible from the top menu via Air War->Sky Exploration).

Captain's Diary[]

Sky Maze.png

This notebook appears when you find your first Sky Dungeon (an island that has the glowing blue "Exit" portal) on it. Once you receive the Captain's Diary, you can access any Sky Dungeon that you have previously encountered (completed or not) after you reset an exploration. Re-summoning a sky dungeon costs 5 radar charges, but is a good option during Sky Events because you can earn Sky XP by finishing them again.

These Sky Dungeons are different than the standard Mazes - you cannot exchange Gems for additional EP and the Soul Reaper cannot resurrect you if you die. Some require specific combinations of Gumballs and Soul Links to complete successfully.

Maze details[]

For walkthroughs and specific maze details please refer to the individual maze pages. note that these mazes unlock these gumballs Sin City unlocks Justice HeraldPlanetary Fragment unlocks Zerg QueenJavana's Fantasy Land unlocks Commander, and Warship Star Annihilation unlocks Black Warrior.

All mazes give 137 EP when raided. It doesn't matter if you normally attack a maze after the first time compleating the maze you will only get the same reward you would recive from raiding the maze. 

​​​all the information listed below shows the rewards for raiding the maze for more information about what you will get from attacking them see the mazes individual page.

Instance Discovery Relics Statues Coins Other
Relics of Civilization 3F (a.k.a. Ancient Cultural Relics) 35 times 1300 - -

Olefin Alloy                                          3 Photon Core                                                       3 Synkaryon Battery EX                                        3 Tesla Circuit

Creepy Castle 4F 160 times 2000 - -

1 Rainbow Contract

Forest of Mystery 5F 17 times 2200 - -
Harvan's Lab 5F 70 times 1500 - - 5 Mithril

5 Arcane Crystal

Paladin's Training Camp 4F 100 times 1200 12 Statue - N/A (just the statues)
Planetary Fragment 5F level 60 1500 Statue - 1000 Relics /

Psionic Storm Plunder3 120px.png /
Perfect Enhancement Explore4 120px.png

Sin City 5F level 60 1000 5/10 Statue - Super Power Explore4 120px.png

Krypton Ray Revenge3 120px.png

Abandoned Arsenal 3F level 60 1200 - -

Two 2* or 3* airship parts

If 2*, 5 of the material. If 3*, 3 instead.

Trial Place 3F level 60 1200 - - Super-particle Battery M, 5 Ancient Circuit Element
Fight! The Gold Coast! 3F level 100 1200 - 5000 Eternal Gold, 3 Holy Crystal
Javana's Fantasy Land 6F level 150 1000 Statue 10000 1000 Relics /
Javana's Crystal Revenge4 120px.png /
Javana's Scroll Explore3 120px.png
Abandoned Arsenal II 3F level 120 1200 - - S-level Inverse Phase Alloy, 3 Dark Matter Core
Warship Star Annihilation! 5F level 150 2000 - - 1000 Relics / Force Release Plunder4 120px.png
Roger's Treasure 1F level 150 1200 - - 6 3* Materials
Legend of the Dragon 1F level 200 2000 20 Statue - NA (Just the statues)
Weird Lab 4F level 200 1000 - - Dimensional Space Module
Alice's Castle 1F level 300 3000 - 20,000
Strange Research Room II 4F level 250 1200 - - 3 Energy Matrix RC
City of Death! Rata 3F level 301 2000 Statue - 3 Fifth Element (other Rank 5-6 Airship Component?)

Note: Sky EP for an instance is 4x the normal EP you get it at the level you explore it (See EP gains in Celestial Titles ).

Sky Mazes
Abandoned Arsenal, Abandoned Arsenal II, Alice's Castle, City of Death! Rata, Creepy Castle, Fight! The Gold Coast!, Forest of Mystery, Harvan's Lab, Javana's Fantasy Land, Legend of the Dragon, Paladin's Training Camp, Planetary Fragment, Relics of Civilization, Roger's Treasure, Sin City, Strange Research Room II, Trial Place, Warship Star Annihilation!, Weird Lab