Sabnock's surface


Sabnock is the main planet found in Space/M01.

It's the home planet of the zerg and a source of various Clones. Sabnock uses the currency Sabnock Coin for trade.

Friendliness Edit

You start here with a friendliness of 10. At a certain number of Friendliness you will unlock special places and interactions. The maximum friendliness is 100. Every time you plunder the planet 20 points are subtracted to the Friendliness balance.

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Expl Place Unlocks Lore
0 Hatchery
Sabnock Special1
Greet : unlock the 2nd and 3rd locations On the planet Sabnock, there is a huge building with spikes. Its outer wall is full of dense blood vessels, and it keeps wriggling, as if it was a huge living body!
10 Swarm Mountain
Sabnock Special2
Goodwill ( Gifts & Goodwill) , Plunder, Pay a visit (appears at F70+), In-depth exploration This bare mountain is covered with purple bacteria blankets. Zergs living in the mountains are quite busy.
10 Incubation Pond
Sabnock Special3
 ? Split Pool
Sabnock Special4
Hire Springtail / Springtail's Gene / Nothing special (Pay 5,000 Sabnock Coins for Rahi's Giant Tooth) The green bubbling pool is the breeding ground for Springtails. You can hire some for you to use.
50 Pterosaur Nest
Sabnock Special5
Hire Pterosaur / Pterosaur's Gene Many pterosaurs live in this tower. Perhaps you can hire them to help you fight.
100 Infection Abys
Sabnock Special6
Investigate, Shop This huge abyss exudes a cold breath and a strange smell. There may be secrets hidden inside

Special Interactions Edit

Gifts Edit

Goodwill Edit

Pay 300k Coins for +5 Friendliness. Cooldown is 12h.
Improved by Zerg Habits Analysis (+1/2/3).

Hatchery - What is this Larva ?Edit

Requires Strange Larva from Vepar

This...This is actually a larva of a Queen Zerg! I thought the war a long time ago almost killed all of our worms. I did not expect them to survive! I hope you will give me this larva. And I will give you enough rewards too!

Reward "Ruler's Return":

Follow up - I want Queen Zerg's Gene: Costs 5k Sabnock Coin

Hire PterosaurEdit

Hire up to 5 Pterosaur higher clones. Unit cost: 450 Gas, 225 Uranium Ore, 250 Sabnock Coin

Hire SpringtailEdit

Hire up to 10 Springtail lower clones. Unit cost: 25 Gas, 50 Uranium Ore, 83 Sabnock Coin

In-depth Exploration Edit

Requires Space Analysis/M01 Zerg Building Analysis maxed. You find: 15x Bacteria Blanket I

Incubation Pond Edit

Infection Abyss Edit


Infection Abyss - InvestigateEdit

This starts a series of interactions at various places of Sabnock

Infection Abyss - Investigate:
You make an investigation in Infection Abyss and find an airplane's wreckage. You're confused about it. Perhaps, the overseer who lives in the Hatchery can tell you its origin.

Hatchery: "I found an airplane's wreckage"

A long time ago, a race that called itself "Terran" invaded our territory. I destroyed many of their planes. This is just one of them.

Follow up : "Can you help me fix it ?"

Fix it? This is not something difficult for the great ruler! But before that, you need to prepare some materials. I can give you some of them. After you find the others, you go directly to the Infection Abyss. I will be there waiting for you!

You receive: Heart of Zerg

Infection Abyss - Repair

Nothing specialEdit

Buy Rahi's Giant Tooth for 5000 Sabnock Coin. Requires Friendliness at 70+.

Pay a visit Edit

Zerg Queen Gumball paid a visit to several powerful Zergs in the mountains and received their gifts.

Receives (1x): 1000 Sabnock Coin + 3x Eden Accelerator (60m) + 8x Cultivation Accelerator (30m)

Plunder Edit


  1. Fight "Zerg Cops" 82/123/206/165 E:395,000 for: 2k Sabnock Coin, 15k Uranium Ore, 10 Cultivation Accelerator (5m), 15k Electricity, Zerg Wonder's Blueprint (allows Zerg Plane Wonders)
  2. Fight "Zerg Cops" 245/306/122/183 E:593,750 for: 3k Sabnock Coin, 15k Gas, 10 Cultivation Accelerator (10m), 6 Cultivation Accelerator (30m), 6 Eden Accelerator (30m)
  3. Fight "Zerg Cops" 349/436/174/261 E:911,925 for: Hydralisk's Egg (use in Vepar for Hydralisk's Gene), 4k Sabnock Coin, 30k Uranium Ore, 10x Cultivation Accelerator (30m), 30k Electricity
  4. Fight "Zerg Cops" 566/226/453/339 E:1,297,700 for: 5k Sabnock Coin, 30k Gas, 10x Cultivation Accelerator (60m), 2x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 2x Maintenance Accelerator (3h)
  5. Fight "Zerg Cops" 696/278/417/557 E:1,751,075 for: Brood Lord's Egg (use in Vepar for Brood Lord's Gene), 6k Sabnock Coin, 4x Eden Accelerator (60m), 10x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 4x Eden Accelerator (3h)


  • 20 Friendliness for each plunder
  • When you click "Enter Battle", you will actually be presented with a simulation. You can still renonce without cost if the simulation scares you off.

Pterosaur's GeneEdit

Buy Pterosaur's Gene for 5,000 Sabnock Coin.

Springtail's GeneEdit

Buy Springtail's Gene for 5,000 Sabnock Coin.

Trade Edit

Trade must be done to increase the Trade Degree which count for sector's completion rate and the planet's completion rate. There are 12 different trades to be done.

The first two are available immediately the rest becomes available as you increase Friendliness. The following list is in order of unlocking (not the display order):

  1. F0: Blue Crystal Gel (max 1000) : 2 Sabnock Coin/u
  2. F0: Gem (no max) : 50 Sabnock Coin/u, doesn't count for Trade Degree
  3. F15: Soul Crystal (max 600): 50 Sabnock Coin/u
  4. F15: Vampire's Pearl (max 10): 600 Sabnock Coin/u
  5. F20: Gumball Pot (max 150): 40 Sabnock Coin/u
  6. F30: Gumball Chip (max 100): 60 Sabnock Coin/u
  7. F40: Coin (max 5M): 2 Sabnock Coin/ku
  8. F50: Dragon's Rib (max 600): 15 Sabnock Coin/u
  9. F60: Holy Crystal (max 200): 50 Sabnock Coin/u
  10. F70: The Alliance Chips (max 100): 100 Sabnock Coin/u
  11. F80: Relics Fragment (max 500K): 0.02 Sabnock Coin/u
  12. F90: Zerg Queen pearls (max 5): 1200 Sabnock Coin/u

Once unlocked, the trades remain open if your Friendliness fall below the threshold needed to unlock them.

Tech Edit

You can "copy" the following technologies:

  1. Zerg Queen enhancement:
    1. 200 Sabnock Coin: Power +1, MP +10; 2000EXP (=2hours at 100% efficiency)
    2. 400 Sabnock Coin: Power +2, MP +20; 4000EXP
    3. 600 Sabnock Coin: Power +3, MP +30, Luck +2; 6000EXP
  2. Cerebrate enhancement:
    1. 200 Sabnock Coin: Power +1, HP +10; 2000EXP
    2. 400 Sabnock Coin: Power +2, HP +20; 4000EXP
    3. 600 Sabnock Coin: Power +3, HP +30; Armor +2; 4000EXP
  3. F70: Springtail +6 max assignment;
    1. 400 Sabnock Coin: +2 max assignement, 4k EXP
    2. 800 Sabnock Coin: +4 max assignement, 8k EXP
    3. 1200 Sabnock Coin: +6 max assignement, 12k EXP
  4. F70: Hydralisk +6 max assignment
    1. 400 Sabnock Coin: +2 max assignement, 4k EXP
    2. 800 Sabnock Coin: +4 max assignement, 8k EXP
    3. 1200 Sabnock Coin: +6 max assignement, 12k EXP
  5. F70: Pterosaur +3 max assignment
    1. 400 Sabnock Coin: +1 max assignement, 4k EXP
    2. 800 Sabnock Coin: +2 max assignement, 8k EXP
    3. 1200 Sabnock Coin: +3 max assignement, 12k EXP
  6. F70: Brood Lord +3 max assignment
    1. 400 Sabnock Coin: +1 max assignement, 4k EXP
    2. 800 Sabnock Coin: +2 max assignement, 8k EXP
    3. 1200 Sabnock Coin: +3 max assignement, 12k EXP
  7. F100: Overlord Speed +5
    1. 800 Sabnock Coin: Speed +1; 6k EXP
    2. 1600 Sabnock Coin: Speed +3; 12k EXP
    3. 2400 Sabnock Coin: Speed +5; 18k EXP
  8. F100: Void Stingray Luck +5
    1. 800 Sabnock Coin: Luck +1; 6k EXP
    2. 1600 Sabnock Coin: Luck +3; 12k EXP
    3. 2400 Sabnock Coin: Luck +5; 18k EXP
  9. F100: Viking Fighter Fire +5
    1. 800 Sabnock Coin: Fire +1; 6k EXP
    2. 1600 Sabnock Coin: Fire +3; 12k EXP
    3. 2400 Sabnock Coin: Fire +5; 18k EXP

The first 2 technologies are made available by doing Greet at the Hatchery. The other techs are unlocked later by increasing friendliness.

To convert the EXP into copying time in seconds:
$ Tsec = EXP * 3.6 / Efficiency $
or into hours: $ Thours = EXP / 1000 / Efficiency $

Copying of the technologies can be sped up by spending 1 Sabnock Coin per remaining EXP.

The technologies will be re-locked (greyed out) if your Friendliness score falls back below the threshold. Technologies boosting a specific clone can only be learned if you own the gene for that clone and Technologies boosting an Airship can only be learned if you own that Airship.

Mineral Edit

Mine for the following rewards

  • 80,000 Gas, 80,000 Uranium Ore, 80,000 Electricity
  • Zerg Ootheca I, Zerg Mucus I, Zerg Carapace I, Bacteria Blanket I

Explore Edit

Explore for the following rewards:

Quantities depend on Efficiency. Efficiency depends on fleet Energy, research and Friendliness (at least a negative friendliness will seriously affect the efficicency)

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