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This signal station, which symbolizes the science and technology of humankind, is destroyed by the sudden onslaught of an alien civilization. Now, it is filled with variant creatures infected by viruses...


  • 2019, August
  • 2019, January 24+
  • September 14 - September 24
  • December 1 - December 6


Hard (15F, 3 Vigor)[]

Reward - 45-54 Badges (5-6 badges in each of 9 spots) (+0-20 from final room with a Rayark gumball as main)

Common (10F, 2 Vigor)[]

Reward - 31-32 Badges

Simple (5F, 1 Vigor)[]

Reward - 11 Badges

Raid (3 Vigor)[]

Reward - 49-52 Badge with an average of 50.2 raided 18 times and got it so it accurate 


3 per Supply Crate (Random)

3 if Avalon survived

5-6 per Hard boss loot (9 spots)

5+0/10/20 from Boardroom table


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)

Common item

Rare item
Fire Sprayer: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds, inflicting double damage to all enemies and adds Burning effect (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds) 50 EP 150 EP
Pounce: While countering, inflicts Poison effect. (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds) 50 EP 150 EP
Electric Saw Cutting: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to deal double damage to the enemy

Energy Shield: Physical Resistance +30% and immunity to all control status

Imprisonment Resistance: Immune to Control effect

Appear on Floor 4, 9 and 14

Random Avalon red chip
Boss, Hard mode: 2400HP, 60 Attack

Fire Ammo: Launch an attack every 3 turns dealing triple Damage and add Burning effect (loses 10 HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Xada Virus Antibody: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Swing: Chance to counterattack for 200% damage.

50 EP 150 EP


Unless you play with Avalon as your main, you'll encounter an Avalon Mecha on the first floor that will accept to join you.

About the Avalon Ally:

  • You can collect and buy chips (200EP each at the shop) for him in the maze.
  • You can click on the Mecha to have him equip up to 4 of those chips.
  • Once the 4 slots are taken, you can exchange the equipped chips for chips in your inventory without losing anything in the process.
  • If you equip him with the "Ceberus Algorithm" chip you can get fragments for cytus, chuchu and deemo (more on in the "tips" section)

In any mode, if you manage to keep him alive for the full run, you'll get 5 fragments up to a maximum of 20 Avalon fragments per event. Further runs will give you 3 badges for this. Easy mode is the easiest way to get the 20 Avalon fragment from the event, but the badge per vigor will be significantly lesser.

Special Encounters[]

Avalon Mecha[]

Floor 1, see Overview above.

Closed Room[]

Closed Door.png

This heavy iron gate is equipped with an advanced smart lock. When you crack it open, you can enter the hidden area behind it.

The Closed Room appears once per maze run and is always found between floors 11 and 14. To open it, you need the hack chip on the Avalon mecha summon to get inside, you can get 5 fragments for Cytus, Deemo or Chuchu up to a maximum of 30 per Gumball per event.

Cytus room version (not available if Cytus or Avalon is main):

  • Give a Soul to Cytus to get the fragments. In practice, since monsters up to that point are of the machine or undead type, this requires the Farplane's Lantern.
  • After 30 fragment, give 3 Attack and Power.

Deemo room version (not available if Deemo or Avalon is main):

  • Click the piano and replay Deemo's melody (12312565431) for 5 fragments
  • After 30 fragment, give 200 max HP and MP.

Chuchu room version (not available if Chuchu or Avalon is main):

  • Kill surrounding undead (the type of undead that show up when playing Chuchu) and open Chuchu's cage for 5 fragments
  • After 30 fragments, give 500 EP.

Avalon room version (Requires Avalon main):

  • Can be accessed without the Ceberus Algorithm Chip (Hack Chip)
  • Contains 6 mobs, 1 of which is a WM-1 MANTICORE.
  • Kill all enemies to reach 3 Supply Boxes. First box gives 3 random weapons, second gives you 3 random chips and the third will either give you 5 Gem on your first visit per event, or give you 5000 Coins.

Researcher's Remains[]

Researcher's Remains.png

These remains have bite marks. Judging from the posture, it seemed that he was trying to flee this place before his death.

These remains should always show up at least once during the run and can show up as much as 7 times. The remains will always drop a Disguise Gas, and may give some EP.

If you have the Farplane's Lantern, you obtain a Researcher's Soul which is worth 500EP. Remember to keep one instance of his soul safe in your inventory just in case you get Cytus' version of the closed room.

Supply Crate[]

Supply Crate.png

This low-carbon alloy box is filled with fine weapons and equipment. You can re-supply here!

This can contain a weapon (Bazooka, Shotgun (Event), Flame Injector or Electromagnetic Gun (Signal Station: No.1) or 3 Badges or an ability Chip for Avalon Mecha.

WM-2 Mecha[]

WM-2 Mecha.png

This WM-2 Battlemech is covered in bullet holes and scratches. Nown it stands quietly here.

Floor 1, gives you Jonathan's Image Data worth 200EP and a Nerve Conduction chip.

Fire-Oil Drum[]

Fire-Oil Drum.png

Click 3 times (takes up 3 rounds) to make this explode. It will flip surrounding tiles and damage enemies within its range. The amount of damage should be enough to kill any MUTAFORM or PALADIN.

First-Aid Drum[]

First-Aid Drum.png

Click once to get First-Aid Device.


Chip Shop.png

The shop will usually show up twice before encountering the Closed Room. The shop sells 3 Avalon Chips for 200EP each. One of the chips will always be the Hack Chip. You need ONLY one Hack Chip to be able to enter the closed room.

Conference Room 501[]

Conference Room 501.png

Sounds of noisy discussion is coming from inside the conference room. You seemed to have heard some familiar sounds...

On the boss floor (5 at Easy, 10 at Medium, 15 at Hard), to enter this room you must first defeat the Boss. You cannot enter unless you have one of the following Gumballs as Main: Avalon, Cytus, Deemo, Chuchu (These are the Rayark game related gumballs).

To get any reward, you must use an effect that deals damage without requiring a target. In other words, you need to cast Death Ripple or Armageddon. The characters inside seems to have very low HP so a single spell should be enough. (Some exclusive skills and items will also work like Yuko's Electric Guitar)

It is not possible to invoke summoned allies in this room. (Objets like Tower Statue (Checkers) do not work.)


Special Items[]

You can find Avalon chips in the event maze. These chips can be purchased in shops in the maze for 200EP each and also dropped by the WM-1. If you are using the Avalon NPC, it has 4 slots. If you are using the Avalon Gumball, you are unlimited, but the chips have different effects and are upgradable with multiple copies.

Ability Chips NPC Effect Avalon Gumball Effect
Nerve Conduction When attacking, 20% chance to cast Leopard Strike (Inflicts 50 points damage to all enemies in same column). Leopard Strike (Active) ability - Inflict 50 damage against enemies of the same row.

Consumes 30 energy.

Sensibilization Triangle When attacking, 20% chance to cast Vortex Blade (deals damage with range 2) Vortex Blade (Active) ability - Inflicts 50 damage to enemies within 2 tiles.

Consumes 30 energy.

Cyperus When attacking, 15% chance of adding RX Disintegrator effect (decreases enemy's Physical Resistance by 30%, last 3 rounds) RX Disintegrator (Active) ability - Decreases enemy's Physical Resistance by 20% for 6 rounds.

Consumes 30 energy.

Movement of Blood When attacking, 15% chance of receiving Nanometer Blessing status (Reflect Enemy's damage +80%, last 3 rounds) Nanometer Blessing (Active) ability - Reflect Enemy's damage +60% and reduce damage 50% for 6 rounds.

Consumes 30 energy.

Upgrade action potential Power of Prediction - 30% chance to trigger, Increase enemy countdown timer +3 Power of Prediction (Active) ability - Prolongs the enemy's cooldown time (Attack and Skills) by 2 rounds (Effect decreases against Boss).

Consumes 30 energy.

Semi-conduction Sword of Zero - 15% chance to trigger, deals 15 damage to all enemies for three rounds (plus the round it is triggered). Sword of Zero (Active) ability - Deals 15 damage to all enemies for three rounds (plus the round you activate it).

Consumes 30 energy.

Stat Chips NPC Effect Gumball Effect
Ceberus Algorithm Hacker Level +2 None(?)
Axis Cell Synapses Increase Attack by 25% Attack +3.
Nano Repair Procedures HP +30, recover HP +30/floor (cumulative) HP +30, Recover 3 HP/floor.
Electronic Layer Enhancement Decreases suffered Damage by 20% Defense +2.
Power of Sol When attacking, 20% chance of dealing double damage When attacking, 3% chance to deal Double Damage.

Jonathan's Image Data - EP +200.

First-Aid Device - Avalon Mecha recovers 60% HP, Avalon (Main) Gumball recovers 20% HP.

Disguise Gas - Disguiser status (Attack increased by 50%, Not be counterattacked, Lasts 10 rounds, uses standard buff slot).

Bazooka - Inflicts 100 points of damage to the enemy, splash all enemies within 2 slots. 3 ammo.

Shotgun (Event) - Inflicts 80 points of damage to the enemy, 50% chance of dealing splash damage to all enemies. 7 ammo.

Electromagnetic Gun (Signal Station: No.1) - Inflicts 50 points of damage to all enemies of the same column and adds Disrupting effect (Increase damage suffered by 100%) (5 ammo)

Gumball specific Information[]


Suggested Teams[]

  • King/Three-eye King/Phoenix. This combo(with a Werewolf Potion) lets you build a powerful dog, avoid any burn damage, and if you save your ep allows you to one-shot the boss with King's skill Overall Blow.
  •  ???/Machinist/Condottiere. Use whatever as your main. Can use Burst Rockets on ChuChu's and Avalon's sealed room mobs, Nukes on the WM-1 and the boss. Nukes with full level 5 skills will deal 480dmg each.
  • Cytus, King, Three-eye King. Dog for killing the mobs, King for killing the boss. Cytus both to get into the final room and to guarantee not getting Cytus’ room, removing the need for a soul. Make sure to switch to another team after getting 30 Deemo and Chuchu fragments for the Cytus fragments.

Badge Exchange[]

  • 300 Badge  20 Avalon's Fragments (Limited purchase 9 times) (Changed to Limited purchase 5 times)
  • 150 Badge 10 Ninja Frog Fragments (limited purchase 3 times)
  • 600 Badge  Death Alloy Coating (Avalon's Rare Dress) - Avalon's Attack +1
  • 1500 Badge Ancient Ritual Offering (Limited purchase 1 time) - Requires to have unlocked Shrine Ceremony
  • 300 Badge  K-10 (Limited purchase 1 times) - Airship Energy +6000, Speed +2
  • 300 Badge  WM-1 MANTICORE (Limited purchase 1 times) - Airship Energy +6000, Fire +2
  • 100 Badge α Chip (Limited purchase 10 times) - Fire +10, Armor +10, when a battle is won 100% chance to obtain Golden Pot x1
  • 30 Badge γ Chip - Decrease damage suffered by 20%, when a battle begins 100% chance enhance energy 20% of total self-energy
  • 30 Badge β Chip - All attributes +10 when the round begins 100% chance main cannon's power increased by 15%
  • 30 Badge Xada Virus - use: gumball's attack +2, defense +2, add infection effect (60% chance to turn a human enemy into a zombie)
  • 100 Badge Battery Pack (Limited purchase 10 times)
  • 100 Badge 60 min Eden Accelerator (60m) (Limited purchase 10 times)
  • pay 20 Gem for 500 Badge DONT USE THIS you're better off just replenishing your vigor with the gems and raiding you get 600 Badge for every 20 Gem and 20 Sage Fragments, that means you get 100 Badge  more and 20 Sage Fragments. just make sure that you have a couple of Regression Sandglass so you don't run out of raids.