Shadow Orb Shadow Orb
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
This strange power orb is condensed of purest elements. In the Elf's language, it is called "Heckkemir Dieter", meaning "the eye of the gods". In fact, it only appears in the legend. For thousands of years, many famous masters on the mainland devoted their lives to build this artifact, but failed. At the moment, it is around you, keeping on high-speed rotation. Whenever you are threatened or make any movement, it reacts according to the situation: it takes the damage for you, helps you cast spells, or mashes up the enemy's heart!
The stats of the Shadow Orb are dependent on the Talent level of your Dark Elemental Gumball.

Attack + -/4/6/8/10, Power + -/4/6/8/10
Increase all Dark magic Effect by -/20/30/40/50%
Receive Elemental Orb (The spell doesn't use any scroll)
Randomly obtain 1 Dark scroll every time you enter the next floor.

Source(s): Crafted from completed Dark Mastery Suit using talent acquired from Dark Elemental Gumball
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