Official Notice Roger's Moral Paradox
Type: Consumable
This broken page is from the diary of Roger, the greatest theft in Aoluwei's history. He wrote. "... Today I saw a young girl begging in front a tavern. I was touched by her pure and sweet smile (She reminded me of Molly, my poor daughter who was cut down in the prime of life). I gave her five gold coins to buy a beautiful dress... Soon after my departure, she was killed and the gold coins were taken. I am upset, annoyed and blaming myself for giving her those five coins. Without the money, she could have been alive still, suffering hunger and coldness. God. why would you punish me so? Because I'm a thief? I wanted to do good, but why do i have to received such awful result..."
Use: Defense +1. Receive Hex x10, Blade of Ruin x10
Source(s): Use Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections"
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