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Seal is a Sky Combat effect that temporarily prohibits the victim from triggering any Combo Skill.


Seal prohibits the victim from using Combo Skills for a short duration. The duration seems to always be 1 round but the exact timing is unknown especially when the Seal is applied in the middle of a round.

To be explicit, it does not prohibit:

  • Resurrection effects like the one granted by Shadow Dragon's cannon as this is not considered a Combo Skills
  • Further effects upon resurrection like "Reborn from Fire" from Phoenix's cannon.
  • ...



Seal is usually visualized on screen through a purple effect that includes chains. The effect can however easily be missed when watching the combat animation as its display can be quite short. Note also that some other effects can have the same visual without creating a Seal, at least one of the Super clones' special attack does.

Sources for Seal[]

Airships Cannons:

  • Power of the Queen of Heaven, Magic Cannon from Hera
  • God's Punishment, Magic Cannon from Angel's Wings


Combo Skills:

Sources for similar effects[]

These are items or effects that somehow directly affect some or all of the enemy Combo Skills negatively. Note that many of these items can have other effects or conditions upon which these effects can be activated that are not specified here; see the individual articles for details.

Airships cannons:

  • Capturing Ray, Special Cannon from UFO: Capture 1 gumball making his combo skills invalid (exact effects unknown)
  • Arcane Ray, Special Cannon from Arcane Snail: Up to 16% Chance to counterattack at the end of rounds where the enemy used Combo Skills
  • Ice Storm, Magic Cannon from Frozen Throne: Enemy's chances to activate Combo Skills are halved
  • Energy Field, Magic Cannon from Eden No.4: Reduces damage enemy combo skills by up to +18%



  • Decour: Reduce damage from enemy combo skills by up to +3%


"Light Follower " Celestial Title can protect you from Seal.