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This page regroups Lore and interesting quotes gathered through specific Sky Exploration Events. For practical effects and rewards, see Sky Exploration Events.

Encounter Intro & Options Lore
Drift Bottle of the Garden of Eden About the Garden of Eden "...The Garden of Eden was built nearly thirty thousand years ago. There is no doubt that its creator is not of our plane. In terms of science or spells, their civilization is far more advanced than ours. (For example, we take Timestill as the ultimate magic, but in their records, they ave magic of at least four levels above it.) For hundreds of years, we never have stopped the reverse study of the Garden of Eden. And with what we learnt, we have built the miracle city--Erathia. Yet, what we know about the Garden of Eden is just a drop of water within an ocean of knowledge.
About the Outland War "... Since the birth of outland civilization, the war has never stopped. What we usually mention is the war that took place within the vicinity of Beta galaxy, around the recent fifty thousand years or so.

According to the record in the control center of the Garden of Eden, four sides were involved in that war. The total number of fleets exceeded fifty million. This war lasted for three hundred years, led to the destruction of sixteen stellar systems and the extinction of three civilizations..."

About the Outland Exploration "...Outland is an extremely vast space that has no boundary. Your exploration range depends on your own scientific and technological capabilities.

According to the record in the control center of the Garden of Eden, when in the Outland, you can find the gods of ectopic-plane who walk among the void, and also void behemoth as big as a planet. There are well-developed magical civilization and also mechanical civilization composed wholly of metal. Out there, one person's strength is immeasurably small, even a powerful fleet can't do as they wish. In conclusion, it is a place filled with danger and unexpected opportunities..."

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