Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M03, x11y10

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Strange fossil
Sander - Strange fossil
50 Quicksand Pit
Sander - Quicksand Pit
100 Desert Oasis
Sander - Desert Oasis
Investigation , Rest
There are many creatures on the edge of this desert oasis, and a huge desert scorpion is inhabiting there.

Special InteractionsEdit


Desert Oasis - InvestigationEdit

Reward: Living Spring Water (needed for Wilderness Hunter), 3x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 600 Competent Cells

Desert Oasis - RestEdit

Cacus Gumball rest in the Oasis for a while, and affected by the environment, it has undergone some transformation.

Reward: Cactus Gumball's Attack +2, HP +20


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Total Stock: 1993k Coins, 60 Volcanic I, 239x Cultivation Accelerator (15m), 28k Elula Coin

Full exploration requires 15 days at 100% efficiency.

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