Sign of Holy Light Sign of Holy Light
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Boots
This muddy battle boots was worn by Saladin Gumball on expedition. Saladin conquered the entire plane with his wisdom, valour, probity and generosity. He is widely considered the model of chivalry by his comrades and rivals.

Receive 1 Aurora Barrier for advancing to each 10 floors of the Maze
According to Saladin Gumball's skill to get attributes bonus when disenchanting scrolls (Valid in the maze)
"Holy GloryLv.1"Disenchant Rank 1 Scroll, HP+5
"Holy GloryLv.2"Disenchant Rank 2 Scroll, MP+5
"Holy GloryLv.3"Disenchant Rank 3 Scroll, Attack+1
"Holy GloryLv.4"Disenchant Rank 4 Scroll, Power+1
"Holy GloryLv.5"Disenchant Rank 5 Scroll, EP+300

Source(s): Carried by Saladin
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