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Sin City
Sky Maze.png
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock Exploration Level 61+
Normal reward Justice Herald

3 Battery Packs
20 Mysterious Statues
1000 Relics

Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 800 Relics

5 or 10 Mysterious Statues
Krypton Ray
Super Power

Sin City is a sky maze that can appear after exploration level 60

NOTE: Repeat runs of the maze have substantially less rewards than raids.


Floors: 5
Sin City is filled with high-damage bandits and kryptonite debuffs, warranting strategic clearing and avoidance of unnecessary fights, culminating in a strong floor boss.

NOTE: Boss will already be dead after you defeat him the first time.

Recommended Build[]

Alternate Build


Save Golden Kryptonite - do not use any on bandits. Avoid attacking bandits as much as possible as they will waste your HP. Try to take as many items as possible without engaging bandits, using Unstable Concoctions as necessary.

Once on the last floor, use kryptonite on the boss to remove his traits, then try to use spells and throw items. Do not waste items on bandits.

Alternate Build[]

Let your cat pick off the bandits. Rank Dark Master to get plenty of Death Ripple scrolls and use those to smash the boss and his minions after using the kryptonite (if necessary use your items/potions to deal the remaining damage).

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