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Saint's Tower
Saint's Tower
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock with dp after clearing Forest of Whispers
Normal reward Priest & Prince gumball
Raid boost Heavenly King
Raid reward Magic Relics +2

Complete this maze to get the Priest Gumball.

Hidden Gumball Edit


To get the Prince gumball

  • Get Princess's Dress and Crystal Shoes from Prince’s Corpse
  • Buy Pumpkin Carriage (2000 EP, usually found at lower floor. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY SEE/BUY IT ONCE EVERY MAZE RUN! So in case you were planning to buy the pumpkin carriage, but it appeared at a stage where you still did not have enough EP - use S/L30 in order to postpone the purchase.)
  • Equip everything and talk to prince at boss floor (60/70/80/90/100F)

Quest/DP Edit

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Crystal Shoes x3 2
S Obtain Mage's Glasses x3 2
S Receive Picture of Dorian Gray x3 2
G Obtain Elm Wand x3 1
G Obtain Skullcap Wand x3 1
G Obtain Walnut Wand x3 1
G Obtain Holly Wand x2 1
G Get Erberry Wand 1
G Obtain Pumpkin Carriage x2 3 Purchased for 2000 EP in the magic shop. Use Pirate gumball with Voyager's Potion (450 EP) and default equipment Black Pearl (300 EP) to be ready if it shows up in early floors.
G Use Magic Toffee x15 1
G Use Magic Broom x5 1
G Use Limited Broom x3 2 Appears rarely in the Magic Shop. Can also be obtained as special blackmail result from Gang Cadre
G Kill Light Elemental x00 1
G Kill Dark Elemental x100 1
G Kill Arcane Snail x100 1
G Kill Granite Golem x00 1
G Kill Summoner x100 1
G Kill Rock Golem x50 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill Boss x5 3
G Clear Elemental Cave x15 2
S Reach floor 50 2
S Reach floor 60 3
S Reach floor 70 3
G Search Mage's Remains x15 2
G Drink Magic Spring x5 3
G Buy goods from Magic Shop x20 1
G Enhance Equipment with Magic Workshop x5 2 The Magic Workshop allows you to upgrade Elemental Suit pieces. For some pieces, the workshop changes it into the next equipment of the same suit (Like the Thorn Orb of the Earth Mastery Suit into the Source of Gravity of the same suit.) and for others into a piece of a more advanced suit.
G Shutdown Light Pillar x50 1
G Shutdown Dark Pillar x50 1
G Kill Enemy with Saint's Words x100 2
G Upgrade Gandolf's Roar to Lv.10 2
G Upgrade Gandolf's Roar to Lv.30 3
G Upgrade Sauron's Roar to Lv.10 2
G Upgrade Sauron's Roar to Lv.30 3
G Upgrade Radagast's Will to Lv.5 2
G Upgrade Galadriel's Protection to Lv.5 2
G Upgrade Saruman's Fear to Lv.5 2
G Upgrade Angmar's Curse to Lv.5 2
G Reach floor 30 without removing Ward 3
G Enhance with Saint's Words 50/50 2
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Light Elemental
Elemental Creature(Light): Immune to Light spells

Dark Elemental Symbiosis: Double Attack when Dark Elemental is present

Dark Elemental
Elemental Creature(Dark): Immune to Dark spells

Light Elemental Symbiosis: Double Attack when Light Elemental is present

Arcane Snail
Beast Class
Magic Counterattack: Launch a counterattack for each spell casted by the enemy EP Magic Toffee
Granite Golem
Granite Armor: Physical Resistance +70%

Debacle: Decrease Physical Resistance by 10% for each companion that dies

Stoneskin Stoneskin
Summon: Summons a Light Elemental or Dark Elemental every 4 rounds. (Max 3 summons per Summoner) Rank 1 or Rank 2 of Light or Dark Mastery Suit Rank 3 or Rank 4 of Light or Dark Mastery Suit
Rock Golem
Throwing: Launch a long-ranged attack every 2 rounds Magic Iron or Crystal Dark Steel or Soul Crystal
Astana's Projection
See boss section Magic Broom Rank 5 of Light or Dark Mastery Suit

Boss Edit

The boss has 2 aspects. The fight starts with the Dark projection up and 2 debuffs actives:

  • Status Curse Ward: Decrease attack by 50%
  • Pain Halo: Lose xx HP each round (see below)

When Dark aspect is up, you can spend 1 DC to remove Curse Ward and switch to Light aspect.
When Light aspect is up, you can spend 1 LC to remove the status Magic Wizard and switch back.
After switching, you need to wait 3 rounds before switching again.

Astana's Projection (Dark)

  • Dark Ceremony: Launch an attack every 3 rounds,causing 3 times the damage to enemy, with additional spell curse effect (HP and MP cannot be restored, for 3 rounds)
  • Pain Halo: Cause 80(F30),92(F40),114(F50),113(F60), 112(F90), 112(F100) damage to enemy every round (if the battle lasts for longer time, this damage value is bigger)
    • F90 testing: 112, 168, 224, 281, 337, 393, 449, 505, 562, 618, 674, 730, 787, 843, 899, 955, 1011, 1068, 1124, 1180, 1236
    • At F100 the damage goes up by ~53% of the base damage compared to ~50% at F90 even though they start at the same amount
  • Idol of Darkness: Physical resistance +50%, Spell resistance +20%; immune to all dark spell

Astana's Projection (Light)

  • Holy Purification: Launch an attack every 3 rounds,eliminating all the enemy's buffs and inflicts the status Magic Wizard : Cannot cast spells.
  • Cure Halo: Healing 36(F30),71(F40),123(F50),196(F60), 571(F90), 760(F100) in each round
  • Idol of Light: Physical resistance +20%, Spell resistance +50%; immune to all light spell
Floor Attack Hp Resistances Pain Halo round 1/2/3/4
30 29 496 10% & 30% 44/67/89/112
40 47 989 10% & 30%
50 81 1915 10% & 30% 73/110/147/183
60 140 3595 15% & 40% 102/
70 224 6644
80 371 ~12075
90 681 ~22888
100 ~1155 ~42895
  • Attention: The halo damage is not applied during a Timestill but it does increase during it.
  • Gandolf's Roar and Sauron's Roar can easily be much more powerful than Implosion.
  • At L70+, swap Dark to Light, then Hex for double damage, then swap back to Dark if you have to.

Special OccurrencesEdit

Pillar of DarkEdit

Pillar of Dark - Active

Reveals itself after 5 rounds to inflict Status Curse Ward that decreases Attack by 50%.

  • Use 1 Dark crystal to deactivate and learn what spell can be obtained
  • Use 4 Dark crystals to obtain or upgrade a dark Saint's Whisper spell

Pillar of LightEdit

Pillar of Light - Active

Reveals it self after 5 rounds to inflict Status Magic Ward that prevents spell casting.

  • Use 1 Light Crystal to deactivate and learn what spell can be obtained
  • Use 4 Light Crystals to obtain or upgrade a light Saint's Whisper spell

Magic ShopEdit

Magic Shop

Elemental caveEdit

Cave Crystal Light and Dark

Fight a mix of 4 light and dark elementals to find either:

  • Magic Fountain: Use to recover 15% max MP, cannot pass max MP or increase max MP
  • Elemental Ore Mine: Mine for some Dark and Light Elemental Crystals.
  • Extra items if you pick God of Thieves title. (See here)

Magic WorkshopEdit

Magic Workshop

Upgrade equipment from one of the elemental suits to the next item in that suit using EP

  • From 1 to 2 stars: 40 EP
  • From 3 to 4 stars: 150 EP
  • From 4 to 5 stars: 500 EP

Fire DemonEdit

Give different wands to the Fire Demon to obtain some items. Appears once per run and can be given multiple wands.


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger Loot
Prince's Corpse
Prince's Corpse
Crystal Shoes and/or Princess's Dress Prince's Soul: Decrease EP consumption by 20% in Magic Shop
Wilde's Remain
Wilde's Remain
Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde's Soul: Recover HP and MP (to initial status when entering the floor)
Mage's Remains
Wizard's Remain med
Elm Wand, Magic Toffee, or crystals Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (Only valid in the target floor)

Complete Mage's Soul: Gumball's Power +1

Young Mage's Remains
Young Mage's Remains
Mage's Glasses Young Mage's Soul: Increase effect of all spells by 3%
Voldemort's Soul: Dark Devil's Mark Status (Restore MP by 50, enhance effect of Sauron's Roar by 300%, valid on floor)

Out-of-Maze LootEdit

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific lootsEdit

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Saint's Whisper interactions with everything else Edit

Tips Edit

  • Leave the Summoners alive to summon more elementals. This is how you get a lot of crystals.
  • Useful Potion:  Voyager's Potion (for purchasing the Pumpkin Carriage) or Mixture of Light and Dark (Boss fighting)
  • Cast Angmar's Curse as a priority. It raises your maximum mana while restoring the majority of the spell cost each casting, making your Toffee's restore a greater amount of mana.
  • Planar Prophet and Pope are great for reaching deep levels in this dungeon.
  • The Pumpkin Carriage often appears at very low levels. Save 2000 EP to buy it.
  • Because of the Cinderella's Dress pieces of equipment and the Mage's Glasses that you can obtain in the maze, you might want to avoid entering with an artifact for the Treasure, Armor, Shoes and Hat slots.
  • Ring of Ash doesn't make you lose HP for casting Gandolf's/Sauron's Roar.

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