Shrine of Snowy Mountain Plane Wonder.

This wonder is already built at level 1 the moment you unlock the Hall of Overseeing and gain access to the Plane Wonder

Level Cost & Requirements Effect(s)
1-5 Costs:

And requires:

Construction Time of Gumball's Statue reduces by 24/48/72/96/120 minute
Energy of Gumball's Statue +300/600/900/1200/1500

Wonder DescriptionEdit

"A fane locates in the deep of the snow mountain, a very cold area. It existed during the period of the Creation War, which can be proved by the unique architectural style of that period. The Book of Prophecy mentions that as long as Gumball passes the trial, every Gumball can go to the Peak of the Strong and build a Hero's Statue of oneself!"

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