(requires 50 gems and clearing Ancient Arena to purchase)
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|source=Purchase from [[Shop]] for 50 gems after clearing [[Ancient Arena]]
|source=Purchase from [[Shop]] for 50 {{Gem}} after clearing [[Ancient Arena]]
|normal=[[Pirate]] & [[Ghost Captain]] gumball
|normal=[[Pirate]] & [[Ghost Captain]] gumball

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Adventurer's Forest, Ancient Arena, Avalon Fortress, Bloody Fortress, Borderland, Bracada College, Card Wonderland, Chaos Abyss, City of Steam, Cloud Island, Desert Oasis, District 91, Dracula's Castle, Eden's Land, Erathia, Forest of Whispers, Gods' Chessboard, Hell Frontier, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Pirate's Port, Saint's Tower, Sdorica, Skeleton Island, Spacecraft Ruins
Skeleton Island
Skeleton Island
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Purchase from Shop for 50 G after clearing Ancient Arena
Normal reward Pirate & Ghost Captain gumball
Raid boost Nalakuvara
Raid reward Adventure Relics +3

Spend 50 Gems to unlock Skeleton Island & rescue Pirate Gumball! You will get 100 Fruits of World Tree after Purchase (Clear Ancient Arena first before you unlock)

Complete this maze to get the Pirate gumball.

Hidden Gumball

Ghost Captain

To get the Ghost Captain gumball

  • Buy and save 5 Ghost Crystals from the Ghost Dock (Special Shop on a large amount of floors in this maze)
  • Find him in the Captain's Cabin [51F+, appear randomly] and offer him the 5 crystals

Quests / DP

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Robinson's Drift Bottle x3 2 Found in orange drift bottle. Random floor.
S Obtain Traitor's Heart x3 3 Use the Little Mermaid's Dagger to kill an enemy that isn't holding a key or chest. S/L if you get a chest or key instead of a heart. Since monsters in Sea Monster Lair cannot carry chests or keys, using them guarantees a heart.
S Obtain Heart of the Ocean x3 2 Find on Jack Dawson's corpse
S Get Ancient Stone Hammer x3 2 Find on tourist's corpse
S Use Ghost Crystal x20 3
G Use Coconut x5 2
G Eat Strange Fruit x3 2
G Kill the Hermit Dragon x100 1 Actual enemy name is "Alien Dragon"
G Kill Jellyfish x100 1
G Kill Tidal Crab x100 1
G Kill Cactus x100 1
G Kill Sea Monster's Tentacle x100 1
G Kill Monkey x50 1
G First kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Kill enemy with a Rotten Coconut x5 2
G Clear the Sea Monsters' Lair x10 2
S Reach floor 50 2
S Reach floor 60 3
S Reach floor 70 3
G Search the sailor's remains x10 3
G Buy Goods in Ghost Dock x30 3
G Ghost Ship killed enemy x200 3 Any kills by the ship, even using Dragon Carronade, count.
G Kill enemy with Dragon Carronade x100 3 Kill enemies using the Ghost Ship's active skill granted by Dragon Carronade.
G Upgrade the Ghost Ship to Lv.10 2 Each Ghost Sailor acquired counts as a level.
G Upgrade the Ghost Ship to Lv.20 3
G Upgrade the Ghost Ship to Lv.30 3
G Dragon carronade reached Lv.5 3 Give the Ghost Ship 5 Dragon Carronade.
G Upgrade the Goblin's Device to Lv.5 3 Give the Ghost Ship 5 Goblin's Device.
G Golden Caisson reached Lv.5 3 Give the Ghost Ship 5 Golden Caisson.
G Siren Figurehead reached Lv.5 3 Give the Ghost Ship 5 Siren Figurehead
G Reach floor 20 without hiring Ghost Ship 3 You can still attack it to stop it from attacking you
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Alien Dragon
Beast Class
Alien Dragon
Curse: Curse the attacker when counterattacking (Decrease Attack, it lasts 3 rounds)) Coconut Strange Fruit (red)
Beast Class
Plague: Contaminates all Slates at the time of death EP EP
Tidal Crab
Beast Class
Hardened Shell: Physical Resistance + 50%

Photaesthesia: Physical Resistance decreases by 3% when a slate is opened

Rank1 Equipment[notes 1] Wheel of Fortune Suit
Harisenbon: Rebound 100% of melee damage to the attacker

Symbiosis: Double HP when desert scorpion is present

Rank 2 Ingredient Persian Powder
Sea Monster's Tentacle
Beast Class
Tentacle: Disable Ghost Ship when present Cure Ghost Crystal
Beast Class
Throwing: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds Rotten Coconut Strange Fruit (Blue)
Beast Class
Boss, see below Equipment of Ghost Ship Cheese Lobster, Fried Cod Fillet or Smoked Salmon

About Output

Ghost Ship! Pirates' Reinforcement!

Floors 20 (Difficulty 24) - 1 Vigor

Goal! The Depth of Skeleton Asland!

Floors 25 (Difficulty 25) - 1 Vigor

Ocean Covered by Dense Fog

Floors 25 (Difficulty 26) - 1 Vigor

Fire! Catastrophe of the Ocean!

Floors 30 (Difficulty 26) - 1 Vigor

Endless Mode - 2 Vigor


Floor Attack HP Dodge Accuracy
30 31 496 0% 100%
40 51 959 0% 100%
50 80 1915 0% 100%
60 144 3595 0% 100%
70 222 6644 0% 100%
80 373 ~11965 0% 100%
90 687 0% 100%

Siren's Curse: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, inflicting 3x damage and Status Siren's Curse

  • Status Siren's Curse: Damage taken +30%, effect can accumulate, valid on floor. This effect is not technically a curse, curse immunity will not protect you from it.

Aqua Shield: Casts Aqua Shield every time 40% of HP is lost

  • While it lasts, lose only 1 HP from any type of damage. Lasts for 8 hits.[notes 2]

Siren's Realm:

  • Lev 30 to 50: Physical Resistance +10%, Spell resistance +10%
  • Lev 60 to 80: Physical Resistance +20%, Spell resistance +20%
  • Lev 90 to ??: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell resistance +30%

Special Occurrences

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship resides in the upper right corner of each floor. It attacks you until you reach it and buy it for 200 EP at which point it becomes an ally for the rest of the maze run.
As an ally, Ghost Ship starts with 20 Attack and 20 Power and attacks one enemy every 10 turns doing damage equal to its attack.

There are 5 areas of upgrade for the ship.

  • Level (max 30): Level is increased every time you release a Ghost Sailor in a floor or buy one from the shop. Each level gives Ghost Ship +2 Attack & +2 Power
  • Dragon's Bombard (max 5): Upgraded by using Dragon Carronade - Active skill, 8 rounds cooldown, Launch 3 bombs, each doing Damage = Ghost Ship's Power * 40%/50%/60%/70%/80%
  • Swfit Shoot (max 5): Upgraded by Goblin's Device - Ship's Attack +2/4/6/8/10, Reduce normal attack cooldown by 1/2/3/4/5 rounds.
  • Endless Ammo (max 5): Upgraded by Golden Caisson - Ship's Power +2/4/6/8/10, Bombard's +1/2/3/4/5 bombs
  • Siren's Song (max 5): Upgraded by Siren Figurehead - Ship's Attack & Power +1/2/3/4/5, Reduce enemies attack by 1/2/3/4/5

Level starts at 1, the other areas start at 0.

Ghost Dock (shop)

Special blackmail result from Gang Cadre : ?

Drift Bottles

Drift bottles give EP
Drift Bottle (Orange) - gives Robinson's Drift Bottle
During the stage runs, you'll also find formulas for different potions:

Coconut Tree

Gives Coconut, Rotten Coconut, or Strange Fruit

Contaminated Slates

Whenever a Jellyfish is killed, all unopened slates are contaminated for 5 rounds and get a greenish color. If you open a contaminated slate the usual way, you get poisoned for 3 rounds. Note: One round of the poison is applied immediately which is why you'll see the counter on the effect set to 2 rounds.

Sea Monsters' Lair (Cave)

Cave Sea Monster
These cave are quite rare and often won't appear until you have crossed 50 floors or more (PoE floors are counted). Fight 4 tentacles to search a shipwreck.

Can loot things like the devices for upgrading the Ghost Ship.


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Sailor's Remains
Sailor's Remains
Search - EP, Coins, Random 1* Equipment

Bury - Ghost Ship: Attack+2, Power+2

Sailor's Soul: Ghost Ship: Attack+1 (Does not count as a level up for the Ship)
Strange Remains
Strange Remains
Ancient Stone Hammer Takahashi's Soul: Empowers hammer
Prince's Corpse
Prince's Corpse
Little Mermaid's Dagger Traitor's Soul: 3 Ghost Crystals
Jack's Corpse
Jack's Corpse
Heart of the Ocean Jack's Soul: Gain Female Sketch
Ghost Captain's Shack Ghost Captain's Soul: Ship gets +10 Attack, +10 Power, -2 cooldown time

Out-of-Maze Loot

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball Specific Loot and Effects


  • The ghost ship cannot be upgraded past level 30 with level 5 treasures (except by using Farplane's Lantern and Cooking). Always search any sailor's remains beyond this point and there's no reason to enter sea monster's lairs. The fully upgraded ship becomes mostly useless beyond F80. Unless you have a weak team, using the Planar Prophet title is excessive.
  • While Ghost Crystals can generate gems, former round-counting methods are no longer accurate. Research will be necessary to determine if there is any pattern and what affects it if so.
  • Try using the ship's bombard attack when the boss' aqua shield is active.


  1. Usually one of the following: Forging Spectroscope or Rune Ring or Hunter's Leather Armor or Noble Silk Ribbon
  2. The ghost ship's Dragon's Bombard is the usual way to break the shield. Meteor Shower can also help and to a lesser extent anything that procs multiple times like a damage over time effect.

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