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Roger's Treasure
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock Exploration Level 151+
Normal reward 3000 Relics, Medal of Puzzle Solver, 5 Gem and 2 Sun Contracts
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 1200 Relics, 6 3* materials

Roger's Treasure is a Sky Maze that has a chance to appear when the exploration level is higher than 150.


Floors: 1
This maze functions like a "point and click adventure", with exploration and problem solving being key and hints scattered throughout the descriptions of the maze's items. Regular combat is not intended (and is likely to get you killed in one hit), so no specific teams, artifacts, or potions are necessary.


  1. Search the Discarded Bookshelf to find Golem Making Manual, Roger's Diary, and Shabby Note
  2. Enter the Cellar
  3. Search the Storage Chest to find Flintstone, then leave the cellar
  4. Search the Extinct Bonfire to find 3 Timber
  5. Ignite the Extinct Bonfire
  6. Search the Burning Bonfire to receive a Torch
  7. Enter the Cellar and use the torch
  8. Search the Trash Can to find 3 Rusty Iron, then leave the cellar
  9. Forge 3 Iron Shovels at the Old Anvil using your iron and timber
  10. Gather the Fire, Earth, and Water Elemental Mines
  11. At the Elemental Alter use these combos:
    • Yellow - Blue - Blue
    • Red - Red - Blue
    • Yellow - Red - Yellow
  12. The safe code is 315624 to get the Key of God of Thieves for the chests - the code can be deciphered from Roger's Diary, with each entry containing one number in order.

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