Scourge Bone Chime Scourge Bone Chime
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
The original designer of this Bone Chime is Davistia, a priest of the Lathander Temple. During the third Dawn War, the city where the temple stood was under attack by orcish forces and supplies were cut off. The city held up for 9 months. Meanwhile, Davistia prayed for God's help daily, but to no avail. When the city finally fell, Davistia made a Bone Chime out of the victims' skeletons. When it rung, a plague ran rampant throughout the city, killing all the orcish troops along with the last remaining survivors.
Power +1 (+1 per level)

Decrease poison damage by 20/40/60/80% (Immune at level 5)
10% chance to poison enemy during your attack
Can enhance this equipment on Undead Experiment Table

Source(s): Created in Borderland maze
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