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|Destroy the device
|Destroy the device
|Airship materials (e.g. 10 Rank2)
|Airship materials (e.g. 10 Rank2 or 5 Rank3)
| rowspan="2" |Ancient Lab Table
| rowspan="2" |Ancient Lab Table
Line 355: Line 355:
|10 Gems: Sunflower Painting ([[World Tree]])
|10 Gems: Sunflower Painting ([[World Tree]])
20 Gems: Night Cafe Painting (World Tree)
20 Gems: Night Cafe Painting (World Tree)
<br>30 Gems: A Starry Night Painting (World Tree)
<br />30 Gems: A Starry Night Painting (World Tree)
<br>50k Coins: [[Artwork]] runestone
<br />50k Coins: [[Artwork]] runestone
|Blackmail them
|Blackmail them

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These events occur randomly when exploring islands or after defeating a Monster Island. Medal of Navigator can increase this chance.

This page was formerly a part of Sky Instances, you can refer to that page if you want to see the old comments that were made there. The remainder of that page has been put into Sky Mazes.


Search or bury someone's remains. Burying them always gives a runestone. Each corpse has a specific set of search items and a specific rune when buried and will always provide the same results for both search and bury. Check Sky Remains to see which remains will drop which rune.

Sundries locations

These islands have one option to search. The quality of the reward depends on if you have the required gumball. Receiving the boost only requires that the listed gumball has been unlocked - it and its faction do not need to be active.

Sundry Location Gumball(s) Loot Without Gumball Loot With Gumball
Abandoned Broiler Sorcerer
Abandoned Device Machinist 15x Synkaryon Battery EX
Abandoned Truck Merchant 1500 Relics
Ancient Bookshelf Sage, Magic Boy
Ancient Chessboard Checkers
Ancient Stone Chest Time Wizard 20 Statue + Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px
Ancient Storage Chest unknown 3x CE frags, 1x Ancient Ritual Offering
Bloody Toilet Ripper
Broken Chessboard Black & White Queen
Broken Culture Dish Zerg Queen, Modificator
Broken Machine Autobots, Machinist 2x Micro Dyson Sphere G + TS-260 /

10x Olefin Alloy + RS-500

Broken Puppet Magic Golem 10x Arcane Crystal or 10 Mithril

+1 Puppet CoreExplore3 120px

Blue Mineral Vein Slave
Caisson Kraken Captain
Crashed Airship Commander
Goblin Blasting Device Goblin Battery Pack + Nuclear Bomb Plunder4 120px
Land of Bones Death Knight
Military Steel Safe Spy
Monster's Iron Wok Sorcerer / Chef
Old Anvil Blacksmith
Oriental Lamp Holder Geisha 30 Statue + Flame Force Revenge3 120px
Police Equipment Box Blue Shark 5x High Frequency Fiber N+ + EMP Revenge4 120px
Rotten Wooden Table Lich King Star Contract + Harvan's Manuscript Plunder4 120px
Scattered Parcels and Abandoned Truck Merchant 7,500 Coins
Ship Wreckage Ghost Captain
Strange Billiards Table Gang Cadre 30k Coins
Steel Cabinet of the Refuge Blue Shark 5x Elf's Dust + Refuge Explore4 120px
Thorny Plants Sunflower, World Tree
Trash Can Junkman
Weird Fruit Tree World Tree, Sunflower
Yellow Mineral Vein Slave

Quiz Gumballs

You can occasionally find an island with World Tree, Archaeologist, Pharmacist, Magic Boy, or Machinist Gumballs on them. They will ask you a question and offer you three answers.

See Sky Event Quiz to see the questions and answers.

Great Statue

You may rarely find speaking statues. They ask the same question and offer the same answers, but the outcome can be very different.

See Great Statues for answers.

Choice Encounters

These encounters give you two or more choices that have different effects.

Encounters A

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Abandoned Cauldron 900+ Ankheg Juiced With Chef gumball: Ankheg Juice Plunder4 120px + 100 Competent Cell
Eyeball Sashimi With Chef gumball: Eyeball Sashimi (Wing Plane) When the battle is won: (or no battle) 100% chance to receive: 100 Competent Cells + 1xEyeball Sahimi Relic or Mysterious Statue x 3

Else: Fliamir's Eye Explore2 120px

Goblin's Toe Kebab With Chef gumball: Goblin's Toe Kebab Revenge4 120px + 100 Competent Cell
Aioria's Statue 900+ Promise him Fight lady Virginia (12.5M, 300 / 300 / 250 / 270) to obtain Virginia's Consciousness (nearly impossible)
Refuse him Fight ( Aioria ) (7.8M, 250 / 205 / 250 / 150) to obtain:

80 Mysterious Statue, Aioria's Soul Fragments (sky robot, 15.000 Energy, Fire +2 Luck +1)

Do you ever forget vengeance? nothing
Ancient Electrical Device 500-600 Pull down the lever on the left Recover Radar's battery by 3-5 points
Pull down the lever on the right Recover Radar's battery by 1-7 points
Destroy the device Airship materials (e.g. 10 Rank2 or 5 Rank3)
Ancient Lab Table 100-250 Concoct Potion With Pharmacist gumball: Wraith's Mixed Potion, Mixture of Light and Dark, and Pharaoh's Mixture
Alchemy With Alchemist gumball: Arcane Missile Explore3 120px, Serenade Revenge3 120px or Hunting Net Plunder3 120px
Ancient Detection Device 800+? See Ancient Detection Device for specific details all options appear to offer the same range of rewards.
Ancient Drift Bottle 300+ Reply Letter Bone Ash Plunder2 120px, Moon, Star, or Rainbow Contract
Throw away the drift bottle Win against Skeletons (1.05M / 109 / 59 / 43 / 18): Bone Ash Plunder2 120px, Cursed Knight Sky Title (All Attributes -15. bonus EP on reset)
Ancient Rose 900+ Irrigation 0: nothing

1: nothing

2: nothing

Pick the Flower After 5 irrigations can receive Rose Dress fashion for Sunflower gumball.
Ancient Staging Post Activate Staging Post Replenish battery to full (50/50 chance)
Destroy Airship materials
Ancient Stone Table 0-600, 759 Read Magic Book Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px or Ancient Eye Explore1 120px or Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px , Chanter Sky Title (Speed +2)
Remove stone table 5 Mysterious statues, 10k coins
Destroy stone table 500 Relic fragments
Ancient Supply Post 100-266 Activate Radar energy restored, or nothing
Destroy Rank 1 Airship Materials
Ancient Terminal 0-100 Try to operate

(Level 150 required)

Ishtar Program Explore3 120px, Relic fragment
Destroy Terminal Runestone, ship parts
Ancient Totem 0-260, 732 Worship Totem Relic fragment, Rainbow/Star Contract
Inject Power Shaman's Totem Revenge1 120px
Remove Totem Shaman Sky Title (Fire +2)
Ancient Training Camp 200-377


Power 5 * Melee Artifact fragment, Strength Plunder2 120px, Hercules Sky Title (Fire+3)
Wisdom Magic artifact fragment, Wisdom Explore2 120px, Erudite Sky Title (Speed +3)
Courage Adventurer artifact fragment, Courage Explore2 120px, The Fearless Sky Title (Armor +3)
Anonymous Grave 700+ Worship (tracks previous worships) 0: 1 Artifact Fragment, 1500 Relics

1: 1500 Relics, 1 artifact fragment



4-8: 2 Artifact Fragment, 3000 Relics


1: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px, 5 artifact fragment, 5,000 Relics


3 or 5: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px, 10 artifact fragment, 10,000 Relics

10: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px, 20 artifact fragment, 200k Relics

30: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px, 300 Mysterious Statues, 2 Ancient Ritual Offering, 30 Gems

Artwork Store
600+ Give him items 10 Gems: Sunflower Painting (World Tree)

20 Gems: Night Cafe Painting (World Tree)
30 Gems: A Starry Night Painting (World Tree)
50k Coins: Artwork runestone

Blackmail them Counterfeit Explore2 120px, 30K/60K Coins
Steal them Nothing or Counterfeit Explore2 120px
Astana's Projection 900+ I want to get knowledge 1 Moon/Sun Contract, Wisdom Explore2 120px
I want to get wealth 20k Gold coins, sometimes (first time NOT the trigger) 20 gems
Assault him Battle (12,000,000 energy, 280 Fire/335 Armor/215 Speed/270 Luck)

Saint's Dress (Priest skin)

Encounters B-C

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Bizarre Tree 700-800 Pick the fruit (req 850 exploration) World Tree Gumball dress, 1000x Fruit of World Tree

100/150 World Tree Fruits if you already got dress.

Destroy the Floating Island 1 Heart of Ancient Tree (rank 4 gumball food)
Bloodstained Room 41 - 650, 760 Read parchment Klein's Blood

Plunder1 120px or Cain's Blood Plunder3 120px, Fallen Sky Title (All Attributes +1)

Search test stand Materials (e.g. 10x Soul Crystal + 5 Arcane Crystal )
Search corpse Coins
Bloody Colosseum 300+ Toss:Elf Bet 50k coins, if you win get your stake + 50k coins, appears random

or win 50+100k coins and Fallen Sky Title

Toss:Ogre Bet 50k coins, if you win get your stake + 50k coins, appears random
I want to be on the arena If you have Gladiator and Spartan:

Gumball Pot and 10,000 coins (lose) or Golden Pot, 100,000 coins, and Champion Gladiator Sky Title (win) (Fire +8/16/24)

If you have one of the two mentioned Gumballs you will have your application rejected but still receive a runestone.

Bloody Cellar 500+ Enter the cellar Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px
Toss a Coin 1 Gumball Pot or 1 Golden Pot (it works more than 1 time)
Move the wooden ladder Log Ladder Plunder1 120px
Broken Statue 0-200 Extraordinary arm strength Stone Hammer Plunder1 120px
Perfectly Proficient Skill Candle Revenge1 120px
Pursuit of Perfection 5 Mysterious Statues and Ingenuity Sky Title (When the battle is won, 2% chance of receiving: Random Airship Materialsx3)
Calendula 800+ Irrigation (tracks previous watering) 0: nothing

1: nothing 2 : nothing 3 : ?

Pick the flower After 5 irrigations can receive Calendula Dress fashion for Cactus gumball.
Champion's/Hero's Heart 300+ To protect the weak Holy Shield Explore3 120px or Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px, Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To kill your enemies Revenge Whip Revenge1 120px or Demon's Blade Plunder4 120px, Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To stand on top of the world Ares's Blade Plunder4 120px or Strength Plunder2 120px, and Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
Chemical Store
900+ Give him items 5 Gems: Goblin Ware I (All gumballs' Attack +1)

10 Gems: Goblin Ware II (All gumballs' Attack and Power +1)

15 Gems: Goblin Ware III (All gumballs' Attack and Power +1, Defense +1)

(note: each upgrade replaces the previous one)

75k Coins: Perfect Enhancement, Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px, or Goblin Compounds runestone

Blackmail the goblin Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px or Goblin Compounds runestone (see above for effects)
Steal the goblin Chance of: Battery Packs, Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px or Goblin Compounds runestone (see above for effects)
Christmas Hut 900+ Give him items Pay 500k Relics, Receive 1 of: Mechanical Snowman (2.5k Robot),

Mechanical Snowman (6k Robot, +1 Stat available 4x)

Reindeer (6k Robot, +2 Speed, available 1x)

Blackmail Santa Claus Mechanical Snowman (2.5k Robot)
Inform Inspection Team Fight - 7.2M energy 270/215/166/154 - 3 Battery Packs, 3 Greed Plunder1 120px
Concealed Altar 200-381 Inject Blood Holy Blood ingredients
Inject Power Ancient Offering Explore3 120px
Inject Crystal Crystal Materials
Crystal of Fire 400+ Touch Crystal If you have Phoenix or Hellfire: Flame Force Revenge3 120px and Fire Wizard Sky Title (Burning effect +10%, Main Cannon's Power +5%)
Take Crystal If you have Phoenix: Flame Force Revenge3 120px, 2000 Relics Fragments, 5000 Coins,Fire Wizard Sky Title, and 10 Gems (see above)
Crystal of Water 500+ Touch Crystal If you have Kraken Captain or Water Elemental or Merman: Tidal Force Plunder4 120px and Water Wizard Sky Title (10% chance to cast the skill after suffering damage: Enhances 6% of Energy)
Take Crystal If you have Poseidon: 10,000 Relics, Tidal Force Plunder4 120px, 20,000 Coins, 200 Gem, and Water Wizard Sky Title (see above)

Encounters D-E

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Dark Crystal 601+ Touch Crystal With Demon or Dark Dragon: Dark Force Revenge4 120px and Heir of Darkness Title
Take Crystal With Hades gumball:

(Guessed base on how the other Crystal worked)

Dave's Grocery 100+ Give him items Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px
Blackmail them Fight an enemy to obtain 3 kinds of ingredient items (e.g. 15 R1 food + 10 R2 food + 5 R3 food )
Steal from them Ingredients eg. 40 magic beans or a Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px
Desire Mirror 800+ Smash the Mirror Magic Mirror Fragments Plunder2 120px
Imitate Yourself Fight an enemy (6.8M / 190 / 222 / 160 / 205) to obtain Mysterious Statues x60, Desire Mirror Plunder4 120px and 1 Gem (first time only)
Diverging Cavern
(Left Tunnel or

Right Tunnel - Optionally fight an enemy to obtain some of)


(pirate chest)

Cave Pirate Chest
Left: Lit in a soft magic aura Find an ancient iron chest: 5 artifact fragments, 50k gold

Find lizards: Enter battle, Food, Magic Lizard's Scale Plunder2 120px

Find Crystal Mineral Vein: 20 Crystal

Right: Traces of human activities Fight Smugglers (80k/24/10/6/12): 100k gold, Smuggler (Runestone) Revenge2 120px

Find warrior's corpse: Artifact fragments, Assassin Plunder2 120px, Smuggler Sky Title (20% chance to cast the skill after attacking: Enhances Fire by 10)

Find Ancient Palace: 1000 Relics, Ancient Eye Explore1 120px


(red crystal)

Cave Crystal Red
Left: Rusty mechanical parts scattered about

RG-800C robot (first time)

Fight an enemy (270k/30/45/5/15): Robot RG-800B
Find a rusty device: Tinkerer Sky Title (25% chance to cast the skill after suffering damage: Enhances Armor by 12), airship parts (e.g. 10 Rank1 parts or 5 Rank2)
Other cases: Tinkerer Sky title OR battery pack

Right: Traces of some violent explosion Airship Wreckage : 5 Rank2 sky materials, 1 Airship Chip

Fight fire elementals (180k/45/6/12/18): 5000 Relics, Dust Explore1 120px



Cave Grave
Left: Lit with a subtle magic aura Find a wizard's corpse: 10 artifact fragments, Dark Witchcraft Plunder2 120px

Collapsed Statue: 2000 Relics, Ancient Offering Explore3 120px/ Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px.

Fight an enemy (540k/64/32/15/36) :Bone of moon x3, Ancient Offering Explore3 120px

Right: Covered in thorny vines Withered Tree: 3x Heart of Ancient Tree, Dryad's Song Explore1 120px, "Ancient Tree Sage" title.

Huge Plants, Fight (680k/40/40/72/24): 10x Tower Flower, Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px

Bunch of strange plants: 5x Evil Pumpkin, Parasite Plunder3 120px


(Crystals - Light and Dark)

Cave Crystal Light and Dark
Left: Slight noise can be heard once in a while Fight an enemy (980k / 45 / 150 / 15 / 25): Ship materials, Puppet Core Explore3 120px.

Find Broken Puppet: 10x Rank 2 alchemy material and 3x Rank 3 Airship Parts

Right: Strong magic emanates Abandoned Altar: 3000 Relics, Confined Spirit Revenge2 120px, Ancient Sacrifice Sky Title (10/20/30% chance to cast after suffering damage: Luck+50)

Found Enemies (1.3m/136/24/50/60): Ship materials (e.g. 5 Rank3 + 2 Rank4), Hell Scream Revenge4 120px

Broken Magic Formation : Hexagram Revenge3 120px (no title)

Other: Ship materials, Hell Scream Revenge4 120px, Ancient Sacrifice Sky Title (10/20/30% chance to cast after suffering damage: Luck+50)



Cave Boar
Left: Sound of roaring beasts occasionally coming Find an abandoned nest: 3 artifact fragments, Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px

Fierce Wild Beasts, Fight(2m/92/154/56/78): 3 Dragon's Rib, Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px

Tourist's Corpse: Stone Hammer Plunder1 120px + 50k Coins + and Wild Hunter Sky Title (When battle is won, 2% chance to receive random ingredients x3)

Other cases (?): Relic fragments, Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px and Wild Hunter Sky Title

Right: Stains of dried blood Find a withered corpse: Live Specimens Plunder3 120px + 50 Competent Cell

Find an abandoned coffin: 3k Relics Fragments, 10 Mysterious Statue

FIght an enemy (vampires): 5k Relic fragments, Cain's Blood Plunder3 120px


(blue crystal)

Cave Crystal Blue
Left: Emits a faint light Find a candle: Candle Revenge1 120px

Find an abandoned mineral vein: 2 kinds of alchemy materials

Fight elemental creatures (2.45M/118/122/90/100): Alchemy materials, Purified Spirit Explore3 120px

Right: Wooden ladder Crazy old mage: Fight 2,9M 164/72/85/156. Win for 2 Random Gumball Fragments and Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px

Find a collapsed wooden ladder: Log Ladder Plunder1 120px

Find the master's home: some Mysterious Statues, Sun Contract (not sure about chance) and Mistra's Citizens Sky Title (when the battle is won, 1/2/3% chance of receiving: Random Contract x1)



Cave Sea Monster
Left: Big Tentacle lies transversely Find a wizened tentacle : Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px

Pirate' treasure:15 Mysterious Staue, 30k Coins, and 1 gem

Fight a tentacle (3.45M/148/172/67/148): Food and Perfect Enhancement Explore4 120px

Right: Sounds of crashing waves Bone Cross Plunder2 120px or Navigator Sky Title (Probability of Special event discovery +5%) or

Find a ship's wreckage: 3k Relics Fragments , 30k Coins

FIght an enemy(4M, 193/172/88/122) : 5k Relics Fragments, Tidal Force Plunder4 120px

Find a sailor's remains: 10k coins, Bone Cross Plunder2 120px AND Navigator Sky Title (Probability of Special event discovery +5%)

701+ or 801+

(green crystal)

Cave Crystal Green
Left: Old experiment table Find a manuscript:

Bandage Revenge1 120px and Crazy Scientist Sky Title. (Launch probability of all combo skills +2/4/6%)

Other cases: Fairy Wings runestone, fight 4,700,000 186/163/110/169 (or no fight lvl 860)

Right: Magic aura both of light and darkness Find many fragments of a mirror: Magic Mirror Fragments Plunder2 120px

Find a cluster of magic crystal: 100 magic crystal, 1 G



Cave Vines
Left: "Crackling" sound of working machines

Find an airship's wreckage: Rank 2-3 Airship Materials, Airship parts

2000 relic fragments, Ishtar Program Explore3 120px

Right: Covered with all kinds of plants

No Fight: Find a cluster of strange flower buds

2x Immature Flower Bud Explore1 120px Magic Gardener Sky Title (When battle is won, 2% chance of receiving Fruit of World Tree x3),

Fight an enemy (5.9m/230/197/143/160): 20x Fruit of World Tree , Sun Rose Explore4 120px

Magic Gardener Sky Title, 2x Magic Bean Explore1 120px


(traffic cone)

Left: A "chuckle" laughter Fight an enemy (7.3M/206/270/199/155) : 6k relic fragments, Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px

No fight - got Host of Magic Puppet title giving 10/20/30% effects to Wing Planes.

Right: Obstacles have been setup to prevent entry

Find a mechanical device: Memory Elimination Explore4 120px

Find a refugee's corpse: 15 Mysterious Statues, Silenced Pistol Revenge1 120px

Fight (robots) (8M, 225/235/185/200): to obtain a battery & Refuge Explore4 120px

Dog God Statue 100-598 Are you Anubis? Canned Dog Food Explore1 120px
Can you grant me riches? Lucky Coin Explore2 120px or 1 gem
Can you grant me power? 10x Canned Dog Food Explore1 120px
Dragon's Throne 200-527 Ascend the throne If you have any dragon gumball (Red Dragon, Divine Dragon, Holy Dragon, Dark Dragon, Faerie Dragon): 3x 2 Artifact fragments, 50k coins
Destroy Throne Fight an enemy (1.45-1.7M, 80-85 / 124-128 / 108-111 / 36 stats) to obtain 3 artifact fragments, Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px, 100k coins, and 5 gems (first time) / 3 artifact fragments
Drift Bottle of the Garden of Eden 600+ About the Garden of Eden Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px, 60 Electricity
About the Outland War Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px, 60 Gas
About the Outland Exploration Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px, 60 Uranium Ore
Dying Demons 125-499 Kill it Demon's Malice Revenge2 120px, 10 Competent Cell, Demon Hunter Sky Title (Decrease enemy Armor by 3)
Help it With Priest Gumball: Demon's Gift Explore3 120px, artifact fragments
Elevator 800+ Go to B1 10 1-star food, 10 1-star airship parts, 10 Magic Iron, Rubbish Revenge1 120px
Go to B2 Fight an enemy (6.0M, 198 / 235 / 145 / 170) to obtain TS-260 (1000 energy sky robot) or RS-500
Go to B3 Fight an enemy (7.5M, 222-224 / 275 / 185 / 163-170) to obtain 10k relics, 2x S-level inverse plate, 5x subspace core, 1x Energy crystal of Phoebe
Elf Harp 500+ Aoluwei March 1-2 random Aoluwei's Blade gumball fragment(s)
Kanas Waltz 1-2 random Canas' Enlightenment gumball fragment(s)
Ranger Concerto 1-2 random Ranger's Song gumball fragment(s)
Elf's Tree House 0-350 Give him items Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px
Blackmail them If they surrender: 100 Coins or 300 coins
Steal from them Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px, 10 Fruit of World Tree, nothing (if it fails)
Evil God's Grave 300+ Enter the Gate (Level 450 Required) Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px, 50 statues
Destroy the Gate (Level 450+)

Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px, Artifact Frags x10 (e.g. Cloak of Holy Rune Master or Armor of Legendary Hunter), Statues x50, Gems x5 (can be done 2 or 3 times before the gems run out)

1.6 million energy battle, ~63/137/35/90

Destroy the Gate

(Level <450)

Relics x30

Encounters F-M

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Fairy's Well 1 Gem Source of Magic Plunder3 120px or 2-3 Gems or 5 Gems

Also, "The Chosen" Sky Title (Luck +5/10/15)

3 Gems Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px or Morgan's Codex of the Pirates Plunder4 120px or Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px or 10 Gem (Possible to get "The Chosen" Sky Title, fully upgraded to lvl 3, along with runestone or gems)
Fear Mirror 700+ Smash the mirror Fight an enemy (5.4M / 198 / 157 / 175 / 145) to obtain 60 Mysterious Statues, Fear Mirror runestone, and 1 Gem (First X times only)
Imitate yourself in the mirror Magic Mirror (Runestone) runestone
Garbage Incinerator 50-200 Incinerate the waste Dust Explore1 120px
Rummage through the rubbish With Junkman gumball: 800 relics, Rubbish Revenge1 120px, Chance of 1 gem

Otherwise: nothing

Move the incinerator If it fails, 2-3x Rubbish Revenge1 120px
Goblin's Airship Shop Any Let me see Can buy special ship chips for gems (Alastor, Goblin Airship, and Montezuma chips)
Go away! Viper Make the island disappear from your radar
Guillotine 100+ Search 10 Competent Cell + 3 Artifact fragments or 1000 Relics
Confined Soul With Soul Reaper gumball: Confined Spirit Revenge2 120px
Expiate Soul With Holy Dragon or Sage gumball: Purified Spirit Explore3 120px or nothing
Gumball's Grave Any Worship Pot (gumball or golden)
Excavate Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px
Harvan's Magic Puppet 400+ Inject 1 point of Vitality Deplete 1 Vigor and get Broken Magic Puppet Revenge2 120px
Inject all Vitalities Deplete all vigor & chance to get Harvan's Puppet (at least X vigors needed, X=2 or 3) or Harvan's Manuscript Plunder4 120px or Broken Magic Puppet runestone or both runestones.

With 2 vigor: Always a runestone

With X>2 vigor: Chance to get Harvan's Magic Puppet
Note: injected vigor does count towards Let's Exercise if there is an ongoing Alien Merchant event.

Ignore Disappears(No effect)
Hero's Heart 300+ To protect the weak Holy Shield Explore3 120px or Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px, Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To kill your enemies Revenge Whip Revenge1 120px or Demon's Blade Plunder4 120px, Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To stand on top of the world Ares's Blade Plunder4 120px or Strength Plunder2 120px, and Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
High-Energy Bomb 400+ Detonate Bomb (level 550+) Destroy 3-5 random Monster Island and/or Player Airship - cannot destroy rifts, colossus, or post-explore instances. Apparently, no XP or loot is given for the destroyed places.
Destroy the Floating Island Nuclear Bomb Plunder4 120px
Imprisoned Fairy 100-222 Release it Source of Magic Plunder3 120px, Arbitrament of Justice Revenge3 120px
Tear off her wings Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px
Haha! Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px, Gumball Artisan (Max of 3 times and not certain even if below max)
Injured Chess Piece 400+ Chess King Bandage Revenge1 120px
Black and White Queen Winner's Chess Game Plunder3 120px, Sun or Moon Contract
White Chess Bishop Greed Plunder1 120px
Lava Altar 150+ Plucked Out A Tooth Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px or Gorge Plunder2 120px + 30 Competent Cell
Cut Off A Finger Finger of Death Revenge4 120px or Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px (not sure of conditions) + 30 Competent Cell
Gouge Out An Eye Ancient Eye Explore1 120px or Fliamir's Eye Explore2 120px + 30 Competent Cell
Light Crystal 300+ Touch Crystal With Holy Dragon and one of Creator/Sage: Light Force Explore4 120px and Heir of Light Sky Title

With Holy Dragon only: CAN fail and you get nothing.

Take Crystal With Apollo gumball: 5k/50k Relic Fragments, 10k/200k Coins, 0/100/200 Gems, Light Force Explore4 120px, and Heir of Light Sky Title
Lollipop Gumball 700+ Give full compensation -1,000,000 coins, Acquires Lollipop Gumball at the World Tree, If is already obtained: 5x fragments for 3 random gumballs (15 frags total)
Give half of the compensation -500,000 coins. Nothing (note that after acquiring lollipop)
You shall die too Fight the Lollipop Gumball (8.6M, 296 / 250 / 188 / 200) to obtain 2 x 5 fragments for gumballs
Lost Gumball Any Send Away Coins or 1 Gem
Kidnap it Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px or gumball artisan (Max of 3 times)
Magic Furnace Any Smelt Ore Alchemy material items
Extinguish Furnace Dust Explore1 120px, Fire Extinguisher Sky Title (Decrease enemy's Fire by 2)
Magic Shop 200-502 Give it items Magic Missiles Explore1 120px
Blackmail them

If you fight: Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px, contract, materials
Without fighting: Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px, Magic Missiles Explore1 120px, Rainbow Contract and 10k Coins

Steal from them Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px
Mechanical Store 500+ Give it items Pay 2-3 Battery Packs: Receive Tier 1-3 Robot

Possible robots include: TS-260, ...

Blackmail them Fight an enemy(2.55M 127/163/95/60 to obtain a battery & Unlimited Firepower Explore2 120px or EMP Revenge4 120px
Steal from them Nothing / Kaito can give 2x Battery Pack

Encounters N-Q

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Noble Candleholder 600+ Left Candle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px + Sun, Moon or Star contract
Middle Candle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px + 3 Holy Crystal
Right Cangle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px + 10/20/50 Mysterious Statue
(NOTE: If you don't have Hades, Poseidon or Zeus you only receive 1x Odyssey fragment)
501+ Hades If you have Hades:

50x Mysterious Statue, 15x Odyssey fragments, Corner of Disaster Wingman (Relics Excavation), Lord of the Underworld Sky Title

Poseidon If you have Poseidon:

50x Mysterious Statue, 15x Odyssey fragments, Harvest Horn Wingman (Relics Excavation), Lord of Waters Sky Title

Zeus If you have Zeus:

15x Odyssey Fragments, Statue of Divinity (World Tree), The Lord of Heaven Sky Title

Old Clock 800-900 Touch the Clock (950 exploration level) Golden Pot, 10k coins, Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px(chance for Time Wizard dress instead of Golden Pot).
Destroy the clock 1k Relic fragments or 1 battery pack
Old Transmitter 600-700 Try to Operate (750 exploration) Fight an enemy (5.5M, 193 / 251 / 156 / 115) to obtain Battery Pack, 3 4-star Airship Materials, 5 Airship Chips (Random), Miniature Detector wingplane (repeat wins give 1x 4-star Airship Material instead of the wingplane)
Destroy the Transmitter Information Revenge2 120px
Old TV Set (231-482) News Channel Journalist Sky Title (+2 EP per battle)
Entertainment Channel Advertisement Professional Sky Title (-2% special title cost)
Adult Channel Recover 1 - 3 vigor
One-way Portal

(cannot be monitored)

200+ Drive in when fluctuation is weaker Reduce exploration level by 30-50?
Drive in when fluctuation is stronger Increase exploration level by 30-50
Destroy Portal Materials
Oriental Shrine 800+ Give her items 20 gems: Geisha costume

35k coins: Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px

Blackmail them Fight an enemy: 5.8 mil HP; 190,190,160,160

Rewards: 5000 Coins, Star/Moon Contract, chance for Victory runestone, (Chance of?) Ancient Ritual Offering (once)

Steal them Bone Ash Plunder2 120px or Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px
Pain Tester 700+ Common Mode -1 vigor, +1 coin, Survivor Sky Title
Super Mode -3 vigor, +100 coin, Survivor Sky Title (start at rank 2)
Hell Mode -5 Vigor, +1 Gem, Survivor Sky Title (start at rank 3)
Penguin Statue 200+ Upright 500 coins and Hypocrite Sky Title (Decreases the enemy's Luck by 2)
Innovation 500 coins and Imitator Sky Title (2% chance of random Plunder runestone on victory)
Fair 500 coins and Fraud Sky Title (+1 all attributes)

(cannot be monitored)

200+ I need Airship Chip Airship chip x3 or x5
I need Gumball Fragment Random gumball fragment x3 or x5

Confirmed possible gumballs : Goblin, Checkers, ...

I need Gems 30 Gem the first time; 20k coins, 1 battery pack or 1000 Relic Fragments other times
Pharaoh's Cave 100-350 Red Button Alchemy ingredients (ex: 15x Dark Steel / 3x Eternal Gold / ...)
Blue Button Heka's Scepter Explore2 120px
Green Button Alchemy ingredients (ex 15x Soul Crystal)
Pyramid 200+ Take scepter away Fight 30/60/24/36 600,000 power enemy, win to get 2000 relics, 20 statues, and Heka's Scepter Explore2 120px
Imprint rubbing

If you have Archaeologist gumball receive Finger of Death Revenge4 120px

Encounters R-S

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Replicant of Vosebarker 801+ Increasse combat ability RG-800C/RS-500 Robot
Optimise airship 5x (Selected?) airship chips (Checked(works) - All Space Rift airships, Gumball, Void Stingray, Hovering, Traveler, Yamato, Knights of the Round, Universal Master, UFO, Overlord, Arcane Snail, Behemoth's Claw Not works - Alastor, Cube, The Sixth Heaven, Star Destroyer)
Assault it Battle (10,000,000 energy, 305/220/200/275 win to get??? A random bomb wingplane (3 available)
Robot Cultivation Furnace 200-300 Unlock Cultivation Furnace

(Level 350 required)

Can receive a 4 star robot (No.18), a 3 star robot, or robot parts (Airship parts, e.g. 6 Rank 4 parts).
Destroy Cultivation Furnace Airship parts
Robot Production Line

Options are ordered by the robot rank

600+ RS-500 Option to craft "RS-500" Robot (2500 energy) - requires 4x TS-260 Robots
Eden Guard Type II Option to craft "Eden Guard Type II" Robot (2500 energy) - requires 3x Eden Guard Type I Robots
RG-800A Option to craft "RG-800A" Robot (6,000 Energy, Speed +1) - requires 4x RS-500 Robots
RG-800B Option to craft "RG-800B" Robot (6,000 Energy, Fire +1) - requires 4x RS-500 Robots
RG-800C Option to craft "RG-800C" Robot (6,000 Energy, Armor +1) - requires 4x RS-500 Robots
RG-800D Option to craft "RG-800D" Robot (6,000 Energy, Luck +1) - requires 4x RS-500 Robots
Destruction Doll Option to craft "Destruction Doll" Robot (15,000 Energy, Fire+3) - requires 4x Curse Doll Robots (From Voodoo Doll, Sky Exploration 700+)
Enhanced-Version Car Option to craft "Enhanced-Version Car" Robot (+15000 Energy, Speed +2, Luck +1) - requires 3x RG-800A and 1x Car Robot (From City of Steam)
Enhanced-Version Puppet Option to craft "Enhanced-Version Puppet" (Energy +15000, Armor +2, Fire +1). Consumes RG-800B x3 and Puppet Robot (From City of Steam)
Enhanced-Version Truck Option to craft "Enhanced-Version Truck " (+15000 Energy, Fire +2, Armor +2) - requires 3x RG-800C and 1x Wagon Robot (From City of Steam)
Enhanced-Version Sonne Option to craft "Enhanced-Version Sonne" (+15000 Energy, Luck +2, Armor +1) - requires 3x RG-800D and 1x Sonny Robot (From City of Steam)
Giant Spider Option to craft "Giant Spider" (Energy +15000, Speed +2, Fire +1). Requires 4x Mechanical Spider (from City of Steam)
Gold Dragon Whelp Option to craft "Gold Dragon Whelp" (Energy +15000, Fire +2, Luck +1), consumes 4x Baby Dragon (hatch Strange Egg)
Eden Guard Type IV Option to craft "Eden Guard Type IV" (Energy +15000, Armor +2, speed +1), consumes 3 Eden Guard Type III
Astana's Saint Projection Option to craft "Astana's Saint Projection" (+30000 Energy, Armor +2, Luck +2, Fire +1, When winning the exploration battle, additionally recieve 2 sky EP) - consumes Astana's Dark Projection and Astana's Light Projection (From Astana's Projection, Sky Exploration Level 900+)
Gold Walle Option to craft "Gold Walle" (+30000 Energy, Armor +2, Luck +3, After winning plundering battle, receive additional 100 Fragments) - consumes WALL-F, WSG-2000, WSG-2001, and WSG-2002
Virginia's Night Projection Option to craft "Virginia's Night Projection" (Energy +30000, Speed +2, Luck +2, Fire +1, Reduces enemy's fire by 3) - requires 4 "Virginia's Consciousness" (From Aioria's Statue, Sky Exploration Level 900+)
Vosebarker's Perfect Replication Option to craft "Vosebarker's Perfect Replication" (Energy +30000, Fire +2, Armor +2, Speed +1, Increase occurrence probability of wingman by 20%) - requires 4 "Vosebarker's Self-Copy" (From Vosebarker's Treasury, Sky Exploration Level 1100)
Magic Rudolph Option to craft "Magic Rudolph" (+15 000 Energy, Speed +2, Luck +1) - requires Reindeer, 8 Mechanical Snowman
Eden Hunter Type III Option to craft "Eden Hunter Type III" (Energy +6000, Fire +1) - requires 3 Eden Hunter Type II
Eden Hunter Type IV Option to craft "Eden Hunter Type IV" - requires 3 Eden Hunter Type III
Destroy the production line Destroys the production line completely, provides random Rank 1-2 ship materials
Sealed Door 100-200 Open the gate

(Level 250 required)

Hexagram Revenge3 120px, contract
Destroy Gate Shatter the door : 20 Soul Crystal , 2000 Relics

Battle (Requires level less than 250) (1.5M / 108 / 144 / 88 / 72) If you win you get 1 Golden pot, 100.000 gold, Barbatos's Mechanical Toy, 1 Sun Contract

Sealed Jar 900+ Open the jar Reward depends on number of times ignored:

0 Ignore Counter: 100,000 coins

1 Ignore Counter: ??? Coins, Gumball Pots

2 Ignore Counter: 150k Coins, 5 Gumball Pots, 1 Gem (first 20 times only), Ancient Ritual Offering (once)

3+ Ignore Counter: Triggers battle (8.3M energy/255/205/180/240). Success: Coins, Gold Pots, Sealed Devil Robot (available 1x)

Ignore Ignore Counter +1
Sky Pirate's Smithy 200+ Give it items Artifact fragments x15
Blackmail them Fight: 990k Battle; win to get 3000 Relics and 5 artifact fragments
Steal from them If you succeed: Legendary Iron Hammer Plunder3 120px or 5 artifact fragments
Smuggler's Camp 200-300 Give items Pay Sky Materials: 10x Rank1 or 2x Rank3 : Morgan's Codex of the Pirates Plunder4 120px
Blackmail them Fight an enemy (0.5M / 55 / 19-22 / 35 / 48) to obtain 1k Relic fragments and a Treasure Map Explore3 120px
Steal from them Chance to steal Morgan's Codex of the Pirates Plunder4 120px or, with Kaito help, Treasure Map Explore3 120px
Statue of Giant Sword 100+ Sharpness that cuts through all things Sawtooth Sword Plunder1 120px, Executioner Sky Title (when enemy energy lower than 20%, 10 % chance instant victory)
The courage to go straight ahead Courage Explore2 120px, Cannon Fodder Sky Title (Energy +3000)
Tenacious and Unyielding Will Willpower Revenge1 120px, Major Felon Sky Title (Armor +2)
Steel Gate 300+ Walk into the door

If you have Dwarf King: airship parts and Legendary Iron Hammer Plunder3 120px

If you have Blacksmith: runestone

Destroy steel gate Fight 1360k 112/90/75/28 battle for airship parts & random Air Chip
Strange Babboon 600+ Accept Inheritance Requires 3-5 additional Colossus defeated (based on the current number) - 30 Fruit of World Tree and Child of the Forest Sky Title
Assault It Fight an enemy (3.48M) to obtain 10 Fruit of World Tree and Chieftain's Totem Revenge3 120px
Dr.Strange 801+ Help him Opens an upgrade manual with options relating to the four Behemoth ships. These require behemoth chips, crystals, and relics. If you have at least one of the Eden ships then one stat for a Behemoth ship can be permanently upgraded. In case no Eden ships are available no upgrades can't be done at all. If you completed Behemoth ship - receive 3 Universe Alloy MAC and 50 Mysterious Statue
Ignore ?
Strange Egg 500-600 Hatch it (Level 650 required) Fight a dragon (3.9M, 155 / 152 / 150 / 100):

Baby Dragon (sky robot, 6000 Energy, Stat +1, available 4x.) After all 4 robots are acquired get: 150x Competent Cell. Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px

Destroy it

Fight a dragon (3.9M, 153-155 / 155 / 150 / 100): 150x Competent Cell and Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px.

Succubus Hut 200-465 Give her coins Coin -50,000, Gumball Artisan (Max of 3 times) and Succubus's Kiss Revenge3 120px
Blackmail Succubus 30k coins
Inform Inspection Team Fewer coins

Encounters T-Z

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
The Replicant of Vosebarker 800+ Help me enhance combat capability Receive random (1* or 2* or 3*) robot
Help me optimize the airship 5 random(selected) airship chips
Assault him Battle (10,000,000 energy, 305 Fire/220 Armor/200 Speed/275 Luck
Trade Caravan's Camel 200-700 Please it! Airship materials or battery pack or food
Rob it! Battle: (720k energy opponent) that rewards of Airship materials (6 rank1 + 3 rank2) + battery pack + Chieftain's Totem Revenge3 120px.

Frightened : 3 one star Airship materials.

Tree Fully Hung With Presents 200-628 Open the small gift box 20,000 coins, Treasure Map Explore3 120px(sometimes)
Open the big gift box Nothing or 50k gold
Open All Battle (1.43-1.65M, 108-128 / 42-45 / 88-100 / 66-85): Treasure Map Explore3 120px, 5 artifact fragments, 50k gold, and 3 Gem (limited)
Turtle Master 500-600 Accept the inheritance : Require to close 3-5 + N additional rifts. Where N is the amount of rifts currently on your radar. 50x Mysterious Statues, Martial Artist Sky Title
Assault it! Battle 3.2m energy, Reward 15 Mysterious Statues, Ares's Blade Plunder4 120px
Vagrant Tent 600+ Give alms to the vagrant 5 Gems (Requires Junkman): Junkman Rare Dress, 3k Coins: Gumball Pot/Golden Pot
Blackmail the vagrant 2x Rank 1-2 Food + 5 Coins
Inform Inspection Team Nothing
Voodoo Doll 700+ Ordinary Doll RS-500, TS-260, or Curse Doll Robot
Voodoo Curse Item Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px
Specimen Made of Living Person Live Specimens Plunder3 120px
Vosebarker's Treasury 900+ Open the treasury (req. 1100 ex. level) 100 Statues, Rank 3-4 Airship Materials, Battery Packs, Ancient Ritual Offering (once)
Destroy the Gate 50 relic fragments(1100-) or Battle 12M (345/255/220/280) to obtain 30k relics, 2-5 battery packs and Vosebarker's Self-Copy robot (6k, fire +1)
Wall-F 300-400 Pronunciation:Adam Nothing Happens
Pronunciation:Eve WALL-F robot (maybe a gumball requirement) or 2-3 battery packs
Directly Destroy It Rank 1-3 Airship Materials
Weird Wooden Plate 0-300

536, 593

Excavate Battle (200K) to obtain 2000 relics and Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px
Leave the floating island Law Abiding Citizen Sky Title
Witchcraft Store 700+ Give her items Pay 10 Holy Crystal, 20 Arcane Crystal, or 40 Soul Crystal: Dark Witchcraft Plunder2 120px, Arcane Missile Explore3 120px
Blackmail the psychic Battle (4.5M / 173 / 157 / 135 / 130) Reward: 3 runestones, 1x 2*, 1x 3*, 1x4*. 4* is Tidal Force Plunder4 120px
Steal the psychic Chance of getting Moon/Sun Contract
Wishing Fountain 100-400 Take coins away Lucky Coin Explore2 120px
Fetch spring water Fairy Spring x15
Drop in a coin Gem x1 the first time, then artifact fragments, airship materials, rainbow contract, Lucky Star Sky Title or nothing.
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