Siren (Asteroid)
Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M03, x06y22

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Drifting raft
Siren - Drifting raft
30 Submarine Karst Cave
Siren - Submarine Karst Cave
75 Deep Sea crater
Siren - Deep Sea crater
100 Atlantis
Siren - Atlantis

Special InteractionsEdit


Atlantis - InvestigationEdit

Reward: 10x High Energy Block I, 10x Maintenance Accelerator (30m)

Atlantis - Study the stone tabletEdit

The black stone tablet is engraved with dense texts, but you can't understand those words.

Requires Ancient Text Analysis maxed.

The black stone monument records the progress of this civilization. Many of these discoveries have inspired you a lot.

Reward : Opens Tech menu on Siren

Tech Edit

See above for requirement this menu to appear

Stat TechsEdit

  • Fleet Energy Enhancement: Energy +5,000
  • Fleet Fire Enhancement: Fire +1
  • Fleet Armor Enhancement: Armor +1
  • Fleet Speed Enhancement: Speed +1
  • Fleet Luck Enhancement: Luck +1

Cost of each upgrade: 4,000 Elula Coin, 20h research at 100% efficiency

Reserve TechsEdit

  • Gas Reserves Enhancement: +20,000 Gas reserves limit
  • Uranium Ore Reserves Enhancement: +20,000 Uranium Ore reserves limit
  • Electricity Reserves Enhancement: +20,000 Electricity reserves limit

Cost of each upgrade: 6,000 Elula Coin, 30h research at 100% efficiency


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Full exploration requires 15 days at 100% efficiency.

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