Seven Jewels Pagoda Seven Jewels Pagoda
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This humble little pagoda is a very rare space-magic item. It is said that it comes from the distant and mysterious orient. When used. you simply incant the spell and throw it. Then it will be restored to its original state: a 1.000 feet tall giant tower, weighing 10.000 tons!

Immortal Power+2 every time you enter the next floor (Adds extra effect according to Heavenly King Gumball):

"Magic PagodaLv.1"Immortal Power +2
"Magic PagodaLv.2"Damage to all living enemies +10%
"Magic PagodaLv.3"Immortal Power +2
"Magic PagodaLv.4"Damage to all living enemies +10%
"Magic PagodaLv.5"Immortal Power +2

Source(s): Carried by Heavenly King
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