Saint Buddhist Relic (Asura) Saint Buddhist Relic
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
According to the Buddhist scriptures, when each senior monk died, they would leave the relics. They are made up of merits and deeds, which are all different in shape and hard as steel. They are a manifestation of the harmony between the heart and the Buddha. Monks and believers build pagodas to worship these relics. For them, the Buddha's relics are the supreme sacred object that has a strong Buddhism development value, but also makes people disaster-free and sheltered by the Buddha.
Use: Directly complete Asura's trial

Obtain 3 Asura's Pearls
This item must be used in the "Shrine of Snowy Mountain"

Source(s): The Sixth Heaven (Event) - Event shop for 2000 Badge (Shows up once Asura is at 5 stars with certificate or with enough fragments to get the certificate)
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