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Shadow Warrior.png Shadow Warrior
Melee Title
Main Effect Summon a Dark Soul after killing an enemy (Dark Soul's damage is equivalent to 20/30/40% of Gumball's attack).

You need to be credited with the kill for this to happen. Kills by allies or damage over time do not count.

Bonus Effect Attack +1/2/3, Power +1/2/3, HP +40/60/80
EP 400/450/500

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Dark Soul

Dark Soul.png


  • HP: 1
  • Attack: see Above
  • Dodge: 10 + Gumball's dodge [notes 1]
  • Accuracy: Gumball's Accuracy[notes 1]
  • Attacks every round including immediately after being invoked[notes 2] or upon opening a slate revealing a new monster.
  • Does not follow your Gumball in or out of caves
  • Its attacks are Physical Attacks so that monsters with Physical Resistance do not suffer the full damage.

Also benefits from all the usual HP and attack buffs from talents and other sources that most allies enjoy (see Ally#Passive Boosts).


  1. 1.0 1.1 Dynamic: changes if gumball's stat changes, even when already summoned.
  2. Unless you killed the enemy without spending a round like by using a card in Card Wonderland.
  • Killing the last enemy of a floor or cave does not generate a Dark Soul
  • Dark Souls are floor limited Allies that can be buffed by anything that buffs allies. They can also be buffed specifically by Exorcist and by some Resonance Records in Bracada College.