Siren's Shell Siren's Shell
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Necklace
This wet seashell gives off an eerie feeling. When wind blows pass, it will produce crying sounds like that of a baby, making you tremble in fear from the depth of your soul. On the southern part of Ysolda Sea, there lies an area known as "Seafarer's Graveyard" where the siren, Scylla, roams. Whenever ships sail pass, Scylla will sound the seashell, raising water fog which covers the sky, trapping sailors within it. Those inside the fog loses sense of themselves and involuntarily follows the sound of the seashell. Unfortunately, none ever make their way back

Receives 1 "Water Mist" for advancing every 3 floors in the Maze

Source(s): Carried into dungeon with Merman as main or soul-linked gumball
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