Shuriken Shuriken
Type: Throwable
The blades of the cross-star Shuriken are very sharp. Its surface is covered with a poison that can damage the nervus centralis. When thrown, it will rotate at high speed and fly towards its target. Due to its extremely fast speed, it's almost impossible to dodge.
Use: Throw it to cause 50 points damage

Based on Ninja Frog's skill, attach extra effect:
[Master of Ninjitsu Lv. 1] Damage +50
[Master of Ninjitsu Lv. 2] Adds poison effect
[Master of Ninjitsu Lv. 3] Damage +50
[Master of Ninjitsu Lv. 4] Inflicts damage to all enemies
[Master of Ninjitsu Lv. 5] 30% chance of dealing double damage

Source(s): Carried by Ninja Frog
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