Maid's Journal Sailor's Note
Type: Consumable
..."May 3rd" We attacked a bustling port city, our captain kidnapped many hostages for a huge amount of ransom from the government. We are going to be millionaires!

..."May 9th" Captain locks himself in the cabin alone every night. He seems to say something when facing the treasure pile.
..."June 7th" They went to hide the treasure on a island. No one was back.
..."Nov. 12th" The navy came at last... Captain's head hung on the mast.
..."Nov. 24th" This should be the island. The treasure should be hidden around the coconut tree... The snake bite begins to rot. I should have been more careful yesterday. Let me have a rest first. Treasure will be mine tomorrow...

Use: EP+300
Source(s): Skeleton Island
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