The S/L Method ("Save/Load") means simply closing the app and restarting it. It is mostly used in mazes to reset the current floor to the state right after entering the floor. This is used to redo wrongly used items, wrongly spent EP during the floor, or to try a different strategy to fight the same boss again. Additionally, it relocates the items and enemies in the floor.

The S/L 30 Method is similar concept to the S/L Method, with the difference having to wait at least 30 minutes after closing the app before restarting. This Method is used, to re-roll the random enemies, items and special occurrences of the floor (i.e. if there is no divine dragon ball at the rewards from the boss, you can use this method to re-roll the prizes, so that maybe the next time there is a divine dragon ball).

Specifically, a very common use for "S/L 30" is when some maze encounters are mutually exclusive and the encounter you see in front of you is not the one you need for some DP quest. Because of the mutual exclusion, that encounter makes it impossible to get the one you need so you use "S/L 30" for another chance at the encounter you need. A similar situation occurs when a unique encounter has a limited set of items it can drop and it doesn't drop the one you need.


  • In Adventurer's Forest, when the Wizard's Remains drop a Smurf's Potion, instead of the Sorcerer's Robe, it is probably a good idea to do a S/L 30. Upon reentering the maze after the S/L 30, the Wizard's Remains will most likely not be present anymore and you will be able to encounter it later in the maze. Upon the later encounter, you will have about 50% chance to get the more coveted Sorcerer's Robe from the remains.

Note: Despite being called "Save/Load" Method, you actually do not manually Save your current floor with the Pause function, but rather just close the app.


Divine Dragon Wishes : - The three options presented when completing the 7 dragon balls are fixed upon getting the first ball. In other words, S/L 30 will not help you here unless you can get the 7 balls on the same floor.

If you select the "Pause" on a floor, S/L and S/L30 will mostly not work anymore on this floor. (Some things like loot inside a cave can still change)

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