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These below is a complete sorted overview of Special Events (Sky) choice encounters which occur randomly when exploring islands. See Notable Sky Exploration Events for a more concise list.

These encounters give you two or more choices that have different effects, for the single choice items you may refer to the Sky Sundries, or to the navigator above.

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Events sorted by Encounters:[]

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Encounter Approx. Level Options
Abandoned Cauldron
Abandoned Cauldron.png
900+ Ankheg Juiced With Chef: Ankheg Juice Plunder4 120px.png + 100 Competent Cells
Eyeball Sashimi With Chef: Eyeball Sashimi (Wing Plane) + 3 Statue (chance, one time)

100 Competent Cells + Fliamir's Eye Explore2 120px.png (guaranteed after getting wing plane)

Goblin's Toe Kebab With Chef: Goblin's Toe Kebab Revenge4 120px.png + 100 Competent Cells
Abandoned Laser Cannon
Abandoned Laser Cannon.png
900+ Charge Uses 1 Battery Pack to either refill to 6/6 energy
OR Explodes, giving 5x Energy Furnace Shard, Overload Plunder3 120px.png
Fire Uses 1 energy to Destroy the nearest Monster Island or Space Rift (cannon disappears if energy reaches 0)
Destroy it Gain Battery Pack, 10x Subspace Core
Aioria's Statue
The Statue of Death.png
900+ Promise him Fight lady Virginia F300 A300 S250 L270 /E12.8M

Rewards: 3 Gumball Pot + 1 Contract + 1x Virginia's Consciousness (Robot, limited to once for each of the 4 robots)
Night Lady skills:

  • Nightmare: after attack, average chance, Seals you for 1 round
  • Dark Devour: after suffering damage, very frequent, deal 20% of main cannon's damage, heal self for 30% of your max Energy
Refuse him Fight (Aioria) F250 A205 S250 L150 /E7.8M to obtain:

80 Statue + Aioria's Soul Fragments Robot (once)

Do you ever forget vengeance? nothing
Ancient Detection Device
Ancient Detection Device.png
801+ See Ancient Detection Device for specific details all options appear to offer the same range of rewards.
Ancient Drift Bottle
Drift Bottle.png
301+ Reply Letter Bone Ash Plunder2 120px.png, Moon, Star, or Rainbow Contracts
Throw away the drift bottle Win against Skeletons F109 A59 S43 L18 /E1.05M: Bone Ash Plunder2 120px.png, Cursed Knight title (Reduced attributes, bonus EP on reset)
Ancient Electrical Device
Defense System.png
501+ Pull down the lever on the left Recover Radar's battery by 3-5 points
Pull down the lever on the right Recover Radar's battery by 1-7 points
Destroy the device Airship Materials (10 Rank2 or 5 Rank3)

Or 3 random Airship Chip. (10% chance)

Ancient Lab Table
Ancient Lab Table.png
101+ Concoct Potion With Pharmacist: Wraith's Mixed Potion, Mixture of Light and Dark, and Pharaoh's Mixture
Alchemy With Alchemist gumball: Arcane Missile Explore3 120px.png, Serenade Revenge3 120px.png or Hunting Net Plunder3 120px.png
Ancient Rose
Ancient Rose.png
900+ Irrigation Increases irrigation counter (required for better "Pick the Flower" results)
Pick the Flower After 5 irrigations can receive Rose Dress fashion for Sunflower.

If you already have the fashion:
0 irrigation - Immature Flower Bud Explore1 120px.png
1+ irrigation - Sun Rose Explore4 120px.png

Ancient Stone Pillar
Ancient Stone Pillar.png
601+ Note: This encounter can only appear on the Beta server.
I want a Gumball ...
I want the airship ...
I want the gene ...
Ancient Stone Table
Ancient Stone Table.png
1+ Read Magic Book Chanter title and one of the following:

Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px.png, Ancient Eye Explore1 120px.png, Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px.png

Remove stone table Statue, 10k Coins
Destroy stone table 500 Relics
Ancient Supply Depot
Ancient Supply Depot.png

(Cannot be monitored)

201+ Activate Radar energy restored, or nothing
Destroy Rank 1 Airship Materials
Ancient Terminal
Contact Terminal.png
1-100 Try to operate

(Level 150 required)

Ishtar Program Explore3 120px.png, 5000 Relics
Destroy Terminal 6x Tesla Circuit + 3x Ancient Circuit Component
Ancient Totem
Magic Totem.png
Any Worship Totem 500 Relics + Rainbow Contract or

1,000 Relics + Star Contract

Inject Power Shaman's Totem Revenge1 120px.png or Chieftain's Totem Revenge3 120px.png
Remove Totem Shaman title (Fire +2)
Ancient Training Camp
201+ Power 5 Melee Artifact fragments, Strength Plunder2 120px.png, Hercules title (Fire+3)
Wisdom 5 Magic Artifact fragments, Wisdom Explore2 120px.png, Erudite title (Speed +3)
Courage 5 Adventure Artifact fragments, Courage Explore2 120px.png, The Fearless title (Armor +3)
Anonymous Grave
Anonymous Grave.png
701+ Worship (tracks previous worships) 0: 1 Artifact Fragment, 1500 Relics

1-2: 1500 Relics, 1 artifact fragment
4-8: 3000 Relics, 2 artifact fragment
10-29: 5000 Relics, 3 artifact fragment
30: 20 Statue, 1 Gem
Worship > 30 times gives 1 gem per worship (99 gem cap)

Excavate 1-5: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px.png, 5 artifact fragment, 5,000 Relics

10: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px.png, 20 artifact fragment, 200,000 Relics
30: Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px.png, 300 Statue, 2 Ancient Ritual Offering, 30 Gem

Artwork Store
Artwork Store.png
600+ Give him items 10 Gem: Sunflower Painting (World Tree) Add 5k rewards coins for sign-in

20 Gem: Night Cafe Painting (World Tree) Add 10k rewards in coins for sign-in
30 Gem: A Starry Night Painting (World Tree) 10% chance of receiving 1 extra gem when signing in
50k Coins: Artwork Explore3 120px.png

Blackmail them Counterfeit Explore2 120px.png, 30k or 60k Coins
Steal them Nothing or Counterfeit Explore2 120px.png
Astana's Projection
Astana's Projection.png
900+ I want to get knowledge 1 Moon or Sun Contract, Wisdom Explore2 120px.png
I want to get wealth 20k Coins OR 20 Gem (rare, one time only)
Assault him Battle F280 A335 S215 L270 /E12M

20K Relics, Light Force Explore4 120px.png, Dark Force Revenge4 120px.png, Saint's Dress fashion for Priest and one of:

Astana's Projection combo skills:

  • Light Well: after suffering damage, infrequent, luck +25, heal for 12% of max energy
  • Dark Ceremony: after attack, average chance, deal 50% of main cannon's damage

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Bizarre Tree
Bizarre Tree.png
700-800 Pick the fruit (req 850 exploration) World Tree Gumball dress, 1000 Fruit of World Tree

150 or 100/50/10 Fruit of World Tree if you already have the dress. The amount obtained is based on if the fruit is picked at exactly 850 exploration (150 or 100) or after.

Destroy the Floating Island 1 Heart of Ancient Tree
Bloodstained Room
Gloomy Room.png
1+ Read parchment Klein's Blood Plunder1 120px.png or Cain's Blood Plunder3 120px.png, The Fallen title (All Attributes +1)
Search test stand Materials, either:
Search corpse 10 Competent Cells
Bloody Colosseum
300+ Toss:Elf Bet 50k Coins: If you win get your 100k Coins
Toss:Ogre Bet 50k Coins: If you win get your 100k Coins
I want to be on the arena If you have Gladiator and Spartan:

Lose: Gumball Pot and 10k Coins Win: Golden Pot, 100k Coins, and Champion Gladiator title (Fire +8/16/24)

If you have one of the two mentioned Gumballs you will have your application rejected but still receive a runestone.

Bloody Cellar
Bloody Cellar.png
500+ Enter the cellar Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px.png
Toss a Coin 1 Gumball Pot or 1 Golden Pot (limited to 3 times)
Move the wooden ladder Log Ladder Plunder1 120px.png
Broken Statue
Broken Statue.png
1+ Extraordinary arm strength Stone Hammer Plunder1 120px.png
Perfectly Proficient Skill Candle Revenge1 120px.png
Pursuit of Perfection Statue and Ingenuity title (When the battle is won, 2% chance of receiving: Random Airship Materialsx3)
Burning Sword
Burning Sword.png
1001+ Weaken the Flame Increases counter
Draw Sword Depends on number of iterations
Flame Wraith.png

0: Battle F415 A412 S420 L450 /E18M - buffed Flaming Sword (Wing Plane), Sun Contract and Flame Storm Plunder4 120px.png
1: Battle F386 A389 S394 L424 /E16.6M - Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png, Sun Contract and Flaming Sword (Wing Plane)
2: Battle F354 A357 S362 L392 /E15.2M - Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png, Sun Contract and Flaming Sword (Wing Plane)
3: Battle F336 A339 S344 L374 /E13.8M -
4: Battle F315 A315 S320 L350 /E12.4M -
5: Battle F300 A290 S295 L325 /E11.0M - Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png, Sun Contract and Flaming Sword (Wing Plane)
6+: Battle F286 A289 S294 L324 /E11.0M -

Combo skills:
Spiritual Shoot

  • Start of round 1, always
  • Debuffs: Fire -60, Armor -60, Paralyzes for 30% (1 round)

Lava Blow:

  • Replace Attack, frequently
  • Deals 80% of main cannon's damage in Armor Piercing mode (your armor counts for 0)

Burning Realm:

  • After suffering damage, always
  • Heal for 14% of max energy, buffs: Armor +20, Fire +20, Speed +20, Luck +20

Encounter Approx. Level Options
801+ Irrigation (tracks previous watering) Increases irrigation count
Pick the flower After 5 irrigations, receive Calendula Dress fashion for Cactus

If you already have the fashion:
0 irrigation - Immature Flower Bud Explore1 120px.png
1+ irrigation - Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px.png

Chemical Store
Goblin's Lab.png
900+ Give him items Gem: Goblin Ware I (World Tree) (All gumballs' Attack +1)

10 Gem: Goblin Ware II (All gumballs' Attack and Power +1)
15 Gem: Goblin Ware III (All gumballs' Attack and Power +1, Defense +1)
(note: each upgrade replaces the previous one)
75k Coins: Perfect Enhancement Explore4 120px.png, Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px.png and Goblin Compounds Revenge3 120px.png runestones

Blackmail the goblin Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px.png and/or Goblin Compounds Revenge3 120px.png
Steal the goblin Chance of: Battery Packs, Synthetic Plasma Plunder3 120px.png or Goblin Compounds Revenge3 120px.png
Christmas Hut
Christmas Hut.png
901+ Give him items Pay 500k Relics: Receive a robot
Blackmail Santa Claus Mechanical Snowman (2.5k Robot)
Inform Inspection Team Fight - F270 A215 S166 L154 /E7.2M - 2-3 Battery Packs, 3 Greed Plunder1 120px.png
Concealed Altar
Desert Altar.png
201+ Inject Blood 3-5x Holy Blood
Inject Power Ancient Offering Explore3 120px.png
Inject Crystal Crystal Materials (e.g. Holy Crystal)
Crystal of Fire
Pillar of Fire - Inactive.png
400+ Touch Crystal If you have Phoenix or Hellfire: Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png and Fire Wizard title (Burning effect +10%, Main Cannon's Power +5%)
Take Crystal If you have Phoenix: Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png, 2000 Relics, 5000 Coins, Fire Wizard title (see above), and 10 Gem (1x)
Crystal of Water
Pillar of Water - Inactive.png
501+ Touch Crystal If you have Kraken Captain or Water Elemental or Merman: Tidal Force Plunder4 120px.png and Water Wizard title (10% chance to cast the skill after suffering damage: Enhances 6% of Energy)
Take Crystal If you have Poseidon: 10,000 Relics, Tidal Force Plunder4 120px.png, 20,000 Coins, 200 Gem (1st time), and Water Wizard title

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Dark Crystal
Pillar of Dark - Inactive.png
601+ Touch Crystal With Demon or Dark Dragon: Dark Force Revenge4 120px.png and Heir of Darkness title (Armor and Speed +3/6/9)
Take Crystal With Hades:
Dave's Grocery
Dave's Cottage.png
101+ Give him items Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px.png
Blackmail them Fight an enemy to obtain 3 kinds of ingredient items (e.g. 15 R1 food + 10 R2 food + 5 R3 food )
Steal from them Ingredients eg. 40 Magic Beans or a Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px.png or get nothing
Desire Mirror
Desire Mirror.png
801+ Smash the Mirror Magic Mirror Fragments Plunder2 120px.png
Imitate Yourself Fight an enemy: F190 A222 S160 L205 /E6.8M to obtain 60 Statue, Desire Mirror Plunder4 120px.png and 1 Gem (first X times only)
Divination House
Divination House.png
1101+ Give him items Request: 50k Relics

Reward: Fate Explore4 120px.png, Son of Fate title (At the start of turn 20% chance to trigger: Increase a random attribute by 5)

Extort fortune teller Fight Fortune Teller: F330 A312 S275 L343 /E13.5M - 1 Moon Contract or 1 Sun Contract or 1 Ancient Ritual Offering (limited 3x)


  • Shadow Word: replaces attack, frequently, deals 140% of main cannon's damage and Seal you for 1 round.
  • Fate: after attack, always, +25 to all his stats
Inform inspection team Banner Plunder1 120px.png
Dog God Statue
101+ Are you Anubis? Canned Dog Food Explore1 120px.png
Can you grant me riches? Lucky Coin Explore2 120px.png or 1 Gem (limited)
Can you grant me power? 10x Canned Dog Food Explore1 120px.png
1001+ Go in and sublime spirit WillpowerRevenge1 120px.png + Subliming Master title (When the battle is won, 100% chance to receiving: Sky EPx2/x4/x6)
Go in and debate truth Truth Master title (Armor +2, Fire +2) and

either: 1x Golden Pot (limited to 5 times) or 2x Gumball Pot (afterward)

Challenge Fight Curator - F373 A348 S381 L348 /E15.6M - Leadership +1 (limit 1), Invincible Plunder4 120px.png

Curator's skills:

  • Martial skill's Quintessence: after attack, always (?), deals 60% of main cannon's damage, Debuff: Weakens you for 1 round
  • Wrath Burst: after suffering damage, always (?), Heal self for 15% of its Max Energy, Buff: Fire +40
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange2.png
801+ Help him Opens an upgrade manual with options relating to the four Behemoth ships. These require behemoth chips, crystals, and relics. If you have at least one of the Eden ships then one stat for a Behemoth ship can be permanently upgraded. Receive 20 Statue after each upgrade. Final upgrade will give you Behemoth Control Center and the Behemoth Airship directly at 6 stars.

If you already own Behemoth ship, receive 3 Universe Alloy MAC and 50 Statue

Ignore Encounter removed from current radar
Dragon's Throne
Dragon's Throne.png
401+ Ascend the throne If you have any dragon gumball (Red Dragon, Divine Dragon, Holy Dragon, Dark Dragon, Faerie Dragon): 3x 2 Artifact fragments, 50k Coins
Destroy Throne Fight Shadow Dragon F85 A128 S36 L111 /E1.7M to obtain Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px.png, 100k Coins and 5 Gem (limited to 3 times) / 3 artifact fragments

Shadow Dragon skills:

  • Dragon Wing Blow : replaces attack, average change, deals 120% of main cannon's damage with armor piercing
  • Roar: after suffering damage, infrequent, Fire +20 and heal self for 18% of current energy
Drift Bottle of the Garden of Eden
Drift Bottle - Red.png
600+ About the Garden of Eden Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px.png, 60 Electricity
About the Space War Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px.png, 60 Gas

(See related Lore)

About the Space Exploration Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px.png, 60 Uranium Ore
Dying Demons
Dying Demons.png
101+ Kill it Demon's Malice Revenge2 120px.png, 10 Competent Cells, Demon Hunter title (Decrease enemy Armor by 3)
Help it With Priest Gumball: Demon's Gift Explore3 120px.png, 10 Magic Artifact fragments

Encounter Approx. Level Options
Elder Angler
1101+ Buy Fish Pay 50k Coins for Tranquility Explore3 120px.png (At the start of the turn, 100% chance to trigger: Energy increased (15% of self energy)) or 3 Gem (limited to ? times)
Ask for advice Wisdom Explore2 120px.png (Luck +10, When battle begins 30% change of Activation: Main cannon +60%)

Angler title. When the battle is won, 1/2/3% chance of receiving 10 Competent Cells

Borrow Fishing Tackles One of: 50k Coins, Mech Flying Fish (Robot), 50 Fruit of World Tree , Rubbish Revenge1 120px.png, 50 Competent Cells, 30 Statue, Cultivation Accelerator (30m)
Blocked Gate.png
800+ Go to B1 10 1-star food, 10 1-star airship parts, 10 Magic Iron, Rubbish Revenge1 120px.png
Go to B2 Fight an enemy F198 A235 S145 L170 /E6M to obtain TS-260 or RS-500
Go to B3 Fight an enemy F222-224 A275 S185 L163-170 /E7.5M to obtain 10k Relics, 2x Rank 3 Airship Materials, 5x Rank 2 Airship Materials, 1x Energy Crystal
Elf Harp
Elf Harp.png
501+ Aoluwei March 1-2 random Aoluwei's Blade Gumball Fragment
Canas Waltz 1-2 random Canas' Enlightenment Gumball Fragment
Ranger Concerto 1-2 random Ranger's Song Gumball Fragment
Elf's Tree House
Elf's Tree House.png
0-350 Give him items Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px.png
Blackmail them If they surrender: 100 or 300 Coins
Steal from them Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px.png, 10 Fruit of World Tree, nothing (if it fails)
Evil God's Grave
Evil God's Grave.png
300+ Enter the Gate (Level 450 Required) Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px.png, 50 Statue
Destroy the Gate

(under Level 450)

30 Relics
Destroy the Gate (Level 450) Battle: F~63 A137 S35 L90 /E1.6M

Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px.png, Artifact Frags x10, 50 Statue, 5 Gem (can be done 2 or 3 times before the gems run out)

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Fairy's Well
Fairy's Well.png
301+ 1 Gem The Chosen title (Luck +5/10/15) + one of:
3 Gems The Chosen title at max rank (Luck +15) + one of:

Each of the results has roughly the same chance of happening.

Fear Mirror
Fear Mirror.png
700+ Smash the mirror Fight an enemy F200 A160 S175 L145 /E5.4M to obtain 60 Statue, Fear Mirror Revenge4 120px.png, and 1 Gem (First X times only)
Imitate yourself in the mirror Magic Mirror Fragments Plunder2 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Garbage Incinerator
Heavy Factory.png
Any Incinerate the waste Dust Explore1 120px.png
Rummage through the rubbish With Junkman: 800 Relics, Rubbish Revenge1 120px.png, Chance of 1 Gem

Otherwise: nothing

Move the incinerator If it fails, 2-3x Rubbish Revenge1 120px.png
Giant Toad
Giant Toad.png
1100+ Feed Give 20 of a Rank 4 Food - Increase feed counter
Follow me 0 counters: Giant Toad ignores you

1 counter: Giant Toad Blood Plunder4 120px.png (Armor +150, immune to poison)
5 counters: - Giant Toad Higher Clone Gene

Goblin Shop
Goblin Shop.png
Any Let me see Can buy special ship chips (Alastor, Goblin Airship, and Montezuma chips) and energy crystals for gems.

With Hall of Overseeing repaired, you can also buy Geo Apprentice's bag and Geo Master's bag for gems.
3 Batteries each time you spend a lot(did it with 3 88gem items, can be over multiple visits)

Go away! Viper Make the island disappear from your radar
100+ Search 10 Competent Cells + 3 Artifact fragments or 1000 Relics
Confined Soul With Soul Reaper: Confined Spirit Revenge2 120px.png
Expiate Soul With Holy Dragon or Sage: Purified Spirit Explore3 120px.png or nothing
Gumball's Grave
Gumball's Grave.png
Any Worship Golden Pot or Gumball Pot
Excavate Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Haunted House
1101+ Stay +1-3 Vigor + Panicker title (Luck -5, Special event trigger chance +5%)
Exorcise Fight an enemy (3 waves):

F199 A191 S199 L247 /E6.8m
F234 A162 S211 L266 /E7.8m
F239 A239 S229 L289 /E8.8m
Star contract or Moon Contract, 5x Magic Artifacts fragments, 5k Relics and 50k Coins

Enemies Combos:

  • Evil Spirit Curse
  • Cursed Road
Communicate with ghosts Requires reaching +150 Exploration Level. Receive Spirit Jade - Exoricist trial item (3 pearls + Soul Blade dress) (once) + Power of Specters Revenge4 120px.png
Harvan's Magic Puppet
Harvan's Magic Puppet (Sitting).png
400+ Inject 1 point of Vitality Deplete 1 Vigor and get Broken Magic Puppet Revenge2 120px.png
Inject all Vitalities Deplete all vigor & chance to get Harvan's Magic Puppet (10 Vigor) or Harvan's Manuscript Plunder4 120px.png or Broken Magic Puppet Revenge2 120px.png or both.


  • Injected vigor does count towards Let's Exercise if there is an ongoing Alien Merchant event.
  • With 2+ Vigor spent: Always at least a runestone
  • Even if you inject 10 Vigor there's no guaranty you will get the puppet.
Ignore removes encounter from radar
Hero's Heart
Hero's Heart (Statue).png
401+ To protect the weak Holy Shield Explore3 120px.png or Thranduil's Sword Revenge3 120px.png, Hero title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To kill your enemies Revenge Whip Revenge1 120px.png or Demon's Blade Plunder4 120px.png, Hero title (All attributes +2/4/6)
To stand on top of the world Ares's Blade Plunder4 120px.png or Strength Plunder2 120px.png, and Hero title (All attributes +2/4/6)
High-Energy Bomb (cannot be monitored)
High-Energy Bomb.png
400+ Detonate Bomb (level 550+) Destroy 3-5 random Monster Island and/or Player Airship - cannot destroy rifts, colossus, or post-explore instances. No EP or loot is given for the destroyed places.
Destroy the Floating Island Nuclear Bomb Plunder4 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Imprisoned Fairy
Imprisoned Fairy.png
101+ Release it Source of Magic Plunder3 120px.png or Arbitrament of Justice Revenge3 120px.png
Tear off her wings Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px.png
Destroy the cage! Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px.png, Artisan (Max of 3 times)

Note: in Honor Challenges / Knight Certificate, section "Sky", row "Rioter", you can see the number of Artisans you have already obtained from this event.

Injured Chess Piece
Injured Chess Piece.png
400+ Chess King Bandage Revenge1 120px.png
Black and White Queen Winner's Chess Game Plunder3 120px.png and Sun or Moon Contract
White Chess Bishop Greed Plunder1 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Lava Altar
Bloody Trap.png
301+ Touch Tooth Pattern Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px.png or Gorge Plunder2 120px.png + 30 Competent Cells
Touch Finger Pattern Finger of Death Revenge4 120px.png or Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px.png + 30 Competent Cells
Touch Eyeball Pattern Ancient Eye Explore1 120px.png or Fliamir's Eye Explore2 120px.png + 30 Competent Cells
Light Crystal
Pillar of Light - Inactive.png
401+ Touch Crystal With Holy Dragon and one of Creator/Sage: Light Force Explore4 120px.png and Heir of Light title

With Holy Dragon only: CAN fail and you get nothing.

Take Crystal With Apollo gumball:
Lollipop Gumball
Lollipop Gumball2.png
701+ Give full compensation Lose 1,000,000 Coins: Acquire Lollipop Gumball (World Tree)

If already obtained: 5x fragments for 3 random gumballs (15 frags total)

Give half of the compensation Lose 500,000 Coins: Nothing
You shall die too Fight the Lollipop Gumball F296 A250 S188 L200 /E8.6M to obtain 5x fragments for 2 random gumballs
Lost Gumball
Lost Gumball.png
Any Send Away 100 Coins or 1 Gem
Kidnap it Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px.png or Artisan (Max of 5 times)

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Magic Furnace
Hell Furnace.png
Any Smelt Ore Alchemy material items
Extinguish Furnace Dust Explore1 120px.png, Fire Extinguisher title (Decrease enemy's Fire by 2)
Magic Shop
Magic Workshop.png
301+ Give it items Magic Missiles Explore1 120px.png
Blackmail them If you fight: Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px.png, contract, materials

Without fighting: Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px.png, Magic Missiles Explore1 120px.png, Rainbow Contract and 10,000 Coins

Steal from them Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px.png
Mechanical Store
Cog Shop.png
501+ Give it items Pay 2-3 Battery Packs:

Receive 1 Robot: TS-260 (50%), RS-500 (30%), RG-800A (5%), RG-800B (5%), RG-800C (5%), RG-800D (5%). Each of the tier 3 robots can only be obtained once in this manner.

Note: If there is an ongoing Event like Underground Treasure with a "Charge the Airship" objective, Battery packs spent in this manner do count for that objective.

Blackmail them Fight an enemy F127 A163 S95 L60 /E2.55M to obtain a Battery Pack and Unlimited Firepower Explore2 120px.png (67%) or EMP Revenge4 120px.png (33%)
Steal from them Nothing / Kaito can give 1-2x Battery Pack

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Noble Candleholder
Noble Candleholder.png
601+ Note: Despite the appearances, previous choice plays no role.
Left Candle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px.png + one of:
Middle Candle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px.png + one of :
Right Candle 2 Candle Revenge1 120px.png + one of:
  • 10 Statue (60%)
  • 20 Statue (30%)
  • 50 Statue (10%)

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Odd Artisan
Dr. Strange2.png
801+ Help him Opens up Artifact Refinement Function

If you have completed the whole Study Tree, receive 2 each of Adventure, Melee, and Magic Relics

Ignore Encounter removed from current radar
Mysterious Platform.png
501+ Hades With Hades:

50 Statue, 15x Odyssey fragments, Horn of Disaster (Wing Plane) (once), Lord of the Underworld title

Without: 1x Odyssey fragment

Poseidon With Poseidon:

50 Statue, 15x Odyssey fragments, Harvest Horn (Wing Plane) (once), Lord of Waters title

Without: 1x Odyssey fragment

Zeus With Zeus:

50 Statue 15x Odyssey Fragments, Statue of Divinity (World Tree), Lord of Heaven title

Without: 1x Odyssey fragment

Old Clock
Old Clock.png
800-900 Touch the Clock (950 exploration level) 10,000 Coins, Rhea's Time Box Explore4 120px.png and one of:
Destroy the clock 1k Relics or 1 Battery Pack (even above level 950)
Old Transmitter
Airship Console.png
600-700 Try to Operate (750 exploration) Fight a Giant Airship F195 A254 S156 L115 /E5.5M to obtain:

Confirmed Airship Chips include: Behemoth's Claw, Caribbean, Chimera's Wings, Void Stingray,

Giant Airship combo skills:

  • Guided Missile: Replaces attack, average change, Deals 150% of main cannon's damage
  • Auto-repairing: After suffering damage, infrequently, Increases energy by 10% of Max Energy
Destroy the Transmitter Information Revenge2 120px.png
Old TV Set
Old TV Set.png
201+ News Channel Journalist title (+2 EP per battle)
Entertainment Channel Advertisement Professional title (-2% special title cost)
Adult Channel Recover 1 - 3 vigor
One-way Portal
One-way Portal.png

(cannot be monitored)

301+ Drive in when fluctuation is weaker Reduce exploration level by 30-50
Drive in when fluctuation is stronger Increase exploration level by 30-50
Destroy Portal 2000 Relics, Teleportation Matrix Plunder1 120px.png
Oriental Shrine
Oriental shrine Item.png
800+ Give her items 20 Gem (first time only) : Geisha fashion

35,000 Coins: Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px.png

Blackmail them Fight an enemy: F190 A190 S160 L160 /E5.8M

Rewards: 5000 Coins, Star or Moon Contract, chance for Victory Revenge4 120px.png, Ancient Ritual Offering (once)

Steal them Bone Ash Plunder2 120px.png or Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px.png
Oversize Mushroom
Oversize Mushroom.png
1001+ Cultivate Increase nutrition counter by 1
Gene Extraction 0 nutrition -> 100 Competent Cells

1+ nutrition ->

3 nutrition -> Same as 1+ nutrition

Eat it 0 nutrition -> Toxic Mushroom (runestone "50% chance of launching poison for 1 round, when battle is won 100% chance to obtain sky EP x50")

1+ nutrition ->

3 nutrition -> Chef Gumball buff (Attack and Power +1)

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Pain Tester
Pain Tester.png
700+ Normal Mode -1 vigor: 1 Coins, Survivor title (rank 1)
Hell Mode -5 Vigor: 1 Gem, Survivor title (rank 3)
Destroy Testing Apparatus 1500 Relics, Dark Matter Core
Penguin Statue
Penguin Statue.png
200+ Upright 500 Coins and Hypocrite title (Decreases the enemy's Luck by 2)
Innovation 500 Coins and Imitator title (2% chance of random Plunder runestone on victory)
Fair 500 Coins and Fraud title (+1 all attributes)
Peter (Sky).png

(cannot be monitored)

201+ I need Airship Chip 3 or 5 random  Airship Chip
I need Gumball Fragment 3 or 5 random Gumball Fragment

Confirmed: Checkers, Clown, Pigsy, Zerg Queen ...

I need Gems 30 Gem the first time; 20,000 Coins, 1 Battery Pack or 1000 Relics other times
Photo Studio
Photo Studio.png
1001+ Give him coins 100k Coins for a new Adventurer icon to use as avatar in chat (Limit 3 times, then return 100k Coins Lightning Powder Revenge3 120px.png )
Extort Photographer 50k coins or 2 Gumball Pot
Steal from Photographer Lightning Powder Revenge3 120px.png or nothing
Pharaoh's Cave
Pharaoh's Cave.png
101+ Red Button Alchemy ingredients (ex: 15x Dark Steel / 3x Eternal Gold / ...)
Blue Button Heka's Scepter Explore2 120px.png
Green Button Alchemy ingredients (ex 15x Soul Crystal)
Abandoned Portal.png
1201+ Open the Gate (1400+) Fight Diablo F425 A406 S392 L377 /E17M - Demon's Blade Plunder4 120px.png and 50 Archfiend (Super Clone) Gene Segments

Diablo's Combo skills:

  • Wrath of the Devil: Replaces attack, always, deals 130% of main cannon's damage, debuff: Armor -40
  • Dark Pact: After attack, frequent, Enhances energy for 50% of your total energy
  • Doomsday Catastrophe: at end of round 1, deals damage for 45% of your max Energy, debuff: Fire -120, Burn you for x Damage (lasts multiple rounds). With x = 12% of his current energy (?)

Note: Eva's "Everlasting Flame" magic cannon can be used to have immunity to Burn damage.

Destroy Pre-1400 & Post-1400 2000 Relics, 20 Statue
Prayer Room
Prayer Room.png
1001+ Pray to god of light Oracle Explore3 120px.png + Light Follower title (Immune to Weaken/Paralyze/Seal effect)
Pray to god of Dark Oracle Explore3 120px.png + Shadow Follower title (Decrease the enemy's all attributes by +3/+6/+9)
Pyramid (Sky).png
201+ Take scepter away Fight F30 A60 S24 L36 /E600K win to get 2000 Relics, 20 Statue, and Heka's Scepter Explore2 120px.png
Imprint rubbing With Archaeologist: Receive Finger of Death Revenge4 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Robot Cultivation Furnace
Robot Cultivation Furnace.png
201-300 Unlock Cultivation Furnace

(Level 350 required)

No. 18 (chance, once) or Airship Materials (e.g. 6x Rank4) or RG-800D
Destroy Cultivation Furnace Airship parts
Robot Production Line
Combat Platform 2.png
601+ Construct Upgrade various Robots to a stronger version

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Sealed Door
Sealed Door.png
100-200 Open the gate

(Level 250 required)

Hexagram Revenge3 120px.png, Moon Contract
Destroy Gate (over Level 250) Shatter the door: 20 Soul Crystal , 2000 Relics
Destroy Gate (under Level 250) Battle: F108 A144 S88 L72 If you win you get 1 Golden Pot, 100k Coins, Barbatos's Mechanical Toy (once), 1 Sun Contract
Sealed Jar
Sealed Jar.png
900+ Open the jar Reward depends on number of times ignored:

0 Ignore Counter: 100k Coins
1 Ignore Counter: 100k Coins, 3 Gumball Pots
2 Ignore Counter: 150k Coins, 5 Gumball Pots, 1 Gem (first 20 times only), Ancient Ritual Offering (once)
3+ Ignore Counter: Fight Genie F255 A205 S180 L240 /E8.3M for 300k Coins, 1 Golden Pot, Sealed Devil Robot (once)

Genie combo skills:

  • Soul Shock: Replaces attack, average chance, deals 125% of Main cannon's damage, Seals you for 1 round.
Ignore Ignore Counter +1
Signal Transmitter
Signal Transmitter.png
1101+ Blue Button 2x Information Revenge2 120px.png
Yellow Button Fight Invader F317 A289 S332 L312 /E13.2M: 15 Invader Chips (Airship)

If you have maxed Invader, get 3Airship Chip instead, confirmed possible airships: Sarah, Star Frigate,Invader

Invader combo skills:

  • Annihilation Beam: replaces attack, frequently, deals 4,356,000 damage, put a 30% Weaken effect on you for 1 round
  • HEP Projectile: after suffering damage, frequently, deals 40% of main cannon's damage, debuff Armor -40
Red Button Self-explosion Revenge1 120px.png, 6000 Relics, chance of 5x Eden Accelerator (60m) (or maybe it is limited ?)
Sky Legion Camp
Sky Legion Camp.png
1101+ Hire 500000 Relics For the next 10 battles, your stats are buffed by an NPC airship (+10 each stat, +5% energy), effect doesn't trigger for special battles (other events)
Assault it F267 A248 S277 L251 /E9.9m

5 Rank3 Airship Materials, 1-2x Battery Pack, 2x Airship Chip

Confirmed possible chips: Cloud Ship, Overlord

Sky Pirate's Smithy
Sky Pirate's Smithy.png
401+ Give it items Give requested (5 Eternal Gold or 10 Mithril or ...) to receive: Artifact fragments x15
Blackmail them Fight: F88 A75 S42 L45 /E990k win to get 3000 Relics and 5 artifact fragments
Steal from them If you succeed: Legendary Iron Hammer Plunder3 120px.png or 5 artifact fragments
Smuggler's Camp
Sumggler's Camp.png
201+ Give items Pay Sky Materials: 10x Rank1 or 2x Rank3 : Morgan's Codex of the Pirates Plunder4 120px.png
Blackmail them Fight an enemy F55 A19-22 S35 L48 /E0.5M to obtain 1000 Relics and Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png
Steal from them Chance to steal Morgan's Codex of the Pirates Plunder4 120px.png or, with Kaito help, Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png
Statue of Giant Sword
Statue of Giant Sword.png
100+ Sharpness that cuts through all things Sawtooth Sword Plunder1 120px.png, Executioner title (when enemy energy lower than 20%, 10% chance instant victory)
The courage to go straight ahead Courage Explore2 120px.png, Cannon Fodder title (Energy +3000)
Tenacious and Unyielding Will Willpower Revenge1 120px.png, Major Felon title (Armor +2)
Steel Gate
Steel Gate.png
300+ Walk into the door With Dwarf King: Airship Materials (5 Rank1 + 5 Rank2) + 1 Airship Chip + Legendary Iron Hammer Plunder3 120px.png

Confirmed possible Airships: Prometheus, Shadow Dragon, Universal Master

If you have Blacksmith: runestone

Destroy steel gate Fight: F112 A90 S75 L28 /E1.36M Airship Materials (10 Rank1+ 10 Rank2) + 1 Airship Chip.

Confirmed possible Airships: Caribbean, Knights of the Round, Lucifer's Sword, Prometheus, Shadow Dragon, Steel Fist, Yamato

Strange Baboon
Strange Baboon.png
601+ Accept Inheritance Requires 3-4 more Colossus to be defeated as well as all those already on radar:

30 Fruit of World Tree and Child of the Forest title

Assault It Fight an enemy F180 A144 S96 L105 to obtain 10 Fruit of World Tree and Chieftain's Totem Revenge3 120px.png
Strange Egg
Strange Egg (Sky).png
501+ Hatch it (Level 650 required) Fight a dragon F155 A152 S150 L100 /E3.9M:

Baby Dragon Robot (available 4x.)+ 150 Competent Cells + Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px.png

Destroy it Fight a dragon F155 A155 S150 L100 /E3.9M: 150 Competent Cells and Ancient Tooth Revenge1 120px.png.
Succubus Hut
Succubus Hut.png
401+ Set Her Free 50k Coins Artisan (Max of 3 times) and Succubus' Kiss Revenge3 120px.png
Blackmail 50k-30k Coins
Inform Inspection Team 500 Coins

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
The Replicant of Vosebarker
The Replicant of Vosebarker.png
801+ Increase combat ability TS-260/ RS-500/ RG-800A/RG-800B/RG-800CRG-800D Robot
Optimise airship 5x Selected airship chips.

Works for - All Space Rift airships, Arcane Snail, Aurora, Behemoth's Claw,Cutter-MR, Eva, Gumball, Hovering, Knights of the Round, Laser UFO, Night Ship, Overlord, Shadow Dragon, Star Frigate, Traveler, UFO, Universal Master, Valkyr, Void Stingray, Yamato, Ymir

Doesn't work for - Alastor, Cube, The Sixth Heaven, Star Destroyer, Eternal Throne, Invader, Wheel of Fate , Phoenix

Doesn't work for ships earned through Chaos Shop, Space shops and quests and Kars Camp.

Remember that you'll need some 200 Airship Chip for trades in space:

If selected airship is one for which it doesn't work, you get instead 5 random Airship Chip (e.g. for Knights of the Round)

Assault it Battle F305 A220 S200 L275 /E10M win to get a random bomb Wing Plane (3 available); subsequent wins give 1 Artificial Limb Plunder1 120px.png, and some Airship Materials: 5 Rank3 and 3 Rank4.
Trade Caravan's Camel
Trade Caravan's Camel.png
201+ Please it! Airship materials or Battery Pack or food (10x Rank 1)
Rob it! Battle: (720k energy) awards Airship materials (6 rank1 + 3 rank2) + Battery Pack + Chieftain's Totem Revenge3 120px.png.

Frightened: 3 one star Airship materials

Tree Fully Hung With Presents
Christmas Tree.png
401+ Open the small gift box 20k Coins, Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png(sometimes)
Open the big gift box Nothing or 50k Coins
Open All Battle F108-128 A42-45 S88-100 L66-85 /E1.43-1.65M: Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png, 5 artifact fragments, 50k Coins, and 3 Gem (limited)
Turtle Master
Turtle Master.png
500-600 Accept the inheritance Requires to close a total of 20 Space Rifts.

50 Statue, Martial Artist title

It usually requires 3-5 additional rifts but it can be more, especially if there are rifts on your map at the time of meeting him.

Assault it! Battle 3.2m energy, Reward 15 Statue, Ares's Blade Plunder4 120px.png

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
Vagrant Tent
Charred Tent.png
600+ Give alms to the vagrant Gem with Junkman: Junkman Rare Dress

3000 Coins: Gumball Pot/Golden Pot

Blackmail the vagrant 2x Rank 1-2 Food + 5 Coins
Inform Inspection Team Nothing
Vasty Castle
Vasty Castle.png
1050-1200 Go into the castle((req 1250 exploration) 2x Relic Fragments Pack, Battery Pack, 2x Gumball Pot, Golden Pot (limited to 5 times), 100k Coins
Destroy the Castle Fight Templar F352 A346 S288 L294 /E14.5m for

Templar combo skills:

  • Light Blade: replaces attack, frequently, deals 125% of main cannon damage, fire +30
  • Holy Shield: after suffering damage, frequently, heal for 10% of start energy, armor +30
101+ I am a novice Depending on the number of days:

7-8 Relic Fragments Pack, 7-8 Airship Toolkit and 280-320 Statue

if above 89 days :

I am a veteran Ready Player One (title +1 to all stats) (available after 200+ days played), Adventurers rare Dress
Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll.png
701+ Ordinary Doll RS-500, TS-260, or Curse Doll Robot
Voodoo Curse Item Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px.png
Specimen Made of Living Person Live Specimens Plunder3 120px.png
Vosebarker's Treasury
Vosebarker's Treasury.png
900+ Open the treasury (req. Level 1100) 100 Statue, Rank 3-4 Airship Materials, 1-? Battery Packs, Ancient Ritual Offering (once)
Destroy the Gate (under Level 1100) 50 Relics
Destroy the Gate (over Level 1100) Fight VoseBarker F345 A255 S220 L280 /E12.4M to obtain 30k Relics, 2-5 Battery Packs, Artificial Limb Plunder1 120px.png and Vosebarker's Self-Copy (first 4 times)

Vosebarker combos:

  • Fire Suppress: after attack, infrequently, deals 60% of main cannon's damage
  • War Weapon: after suffering damage, infrequently, buff: fire +30, speed +20

Encounter Approx. Level Options Result
301-400 Pronunciation:Adam Nothing Happens
Pronunciation:Eve WALL-F (chance, once) or 2-3 Battery Packs
Directly Destroy It Rank 1-3 Airship Materials
Weird Wooden Plate
Weird Wooden Plate.png
101+ Excavate Battle F45 A20 S10 L10 /E200k

Reward: 2000 Relics and Tomb Raider Plunder3 120px.png


  • Skeleton Storm: replaces attack, rare, Damages you for 36% of your max Energy (cannot exceed 144k), Debuff Speed -25
Leave the floating island Law Abiding Citizen title
Witchcraft Store
Demon Bazaar.png
701+ Give her items Pay 10 Holy Crystal, 20 Arcane Crystal, or 40 Soul Crystal: Dark Witchcraft Plunder2 120px.png, Arcane Missile Explore3 120px.png
Blackmail the psychic Battle F175 A160 S135 L130 /E4.5M

Reward: Dark Witchcraft Plunder2 120px.png + Arcane Missile Explore3 120px.png + one of: Flame Force Revenge3 120px.png, Tidal Force Plunder4 120px.png


  • Soul Sacrifice: after suffering damage, average chance, deal 20% of Main Cannon's Damage and cure self for 675K.
Steal the psychic Chance of getting Moon or Sun Contract
Wishing Fountain
Wishing Fountain.png
101+ Take coins away Lucky Coin Explore2 120px.png
Fetch spring water Fairy Spring x15/x30
Drop in a coin Chance of 1 Gem (limited to 5 times), small chance 5 Gem (once).
Else, one of the following:

Also a high chance of getting Lucky Star title .