Sky Combats are combats that oppose your Airship to monsters or other airships. Once a side has lost all its Energy, the other side is declared victorious.

Sources of Sky CombatEdit

Sky Combat or Air Combat or yet Airship Combat occurs in a variety of situations:

The rules of engagement for all the various combat situations are very similar but a few specific points can be different for some types of Air Combats. In particular, some types of combat will allow use to use a rune while others will not.

The StatsEdit

The stats in (very) short
Stat Effect
Energy Both your Life points and the defining factor of your cannon's power.
Fire and Armor The higher your Fire is compared to your enemy's Armor, the more damage you do and vice-versa.
Speed: Determines who goes first each round (Attacker wins ties)
Luck: The side with the highest luck has a chance to perform critical attacks (damage * 1.5). The higher the luck compares to opponent's Luck, the higher the chance. The side with the lowest luck can never perform critical hits.

Having higher Luck than your opponent when doing a Plunder will also allow you to steal a percentage of the Relic Fragments that your opponent has in reserve (The relics that are not in the tram). The higher your luck compares to your opponent's luck, the higher the effect.


The amount of damage done by each attack follows strict rules. Most of the informations below come from dddragon's analysis of Sky Damage. His analysis can be found in the official Facebook Forum. Note however that some of the stuff is presented in a different manner here than in that analysis.

Overall Damage FormulaEdit

Damage = Base_Damage * Buffs * Debuffs * Scaling * Chaos * Defense * Damage reduction * Critical

Base DamageEdit

Base Damage is a direct function of your Current Energy (Ecur) and your starting energy (EStart). The in-game term for you starting energy is "Total Energy". Bear in mind however that your current energy can actually go above the "Total Energy". When your energy goes above "Total Energy", the "Total Energy" is not modified.

If Ecur <= EStart then
 Base_Damage = 20% EStart + 5% ECur
If Ecur >= EStart then
 Base_Damage = 25% Ecur


  • The Base damage at the start of combat (hereby called "EStart Base Damage") is directly proportional to your starting Energy.
  • If your current energy is barely above 0, your Base Damage will be 80% of your EStart Base Damage.
  • If your current energy is n% above EStart, your base damage will be n% above your EStart Base Damage


Buffs is a sum of different applicable buffs. The applicable buffs are the Cannon Damage buffs coming from Runestones and Celestial Titles.

Expressed a multiplier, we have:

Buffs_Multiplier = 1 + buff1_percentage + buff2_percentage + buff3_percentage ...

Exemples of buffs:

Note that even though those runes and Fire Wizard state Main Cannon Damage, they actually apply to all damage except the #Percentage based damage. Fire Wizard's bonus do, for instance, apply to Leader's Scepter and Alloy Scalpel Combo Skills.


Debuffs acts as multipliers, they can be beneficial (when applied on an enemy) or detrimental (when applied on you).

We have in this category :

  • If attacker is Paralyzed: *0.7
  • If defender is Weakened: *1.3


This regroups the modifiers that are core each type of attack.

We have:

  • Main Cannon Scaling: Main Cannon's scale is 1.00 by definition but it can be modified by some cannons. For instance, Gamma Ray cannon from Steel Fist adds up to 24% (Multiplier = *1.24) to Main Cannon Damage and The Smuggler's Magic Light cannon will reduce main cannon damage of the opponent by up to 30% (Multiplier = 0.7). Those scaling apply only to main cannon damage and are multiplicative.
  • Combo Skill Scaling: Each Combo Skill attack has an associated scaling. For instance, Dark Matter's Scale is 1.18 and Alloy Scalpel is 0.65. Important note: Main cannon's scaling above does not apply to these attacks despite the description.
  • Other Cannon Attacks: For instance, Prometheus's causes up to 35% burning damage. [scaling 1]
  • Rune attacks: For instance Finger of Death Revenge4 120px scale is 5.00 and Arcane Missile Explore3 120px is 1.00. [scaling 1]

Scaling notes:

  1. 1.0 1.1 dddragon's analysis adds that "nothing enhances this damage". But it is unclear what exactly is meant by that. For instance, what about "Light Force" that he states applies to "All Damage", does it affect this damage that "nothing" enhances? And what about fire and armor ?


If attack is a Combo Skill and Universal Master's Chaos Energy cannon is used, multiply damage by up to 1.18 (depending on Chaos Energy's level)


Defense factor is based on the absolute difference between the attacker's Fire and the defender's Armor.

If attacker's Fire >= defender's Armor
 Defense = 1 + ( Fire - Armor ) / ( 100 + Fire - Armor )
If attacker's Fire <= defender's Armor
 Defense = 1 - ( Armor - Fire) / ( 100 + 2x (Armor - Fire ) )

As a results, Defense ranges between 0 and 2.0

A few values at specific point for Fire - Armor = :

  • +300: 1.75; +200: 1.67; +100: 1.50; +50: 1.33
  • 0: 1
  • -50: 0.75; -100: 0.67; -200: 0.60 ; -300: 0.57

Note: For armor piercing attacks, the Armor is simply replaced by 0.

Damage ReductionEdit

This is damage reduction on the defender's ship.

Damage Reduction = 1 - Reduction1 - Reduction2 - ...
(Cannot go below 0)

Possible reducers:

So, for exemple, with Holy Shield and Snow Goddess Bible, Damage Reduction = 1 - 0.30 - 0.15 = 0.55


When it applies, Critical is 1.5
Critical hits are only possible for the side with the highest luck.

Critical Chance = Luck diff / ( 100 + Luck diff)

Percentage based damageEdit

These special damages bypass a part of the usual formula.

Damage = Set damage * Chaos * Damage Reduction * Debuff



  • this means that Martial Skill's Quintessence deals less damage than a normal attack against enemies with low Armor compared to our Fire.
  • To be crystal clear, Poison damage is not based on the Energy of the side suffering the poison but on the Total Energy of the other side.
  • Poison is suffered at the beginning of the next turn. It's easy to miss in the combat animation as the word 'Poison' never appears.

See above for #Damage Reduction, #Debuffs and #Chaos.

Percentage based max damageEdit

Percentage base damage often come with a secondary clause. For instance, Eye of Darkness states "Can't exceed 50% of friendly target's total energy".

Some effects will increase that maximum :


  • If attacker has 1M Energy and a 6-star Chaos Energy cannon and opponent has 8M energy, Eye of Darkness would do 2M damage (25% of enemy's Energy) but that gets limited to 590K = 1M * 50% * 1,18.

Other effects might impact the secondary maximum.

Timing of extra effectsEdit

When an attack/combo has an extra effect like a heal or Weaken or a stat buff or debuff, the extra effect usually (always?) becomes effective immediately after the end of the current attack/combo. Note that the timing of the animation of the combat can differ from the real timing and might show the extra effect before the damage done.

Notes Edit

Some uncertainties about how different factors combine remain. In dddragon's analysis, Chaos Energy effect was placed as part of the scaling and the scaling was excluded from Percentage based damage. That is wrong and I have corrected it above. It leaves open the possibility that some other scaling factors might also apply to Percentage based energy.

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